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(204) Historic Star Trek Fan Films (of the 1960s and 1970s)

204  Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home, has been moved to

(A)  A silent film, music added fan film from 1967.

Star Trek: The 8mm movie: (2:59).  No plot.  Sound is music added later.

Also here:

(B)  Jr Star Trek (1969)

Early Star Trek Fan Film (1969?)

Jr. Star Trek(7:59)
Also here:

Review and discussion: The Twelve Trek Days of Christmas. Day 5: Five Star Trek Fan Films

Without regard to what I am about to say, this film is historically important, and as such has value.

Rating: 1.  Any film written by a ten-year-old and which has ten-year-olds playing the lead roles is going to have issues.  Here, there are also times when the sound makes it impossible to tell what is being said.  Also, the roughness of the video or casting the same person dressed the same way to play two parts makes telling who is who very difficult.  It is only 8 minutes long, and the story has no motivation.  Some aliens grab and attack for no apparent reason and are defeated.  I do not adjust my rating for age, budget, etc.  So, I have to say the writing is fair to poor.  I give the kids a point for acting, and the sets are also basically fair to poor, except the sick bay, which is pretty good.  The special effects do the job, so they get some credit for that.  Because it was impossible to follow, I can't say I found it well directed or entertaining.  It was, however, tightly edited.  That gives it about 2.75 of a possible 8 points, which would be a 2, if I could have followed the sound throughout or knew who I was watching.  It is the bad sound and impossibility of knowing which characters are Star Fleet and which are aliens that drops this to a 1.


Peter Emshwiller as Captain Kirk
Lee Lowenstein as Spock
Mark Hyams as Dr. McCoy
Dave Erits as Henry
Marc Harris as Sulu (Stunt)
John Bergison as Scotty
All as Aliens

Comment from old location:


  1. Thansk for the link to this.

    I didn't understand the plot. But everything looks great for the time and ages of all involved. 10 years old and achieving this is amazing! I love the transporter effect and shields being hit!

(C)  Ray Gasser's 1971 Star Trek Fan Film. "My College Star Trek Production from 1971"

Watch it here: (5:07) or
here: (5:07)

Mislabeled as the "First Star Trek Fan Film Ever Made in this article: (but hey, they did correct it and link to Jr. Star Trek here!) this would be classified as a short if it were not a relatively early Star Trek Fan Film having historic significance.  Also here: (5:07)

Both the 1967 and the 1969 Jr. Star Trek films predates this.

It does not tell a complete story.  It uses footage from the professional Star Trek TV show, which appears to be screen capture.

A discussion: Star Trek 1971

January 3, 2019, a modernized version was posted on YouTube, (6:02)

(D)  Turkish Star Trek (1973)  aka Turist Ömer Uzay Yolunda (71 minutes) .  This is a professional comedy and is fully discussed here:

(E)  Star Trek: The Klingon Incident (1973) (6:26) (moved here from Really, really bad stuff).

(F)  The Two Ronnies (1973) Professional Parody of TOS. (11:40)

(G)  Vic's Vintage Voyages (1973-1975)

Vic Mignogna is a professional voice actor who provided voice talent for many professional animations.  But when he was a youngster, he was a Star Trek actor in his own Fan Films.  His Channel:

Vic's Vintage Voyages (1973-1975) (all appear to be silent, 8mm film, with sound added later.  Vic has been kind enough to confirm that Vic is Kirk.).
First 3 are solo:
1:   (0:42)
2:  (0:59)
3:   (2:40)
Now we get a crew:
4:   (3:16)
5:   (3:04)

I am told he is also the voice in Star Trek: The New Generation: Crossroads. For more on that film, go to Blog 12

In addition, the adult Mr. Mignoga has inserted himself as Kirk in a short:

  He is playing Kirk again... working on a new series, Star Trek Continues,

(H)  Star Trix    Golden Age, stop action clay animation, parody

A parody animation. Began filming in 1974. Unfortunately, the website seems to be all about the making of Star Trix and not the watching of Star Trix. Star Trix is itself considered a classic in many quarters, and is among the earliest fan films, possibly the earliest fan film animation, ever made.

These appear to be posted on YouTube:
Star Trix 1(6:41)
Star Trix 2(8:14)
Star Trix 3(7:55)

These and later films from this producer are also listed here:

(I)  Paragon's Paragon, The filmmaker, John Cosentino, say it was filmed in 1975, (although I've seen others say other years).  It is listed under films I cannot offer a way to view.  It is (C), here:  The original film was one hour twenty minutes.

(J)  Star Trek 1977 (3:09)
Spoof by 4 high school friends using paper cut-outs and stop-motion animation.  Originally silent, Sound added in 2005.

(K)  Star Trek Fan Film: The Trouble with Walnuts (1977) (3:33)

(L)   Star Trek by 70s Kids.   A group of kids with an 8mm camera on Cape Cod in 1978... and the TOS actors for voices!  This has come to be known as Star Trek by 70s Kids.(2:48)   Discussed here:

(M)My Childhood Star Trek Fan Film (1970s).  Shot on Super-8, transferred to VHS, then to YouTube.

(N)Star Trek Mego Action Figures Shot on 8mm film, believes to be from the late 1960s or early 1970s from the context of other shots on the same film reel.  Found in a thrift store by the poster.

(O)"Through Poetry of Melchizedek," (1:43).  A Fan-Made film trailer from 1975.  First posted (released) January 9, 2019.

(P)Star Trek (10:16) from Kevin Carney, titled simply, No props, sets or costumes, just teenagers role-playing. Undated but surfaced on Vimeo, Jan 26, 2019.

(Q)Star Trek (1976, posted 2017), from bruchorama, (6:53).

Posted 2020, revised version: (8:07)

(R).  The Dr. Demento radio show had a skit called Star Drek that can be heard on Youtube here It was produced by the Tellurian Enterprises label for the Star Trek Convention in NYC in 1976. and has been the inspiration for different videos that use the soundtrack as their base, a few times since then...
  • CptEeyore used the script with original voice & video actors for his original fan film from around 1988... (8:03)
  • Misterdavep has released a rather good video that he says "was created way back in 1992 using two VHS VCR's, an old cassette tape recording from the Doctor Demento Show, and a handful of Star Trek episodes recorded off the air." (5:06). An apparently identical version, posted by vson8, is here (5:06) and a slightly shorter version has been posted by Bubster 1969 at (4:53)
  • Captain Robert April, who is still a major Youtube producer today, released his first four videos in 2009, simple videos using the audio track in varying degrees of finish culminating in this "Final Cut"
(S)Star Trek outtakes from Bruchorama. Although the title says these are outtakes, it appears to be a full 8mm home movie from a star trek fan film made in 1976 in Minneapolis, MN. (8:53).

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