Saturday, June 27, 2009

(137) Star Trek Cataja (German and English language versions)

137    Historic Star Trek Fan Films (of the 1960s and 1970s) have been moved to Blog 204

This production was shut down due to the Guidelines CBS issued in late June 2016.  Here is their statement on Facebook:

 Star Trek Cataja, The Falkenhorst Chronicles, , . .
Mechinima with voiceover.


In May of 2015, they begin to put of a new You Tube channel, with plans to take down the old one.  The new You Tube channel is here:

Episode 1
English language: (24:12)
German language: (24:46)

Episode 2:
English language: (23:35)
German language: (23:45)

Episode 3: (22:05)

eMBee reported: [as of July 12, 2013]
they had 3 episodes:
and they were working on a remake of the first.
the episodes are:
E01 - Wie alles begann (How Everything Began)  Director's cut, released August 30, 2014: (24:47)  Another's Director's cut, WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES EMBEDDED released Sept. 12, 2014, (24:46)
With English Voice Track, (24:12)

E02 - Erste Anzeichen (First Signs)            (10:53)
 Director's Cut, (23:44).  With English subtitles, released January 5, 2015: (23:48)
English Voice Cast: (24:12) July 17, 2015.

E03 - Unbekannte Signale (Unidentified Signals) (20:30)

You Tube Home:
German Language cut: (22:05) (May, 2015 version)
English Language cut: (20:13) (December 2015 version)
Making of E02 behind the scenes video: (2:53:25)

January 23, 2015.   Star Trek Cataja, The Falkenhorst Chronicles, has released Episode 3,  Director's Cut, (22:05).

Newly released Sept. 20, 2014: (13:56)
Intro to English Language version: (1:08)

September 14, 2015, Episode 4, "Konfrontation" (26:36)

eMBee found this via the star trek channel:

Thanks to eMBee for this MAJOR FIND!!

STC-TFC- Developer - VLOG#001 - Our First English VLOG: (1:35)

January 18, 2016, received a PM about ongoing developments in STC-TFC Episode 5 and Unity.  Both are being worked on.


  1. Is Episode 4 going to get an English voice over

    1. I am not involved with this group, but they announced that they will be removing their English-Language versions from the net due to the new, very limiting Fan Film Guidelines set out by CBS earlier this week.