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(130) Improvised Star Trek

130   Star Trek: Beyond has been moved to

WARNING:  Some audio releases by Inprovised Star Trek may not be family-friendly.

Improvised Star Trek is a Chicago-based comedic improv group which creates Trek comedy shorts and audio set in the time and universe of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Their website is here: .   Adult fans, Chicago, comedy, improv. You can listen to their episodes at the website or download them from ITunes, here:  There were 130 audio files containing 78 episodes as of 12/28/2013.
Facebook page:
You Tube Home:

In September of 2016, they won the Parsec Award for "Best Speculative Fiction Comedy/Parody."  They posted this video accepting the award: (0:25).

 Download them from iTunes here:

They seem to be more audio than film.   Two recent film releases are a Christmas short, "It's A Wonderful Trek"!   (2:56).(Released Dec. 20, 2012)
and (on January 2, 2013)

TriTricorder Again  (  (2:07)

Hlchop! (3:11)  This is a love son in Klingon... with the appropriate attitude for Klingons.

They have created this listing to clarify their relationship to the traditional Trek Timeline: .

It is not yet clear that this well retain a page rather than going under Comedy Shorts.

They also have live on stage offering for those who live in the area of Chicago.  See

This Star Trek Reviewed page is not yet complete, and the stuff below this line is just 'work in progress'.

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