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(203) Filmmakers Who Create CGI Sequences Without Visible Humans

203  Star Trek III, The Search for Spock has been moved to

I will be adding links to the You Tube channels of these creators here.  In some cases I will include links to some films, but those are mere films I looked at to place the creator here.  Order is not yet determined.  Initially, they filmmakers will be listed alphabetically by the name used by the filmmaker.

Alfabia JS
Astrum Studios
Buckaroohawk CGI and Graphic Imagery
Chris Blue Nose:
Chris Cunningham (remakes the CGI of Pro Trek)
Chris Kroznuski (also does CGI for regular fan films)
Dr Robbi Animations,
General Gorandius
Hardwire Productions
Hawke53051 .
Mauricio Duarte Goncalves dos Santos
Ovidiu CosOvin Costache-CosOvyn
Paul Young
Quantum Designs AZ
Rifle Vision (Rifleman 80)
Robert McConnell
Robert Ziolkowski
Ross Trowbridge
Snake Force Pictures
Startrekking2  (JJA Trek universe.)
Steffen Scharmacher,
Stuart Foley (Trekyards, a series about ships)
That Guy... Brian
Tobias Richter
Vercon Shorts,
Video Space FX (VSFX)

Many consider Rifle Vision (Rifleman 80) to be the leader in this type of video.  Here are a few of his works:
Star Trek: Legends of the Constitution (7:31)

A "How To" video!  How the Hell Do I Make Space Star Trek Space Battles? (2:41:52)

Select films:
The Evolution of the Enterprise: (1:42)

Star Trek Revolution (British) (Voices sound American) Looks like Mechinima, but with ships only.
Intro: (5:20)
Part 1: (3:29)
Part 2: (2:26)
Part 3: (3:01)
Part 4: (3:28)
Part 5: (2:13)
Part 6: (3:54)
Part 7: (3:42)
Finale: (6:56)

Hawke 53051, several films. .
Seems to have created a Star Trek/Babylon 5 crossover films, all ships:  or .  Name: The Alpha Quadrant.  There may be more episodes, I'll have to write to him.
Part 1: (1:02)
Part 2: (1:19)
Part 3:  (0:58)
Part 4: (0:56)
Part 5:  (2:03)
This is called, "The Founders": Also by Hawke53051 .  This could be a continuation(or prequel) to the other film.
Part 1:  (1:01)
Part 2:  (0:45)
Part 3:  (1:10)

More Ships only Animation, Mirror Universe:
Star Trek: The Mirror
Trailer:  (1:24)
Episode 1 Part 1: (1:15)
Episode 1 Part 2: (2:42)
Episode 2:  (5:33)
Episode 3:  (1:49)

Another "Film" Maker who uses only ship fighting in animation.
An Animated Short: (1:45)
Star Trek Animation: (1:15)  This is just part of what later developed into the other short.  This has no story, just ships shooting at each other.

Looks like more ships for ships sake.
Star Trek USS Wirral
You Tube home:

Hardwire Productions
JJ Enterprise Meets Refit Enterprise (0:37)

This fellow,, VideoSpaceFX seems to do mostly remakes using only CGI and captions.   The filmmaker recommends looking at these:
"Escape of Khan" - Launch of the Botany Bay.  The creator also has a lot of other CGI-only videos. (6:45)  Story is told with captions and CGI.
"Borg Incursion" (Best of Both Worlds) - Enterprise Engages Borg Cube:  (8:18)
"Eyes in the Dark" - Enterprise-D escapes a Tyken's Rift: (2:55)
"Battle of Narendra III" - Yesterday's Enterprise: High quality: (14:54)  older, lower quality version: (15:00)
"Battle of Maxia" - Picard Manoeuvre. Surprise attack on USS Stargazer by unknown vessel: (9:25)

General Gorandius produced
What if the Organians did not interfere? (4:43)

omnoplea  produced Star Trek: The Battle of Tyra (5:25)

Martok2112 produced, inter alia:

Here are two "Borg Invasion" films to be sorted by creator:

by nitemare  Star Trek XI Borg Invasion(5:53) All CGI.  This short is mostly silent, it show a single Star Fleet ship destroying a Borg cube.  The 5 minute, 53 second short is entitled Star Trek XI: Borg Invasion.  No humans or aliens are shown, just ships and a planet that looks a lot like Jupiter, red spot and all.

Bad as that was, it looks good next to this Borg Invasion by motionflyer short:

Mauricio Duarte Goncalves dos Santos  offers several CGI films, including (1:45)

TaCoskun (2:52)

(1) Chasing The Infinite Sky.  Alternative timeline rendering of Star Trek. from    Alvision 100, (5:22) (7/25/2016).  Ultra Widescreen released 6/14/2017,  Also at (Note aside:  The known universe is believed to be well under 150 billion light years in diameter, so 1.2 trillion light years would place them in an alternative universe.  However, it would be in an alternative section of the ekpyrotic (metaverse) if that is the actual shape of reality.)

Included in a list of Guidelines-compliant Star Trek Fan Films by Syfy:

(2)  U.S.S. Challenger (A Brighter Future), also from Alvision100,

(3)  USS Voyager, Fan Made, Alternative Timeline

That Guy... Brian
And straight on 'till morning... Star Trek Discovery,

Paul Young
Sneak Attack

Robert Ziolkowski, or Dr. Robbi Animations, The Final War, The Last Fight.  CGI fight between the Federation and the Borg.
Merry Christmas: (1:00)

Dr. Robbi Animations, or Robert Ziolkowski, Star Trek Rewind.  In 2409, we see a planet explode and the Enterprise 1701 F go with it, (Silver Age).  Then the film shifts to 2151 (Stone Age) and an attack on the NX-01 Enterprise.  At first, there is a disastrous ending, then a ship appears from the future, time rewinds, and there is instead a triumphant ending.  This happens again in two other timeframes, The film jumps to Sektor 002 in the year 2271 (Golden Age).  Then the film jumps to near Cardassia in the year 2375 (Silver Age). Now it is back to the 1701 F,  and instead of a planet exploding we see space fireworks.  Star Trek - Rewind, (17:04)

Vercon Shorts, Star Trek Enterprises v. Borg, (1:56).

Star Trek Phase III Intro, (2:18)

Star Trek Starfleet Field Day - (1:31)


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