Friday, June 26, 2009

(201) Kid Trek/Teen Trek

201  Star Trek 1, Star Trek: The Motion Picture has been moved to

These are individual films or short series by children or young teens.  In cases where the kids/teens stayed with it and created more shows as they got into their late teens and twenties, those shows will have their own pages and will only have links here.  See also .  Several early Star Trek Fan Films are Kid Trek.

(A)  Star Trek: The Unknown Quest (Silver Age, Kids, some special effect and green screen work.  Parents or grandparents are clearly involved.)  Seems to be a family affair, Ben Wallwork, Freya Wallwork. Sounds English to me) (Both released August, 2013):
Episode 1:  The Never Ending Captain (12:24)
Episode 2: (8:50)

(B)  November 18, 2016,  From Creative Princess 2012, a Star Trek parody, (Child actors, green screens, toys for props and special effects. Golden Age.  Adults are clearly involved.)  "Star Trekkies,"

(C)  Posted 12/22/2017, Seth MacFarlane, part of a Teenage Fan Film based on TOS,

(D).  Star Trek: The No-Budget Generation.  (Teen Trek, no sets, costumes, script, mostly just horsing around).  "Star Trek - The Worst/Best Fan Film EVER!,"

(E).  Caretaker Prologue, (from 1995, CGI and editing added years later).  One kid plays all the parts but dresses differently for different characters.  Rudimentary sets, CGI.  How this film was restored and made:

(F),  Star Trek: U.S.S. Proxima (9:37)


(G) Star Trek 1980 by Craig Dovidio and & Rhawnhurst Neighborhood,

(H)  Star Trek Episode 1 by Cameron Patterson.

(I)  Star Trek: Academy Training, homemade kids movie 1989.(Golden Age.)   Remake of Ballance of Terror as ad-libbed by 9-year-olds on a TOS bridge in TNG uniforms.    The filmmaker used VHS tape and gives a lot of details of how this was made.  See also his channel, .

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