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Live Action, Teen Trek mostly from the 1990s.  Comedy, costumes, no sets or green screens.  Website also has fan films of other franchises, notably Star Wars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Separate films spoof TOS (Golden Age) and TNG, (Silver Age) although all use TNG costumes.

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This Golden Age film is listed as the filmmaker's favorite:

Star Trek: The Return (13:41).  1996.  The filmmaker has suggested skipping his other films, particularly his Silver Age films.
Shuttle approaches a space station.  Bar scene where Command (gold-colored uniform) Starfleet Officer is being talked to.  They switch around to places in a suburban home, although they are clearly supposed to be in space.  Poor sound quality makes it hard to understand the dialogue.   Characters, in spite of the Uniforms, are Kirk and Spock.  Hmmm.  Two identify as Kirk... I take it the one with "Spock" is the real one, and the one with a guy in a wolf mask is a bad guy... that's what the music says, anyway.  Strong narrative, other characters are also clearly Golden Age in spite of TNG uniforms.

Uses some ship footage from CBS/Paramount movies and TV shows, or possibly games.

Furry Little Creature  (Golden Age) (6:11)

Shawala Wala Bing Bang  (Golden Age) (8:58)

If you are watching all of these in the recommended order, rather than following the advice of the filmmaker and watching ONLY Return, then Return (Opt. Cite) would be next.  Star Trek: The Return (13:41).  1996.

Dark Side. (Sliver Age) (8:07)

Looking Glass (Silver Age)  (10:30)

The Battle for Peace  (Silver Age) (13:01)

Time Travel (Silver Age)  (7:20)

Journey's End (Silver Age)  (11:17)
Mission Logs (Silver Age)  (7:53)  (Uses TNG opening logo)

This comment is from the Filmmaker:

Sleeping Lion ProductionsFeb 17, 2012 11:58 AM
Thank you very much for listing these old fan films of mine. Please keep in mind as you view them that they were never meant to be seen by a large audience. They were shot purely for fun and only exist on YouTube so my friends who were in them can access them at any time from anywhere.

Star Trek 'The Return' is my favorite of the bunch and the others should be avoided at all costs. Really, the other ones are bad. Dark Side, Looking Glass, the Battle for Peace, Time Trial and Journey's End are NEXT GEN episodes and we were still learning a lot about shooting and editing at the time. They are hilariously bad.

The spoofs focusing on the original crew fare better. Shawala Wala Bing Bang and Furry Little Creature have their moments, but are generally a waste of 10 minutes you'll never get back. If you watch any of these, please watch 'The Return' only. It's fairly representative of the quality level we hit starting in the mid 1990s.

Welcome and enjoy!

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  1. PS In 'The Return' the 2nd character to identify himself as Kirk is actually Khan trying to fool the ship's computer into beaming him and his friend to the coordinates Kirk and company went to moments before.