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(131) Trekzone: Star Trek Eternal Night, Once More With Feeling.

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Star Trek Eternal Night.  Live Action, Adult fans Silver Age.  Out of Perth, Australia (dates of release are based on the Perth, Australia time zone).
This is their website: , this is their facebook page: .  It is set in the late 24th and early 25th Century, so it is Silver age.
You Tube Home:

Episode listing:; older listing page,

Promotional Shorts:
A)  Is Coming   Is Coming  (0:21)
B)  Paradise  Paradise  (0:11)
C)  Toxic  Toxic  (0:11)
D)  Defend  Defend  (0:11)

Season 1:
Log Entries 1-7 (audio):
Log Entry 1: "Captain's Personal Log" released January 11, 2012: (0:52)
Log Entry 2: "Cadet Review File" released January 25, 2012: (1:58)
Log Entry 3: "Groundskeeper Boothby" released February 15, 2012 (1:00)
Log Entry 4: "Commandant's Personal Log Part 1" released February 22, 2012 (1:04)
Log Entry 5: "Commandant's Personal Log Part 2" released March 7, 2012 (1:10)
Log Entry 6: "Commandant's Personal Log Part3" (mid-season finale) released March 21, 2012. (1:05)
Log Entry 7: "Psychiatric File" released May 2, 2012 (1;01)
"Five Late News"  (Video, 45 minutes in the form of a news broadcast.  Frankly, it looked so real I thought I was waiting for a news segment about the film for a while.)
Part 1 of 5: (10:59)
Part 2 of 5: (6:48)
Part 3 of 5: (11:44)
Part 4 of 5: (7:13)

Gag Reel for Episode 8: (6:56)
Season 2 (consisting of 10 episodes) trailer: (1:05)
Promo:  (0:22)
Episode 1:  "Investigations" Set in 2386.  Audio with CGI pictures.  Promo: (1:43) (Released 10/27/2014 EST, 10/28/2014 Australian time) (18:05)

Episode 2:  "Revelations" Promo: (0:43) .  Released 11/10/2014, (19:19).

Episode 3:  "Consequences" Promo: (0:39), Released 11/17/2014, (18:03)

Episode 4:  "Omega" (released 11/25/2014) (18:21)

Once More, With Feeling:  Information here:

Released 7/8/2018.  Adult fans, CGI of ships, some for additions to a  home.  Actors read scripts in the same environment as the home with no CGI for the bridge.  A recreation of a WWII battle set at the end of the Dominion War and the follow-up investigation.  The story is told by the captain months after the event.  Except for a woman who plays the part of the daughter of a character, all characters are white males, which fits with the original battle but is a bit odd for Trek.

Once More, With  Feeling: (12:04)

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  1. typo: logentry 8 should be 7
    also, the title of logentry 3 is listed as "VALE: Groundskeeper Boothby" on both youtube and trekzone.

    greetings, eMBee