Friday, June 26, 2009

(202) Trailers Not Associated with A Released Film.

202  Star Trek II,  The Wrath of Khan has been moved to

For Trailers released by fan filmmakers who either plan to release a film or planned to release a film but have put that plan on hold or abandon it, see .  Other trailers are listed below, whether they are creative trailers for imaginary or wished-for films, trailers for fan fiction or other fan projects, or fan trailers for real projects.

ST 12 Trailers (fake) (1:43) (1:29)

Star Trek Endeavour Fan Fiction: (1:12).  Includes film from pro TV and movies.

Star Trek: Frountiers Opening Credits Season 2
Frontiers Season 3 Movie Teaser

Shows that never happened (proposed for real or a joke or a fan film, or trailers for fan fiction or other fan forms)
Bring Back Kirk: (3:00)
Deja Vu Deception,
Star Trek: The Alternate Generation (1:38)
Star Trek: The Arion Awaits (1:00) (film may follow, but query got no answer after almost two months)
Star Trek: The Beer Years (Parody) Trailer 1 (1998)
Star Trek: The Beer Years (Parody) Trailer 4 (1998)
Star Trek: Bellator,
Star Trek: Chronicles Checkov:  (0:50)
Star Trek: Excelsior: (1:09)
Star Trek: Forgotten Voyages: (2:53)
Star Trek Galaxy Intro
Star Trek: Infinity:
Star Trek: Kalayaan:
Star Trek: New Destinies: (1:22)
Star Trek: Pakleds: (2:14)
Star Trek: Pioneer Season 6 Fan Fic: (1:36)
Star Trek Revelations: (2:25)
Star Trek: Sparticus[sic]: (1:39)
Star Trek: Temporal Investigations: (1:05)
Star Trek: War Without End Fanfic: (5:31)
Star Trek Xavier (1:15)
Wesley Season One Opening Credits:  (0:24)

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