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(141) Star Trek Diplomacy (Czech with English subtitles)

141 Filmed or Videotaped Star Trek for Live Stage Performance has been moved to

FS Films
Star Trek Diplomacy (Czech with some English subtitles)

Updated 6/26/2018, Facebook Page:
Old Facebook Page:

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as of 4/12/2017, audio intro plus 2 film episodes.  1st Episode has English subtitles.
To play easily with English subtitles, use the Free Opensource VLC Player, available here:

Intro: Intro MP3

Epizode 1 - s01e01 - Government Gambity - STD01-s01e01_Vladni_rosady-720p.mp4 subtitles EN
Epizode 2 - s01e02 - Complete Report - STD02-s01e02_Uplne_hlaseni-720p.mp4
Epizode 3 - s01e03 - Shipyard - end of 2017
Epizode 4 - s01e04 - Closed Curtain - end of 2017

Length of Episode 1: 17:55
Length of Episode 2:  22:12

With English Subtitles on Youtube:
s01e01:  Government Gambit, (17:55) Aug 25, 2018
Captain Pargimeos learns that even the best captains are not in command of their ship.
s01e02:  Complete Report, (22:12) Sep 1, 2018
Masaryk is sent to inspect the government of Betazed. What seemed like a routine mission soon becomes complicated while unveiling the state of local defense. Commander Laverna’s past caught up with her.
s01e03:  Shipyard, (18:44) Oct 26, 2018
Starfleet urgently needs to start serial production of Prometheus class ships. Citizens of the Federation are not that thrilled with the idea of fighting machines. This is when the negotiating team of Captain Pargimeos steps in.
s01e04: Curtain Falls, (17:49).  Captain Pargimeos and Commander Laverna are having a hard time.  Is their entire mission going to be canceled?  Are they about to be transferred to unenviable posts?  All their differences aside, Masaryk's plays a conspiracy game reaching the highest positions in the Federation.

The paragraph from Star Trek Bohemia page:
Star Trek Diplomacy:
Facebook Page:

In February 2017 they announced that they would not continue to produce this series.  They did not feel that they could do so with the limitations of the Guidelines. Nevertheless, they did release an episode in April.

Patriot: A Star Trek Fan Production.  Set in 2373, during a war in which the Klingons have invaded and are conquering Cardassian space.  Cardassians flee, some to the Federation, but not all flee with good intentions.

Released 8/5/2018: (13:56).
English subtitles added 8/21/2018

Released Nov. 20, 2018, (0:12), a thank you to a German fan.

Gambit of the Ancient Ones, (9:40).  Czech with English subtitles.   High-quality Silver Age production, sets, greens screens, CGI, adult fans, good writing.   The First Federation takes action during the Dominion War.

Their new series, Yes, captain! Czech with English subtitles...
15 Dec, 2018 S01E00, First Mission (3:52), mini pilot episode
14 May 2019 S01E01, Daughter of robots (17:39)
23 Dec 2019 S01E02, Inappropriate behaviour (10:55)
23 Mar 2020 S01E03, Decision (20:28)

A Taste of Apocalypse : Chuť Apokalypsy from FS Films, the creators of Star Trek: Diplomacy, performed in Czech with English subtitles. The Prime Directive is the supreme law for every Starfleet ship. The internal affairs of other civilizations must not be interfered without their permission, let alone their direct rejection. From time to time, however, there is a captain who makes an exception in the interests of higher morality. One such incident was at Eminiar VII. Rightly or not, the Federation left an indelible mark here. And it leaves one again ... (12:35) 22 Nov 2019. 

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