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(182) Stellar Trek

182     Enterprise (Season 2) has been moved to

Live action, adult fans (early 20s by their appearances, but some might be younger or older), uses JJA music, external ship CGI, light costuming, no sets, some green screen work.  Filmmaker Location: Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK.

Opening says Earth, 21/6/2163, 20:10pm UK time.  That is roughly two years after the foundation of the United Federation of Planets in the TV show, Enterprise (2161).  Music sounds very Elvis. (as in 1958-1963).  If that were the time period, this listing will be listed in Stone Age in spite of Golden Age uniforms and the ship looking very much like a later time period.  However, the filmmaker has said he has purposely mixed timelines, and intends that this not be a given time in the Star Trek Prime or JJA Star Trek or Mirror universes, so it's listed as not have a time period.

A murder (or disappearance... ) happens on earth, but for some reason they are reporting it to Star Fleet Command, not the local authorities.  They recognize a transporter beam out.

Some bizarre jokes and inconsistencies.   Shares some of the ideas of Fem Trekz, with sexually segregated crews... but set in an earlier time... if I take the time statement on it's face.  Again, seems early for the technology when they speak of an alien cloaked ship.  About the only time that places this in the 22nd century is their opening statement.  Fits much better into the 23rd century.

You Tube Channel:
They have a blog which follows their progress:
and a thread on the Trek BBS:

Trailer:   (1:10)
Trailer 2:   (1:17)
Episode 1:   (36:11)

Two years later, (Feb. 11, 2014) a revised version of Episode 1: (30:47)

And Later that Same Day... Episode 2:  Lords of Time (58:22)  A Dr. Who crossover.

Blooper Reel for Lords of Time: (10:58)

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  1. I think this movie is supposed to be a homage to all the generations of Star Trek but with a comedy twist.
    I've heard the new ship is going to be a mix of new and old!

    The Trailers are pretty good too!

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