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(201) Kid Trek/Teen Trek

201  Star Trek 1, Star Trek: The Motion Picture has been moved to

These are individual films or short series by children or young teens.  In cases where the kids/teens stayed with it and created more shows as they got into their late teens and twenties, those shows will have their own pages and will only have links here.  See also .  Several early Star Trek Fan Films are Kid Trek.

(A)  Star Trek: The Unknown Quest (Silver Age, Kids, some special effect and green screen work.  Parents or grandparents are clearly involved.)  Seems to be a family affair, Ben Wallwork, Freya Wallwork. Sounds English to me) (Both released August, 2013):
Episode 1:  The Never Ending Captain (12:24)
Episode 2: (8:50)

(B)  November 18, 2016,  From Creative Princess 2012, a Star Trek parody, (Child actors, green screens, toys for props and special effects. Golden Age.  Adults are clearly involved.)  "Star Trekkies,"

(C)  Seth MacFarlane,
(1) 1989-90 As a 16 - 17 year old high schooler, Seth MacFarlane took part in a Star Trek fan film, based on TOS, with his friends, (2:48). This work has been discussed as an influence on his later work... (2:01) (6:02) (6:57)
(2) 1994-95 The Life of Larry, created as MacFarlane's thesis film while he was studying at the Rhode Island School of Design, includes a Star Trek parody. His professor submitted this to Hanna-Barbera, where he was hired a year later. (10:16). This was also the basis of his 1997 cartoon, Larry & Steve, (7:14) For an extensive analysis of these two cartoons, see Wikipedia,

(D).  Star Trek: The No-Budget Generation.  (Teen Trek, no sets, costumes, script, mostly just horsing around).  "Star Trek - The Worst/Best Fan Film EVER!,"

(E).  Caretaker Prologue, (from 1995, CGI and editing added years later).  One kid plays all the parts but dresses differently for different characters.  Rudimentary sets, CGI.  How this film was restored and made:

(F),  Star Trek: U.S.S. Proxima (9:37)


(G) Star Trek 1980 by Craig Dovidio and & Rhawnhurst Neighborhood,

(H)  Star Trek Episode 1 by Cameron Patterson.

(I)  Star Trek: Academy Training, homemade kids movie 1989.(Golden Age.)   Remake of Ballance of Terror as ad-libbed by 9-year-olds on a TOS bridge in TNG uniforms.    The filmmaker used VHS tape and gives a lot of details of how this was made.  See also his channel, .

(J)  Star Trek Anniversary Edition: The Klingon Rebellion(A Fan Fiction Parody Film). (Rudimentary costumes and sets, CGI, location shooting.) The person who takes command of the Enterprise in Picard's absense is Bob Dole.  Aside from that, this is the crossover film with returned Voyager, DS9 and TNG so many of us wished for. That said, this film leaves a few things up in the air, and no sequel seems to have been done to complete them. (posted April 22, 2012)

(K).  Star Trek: The Amature Adventures from Popular Christian Videos.  (In spite of the location, there is nothing about Christianity in this and it does not appear to be organized through a church.)  It says it continues, but it doesn't appear to do so.

(L) [Fire!]  Silver Age, Costumes, Green Screens.  Quality way beyond the age of the actors.

(M).  Abe Duenas has done a lot of live action films starring Sarai Duenas, his daughter, who was 4 years old when she started doing these in 2014. They can be grouped into three series which now have their own pages on Star Trek Reviewed...
Sarai Trek: Mostly episode recaps in her own words
Sarai Trek Animono: Animated dolls & action figures
Kid Courageous: Short live action skits

(N).  Star Trek Parody/Star Trek Mission Episode 1 20, 2018)

(O)  Boldly Going Nowhere from EDJT. What happens when a starship looses power? Nothing good. Witty, well made fan film made by a couple of teens with a surprise ending. (5:04) October 16, 2013.

(P)  Star Trek: Incursion and other films from SHDU (Science Human Drama Union) Studios
Star Trek: Incursion, Silver Age, live action, minimal costumes and sets, Star Date 80187.27, March 10, 2403. (11:00)(April 21, 2018).  Star Trek Incursion Directors Cut (June 18, 2018), (10:00)
Lego Star Trek, Season 1,
Episode 1: Maiden Voyage, (2:32) (January 15, 2018)
Episode 2: The Law Which Governs All: (4:39)(April 22, 2018).
Episode 3: There Can Be No War Without Peace: (4:58)

Proposed titles to proposed sequel series, Star Trek: Integer (1:41)
A later draft of the a proposed title sequence for the same proposed series: (2:50)
Proposed titles to proposed sequel series, Star Trek: Federation: (1:14)
Lego Star Trek - Title Sequence for Mirror Universe, (1:53).

Trailer for series planned for the fall, Star Trek Endeavor: (1:40)

(Q)  Star Trek: The Third Generation:  Eps. #1 The Force of Epsus-3
Part 1:
Not a complete story.  Ends "To be continued..."

A family film starring the Sorensen Family
Filmed in Woodstock and Harvard Ill.
Bob & Cow Studios

Directed by Sam Sorensen

Intro is combo TOS and TNG
ST: The Third Generation.
Mostly kid actors, but parents are here, too.
The uniforms look TOS.
Rudimentary sets.
NCC 1701X
Ship profile looks like TNG.  Also, holodeck.
uniforms on the planet look like TNG.

   Bob Trek, the Third Generation.  Initial trailer.

(R)  Star Trek: Where No Munchkin Has Gone Before.   Kids (siblings Emily and Ethan Smith) on the Enterprise tour the solar system(although the warp drive makes it look interstellar). (7:17).  From Zedefilms Media Group.  (Posted May 8, 2018)

(S)  From He's Passed, Three films,
(1) Sardonic
(2) The Search Home,
(3) Augie's Great Municipal Band, (5:44)

(T)  From Michael Bergeron, a film made when he was in high school, Star Trek: The Skipped Generation,

(U)  From Kenneth Saville,  Star Trick: The Home Movie.  (1985 Parody of TOS.  Teen fans, clips from professional Trek, no costumes except a few shirt insignias, basic, bridge set, location shooting), (30:44).

(V)  From The Jackye Show,  Mego, but using non-Trek little girl dolls rather than Trek action figures.
Star Trek Episode 1, (0:45)
Star Trek Episode 2, (0:16)

(W)  From Elias Sikavitsas, Star School.
Math logic is applied to real life in this series of Kid Trek videos.  OK, I love this. (Barbara Reader)
Episode 1, Dimensional Analysis. (2:31).
Episode 2, The Law of Syllogism, (3:41)(This episode is arguably NOT a Star Trek fan film.  However, it is part of this series as it follows and illustrates mathematical and logical thinking.)
Episode 3, The Congruency of Triangles, (11:33). Golden Age costumes, make-up, and game-level CGI, some use of clips from Hollywood studios.  Ends with Blooper Reel.

 (Possibly part of a school or church project or partially by adults.  (Did not get a response to questions).

(X)  Very low-end production series from the Rothsteins, "Star Wreck."
Episode 1:  Star Wreck Into Randomness, (6:32) (August 16, 2017)
Episode 2:  The Real Housewives of Kronos, (8:24) (Sept. 10, 2015)
Episode 3:  The wrath of Dahn, (10:09) (August 9, 2016)
Episode 4:  Star Wreck IV: The Search for Sock, (11:23) (August 13, 2017)
Episode 5: Star Wreck v. Sock Wreck (11:33) (October 10, 2018).

(Y).  From gladegaard, comes Star Trek: The Youth Syndrome, finishing off an eight year old trilogy. where the crew of the Enterprise are transformed into the bodies of children. Nicely done production of Kid Trek, mixing some imaginative low-end props and scenery with TOS footage.
Part 1: (6:20) (October 20, 2010)
Part 2: (3:33) (July 4, 2011)
Part 3: (4:20) (October 20, 2018)

(Z).  Joe's Animations, "What happens when there's an argument on the bridge," (Star Trek skit), (1:43)

(AA) Alex Olson Series, "Enterprise E" Captain Esso is played by Alex Olson.
01 The Klingon Incident (12:10) 10 Jun 2011. 1 child, child-level rudimentary costumes.
02 The Romulan Incident (13:34) 02 Oct 2011.
03 1 = 11 Tribles (10:18) 14 Oct 2011.
04 The Incident Back in Time (16:13) 10 Nov 2011.
05 Back to History (16:25) 25 Dec 2012. There are now more crew member and more actors.
06 Paradise Lost (25:43) 31 Jan 2015.
07 Assimilation Part 1 (15:57) 23 Dec 2018. With costumes, make-up, CGI and rudimentary sets, this looks like a further leap forward from episode 6, starting to look like a real fan film. It is Part 1 of a multi-film story.
08 Assimilation Part 2 (18:33) 20 Jan 2020. The latest (final?) installment in the Star Trek Enterprise E series. With the Enterprise trapped in a subspace bubble with no hope of rescue, the crew struggle to survive. Starring Alex Olson, Lili Reigart, and Karl Dyer.

(AB)  Star Trek Skit from Joe Hallmark, (4:15).

(AC) Starship Enterprise: A Star Trek Fan Production from Ad Astra Productions. Kids and teens have created an impressive feature film with costumes, props, sets and cgi. Episode 1: The Cure - The Enterprise encounters the long lost starship, the USS Spectrum... But what ever became of its crew? (18:08).

(AD) Star Poop from Ryan Allder. An animated Star Trek parody which Ryan did "at the age of 15 so hopefully you like lame humor!" (3:04). Uploaded 3 Apr 2019

(AE) Star Trek Frontier from TinyEcho14. Space...the final frontier... join Pierre and the crew of the NCC-1928 Starship Stargazer as they boldly go where no man has gone before.
Trailer (0:52).
Episode 1 (4:27)

(AF) Star Trek Three Demands uploaded by Whitehulls12. A class project at Pepperdine University's TV3 from 1988, a parody featuring Christian Davis, Joseph M. Davis, Stiles White, Kelly McCrory, Duffy Dabba dixon and others. (33:15) re-released 31 May 2019.

(AG) Star Trek Parady Great Guy TV intro via innerspace from greatguyaaa., possibly from Toronto, Canada. This is a mash up of live action video of teens - shot at Fanexpo 2016 - and cuts from movie era video of Shatner, Nimoy and the rest of the Enterprise crew. (7:20) 30 Jun 2019.

(AG) This Star Trek fan film was made a while ago.(use full volume) uploaded by Jack&Will. Kids having fun with Star Trek! (5:38) 

(AH) Star Trek Adventures The Movie Brick/Lego kid trek from Trek animator 12.
Part 1 (9:30) 23 Aug 2019.
Part 2 (3:41) 23 Aug 2019.
Star Trek Adventures Season 2 Ep. 1 (5:47) 26 Aug 2019

(AI) One Minute Trek from Nathaniel McGill with the help of his daughters, Katelynn & Olivia. Two little girls save daddy from the planet below! (1:08) 24 Aug 2019.

(AJ) Juju Trek from Princess JUJU. Juliana (Juju) and Captain Sylus save the Enterprise - cute kid Trek. (1:50) 2 Oct 2019.

(AJ) 2006 Ben's Star Trek The Gorn from Ben Willis. Unedited video of a Star Trek Fan Film that Ben produced with my family in 2006. "We were following the Fan Film guidelines before they were even invented". (5:14) released online 8 Oct 2019

(AK) Star Trek: Planet Canada from Brandon Talarico. A school project that the production crew worked really hard on it. (7:54) 16 Oct 2019.

(AL) Star People (Live Action Remake) from These Dood Films. A live action remake ( (3:12) 24 Oct 2019) of an earlier animation ( (3:15) 18 Jan 2019.

(AM) From elesahag1992 FFG in StarTrek Three little girls having fun playing Star Trek. (2:29) released 23 Oct 2019.
Faralee, Faemarie & Gaea - Star Trek Created in December, 1993. (2:03) released 23 Oct 2019.

(AN) Mission Unknown - Star Trek style from JJ2 & JJ2. Jasper finds himself in an unknown place on an unknown planet that looks a lot like earth. Will his captain come to save him? Star Trek style film Jasper made because he wanted to try out his Halloween Costume. (2:10) 10 Jan 2020.

(AO) Star Trek: Dilithium Guild from J. Curtis Strickland. "Timmy L'Heureux, Matt Fenton, and I created this dumbass Star Trek short when we were about twelve years old", pre-TNG so made before 1987. (6:28) released 04 Mar 2020.

(AP) Star Trek: Spin Off! (Part 1 and 2) from Raven Slone. An irreverent look by a teen production at Kirk's command style in Star Trek (2009). (4:08) 18 Jan 2020.

(AQ) Star Trek episode one from black Kermit. Two teens put together a fan film about the night shift captain of the Enterprise. (8:02). 13 Jun 2020. Star Trek Episode two features the death of Space Hitler! (8:04). 8 Jul 2020.


  1. I'm so happy that you found and took the time to list my son, Alex Olson's "Star Trek Enterprise E" movies! The series is truly his and not mine. They're just posted on my YouTube channel. Please feel free to change your entry to call it an "Alex Olson Series" if you like.