Saturday, June 27, 2009

(132) Star Trek: Rendezvous

Star Trek: Rendezvous -

Episode 1: The Game
(Adult Fans, live action, costumes, CGI, green screens, Silver Age, Logan, Utah)  (11:14)

Earlier CGI only effort by Ross Trowbridge who is one of the members of this group:
Fleet Action:  (11:14)

A peak at the CGI for Episode 2 released 6/3/2013: (0:31)

and one released a6/6/2013: (0:11)

Episode 2, The Inquiry, (Released January 31, 2014) (16:25)

Rendezvous Launching from Drydock:  (June 10, 2014): (0:19)

Draft of Commercial for Utah's Seventh Fleet, and organization of Star Trek clubs. (1:40)

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