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(218) Professional Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials and Foreign Imitators.


Professional Parodies for Amusement:

Alabama  Proposed Parody series for FX.  Article from Trekmovie:

Alexei Sayle Show
Alexei Sale Star Trek The Next Generation Sketch. (1:29)

America's Funniest People (poor quality copy) (1:32)

Star Truck Animaniacs - Professional Star Trek Parody,"Star Truck" (6:37)
Animatics Star Trek Parody,  Spock Girls: (0:04)

Beavis and Butthead (0:30) (0:35)

The Ben Stiller Show (2:37)

Big Bang Theory (Bakersfield Expedition) (4:22)

Boston Legal (references) (1:21)

Bullyparade (German)
"Unser Traumschiff" (Raumschiff is Spaceship, Traumschiff means Dreamship and was the German title to "Loveboat." (1:20) (2:29)
Also discussed here:

The Carol Burnett Show(5:30)

Caution: May Contain Nuts (Canadian, "May Contain Nuts" which produces "Nuts on TV". from the Abroiginal People's Television Network of Canada.  See
Their website:
Their Facebook page:
You Tube Channel: Nuts on TV
-- Space Trek(Parody Series) In order of You Tube posting:
Dec. 19, 2011   Captain's Orders (1:45)
April 17, 2012  Jedi Witness (2:58)
May 1, 2012  Captain Facist (3:17)
September 25, 2012  Random Search (1:37)
October 9, 2012  Squeegee Boy (1:25)
April 10, 2013  The Prime Directive (2:51)

Clear Channel Video and Fox News produced this Christmas parody... commercial?  Not sure.  Star Trek 38: (9:57)

Crave CNET News, Star Trek Spoof: Space Trek (2:59)

The Critic
Hew Haw: The Next Generation (0:21)

The Cutting Edge (MTV program)
"IRS Cutting Edge." (0:57).  Also here: .  Includes Stan Woo from Yorktown: A Time to Heal as Sulu.  Not to be confused with the IRS training video.

Drew Carey's Fake Wedding:
Part 1 The Joining of Two Unlike Elements is a Mixture
Part 2 The Joining of Two Unlike Elements is a Mixture
Part 3 The Joining of Two Unlike Elements is a Mixture

EZTV Parody Skit (7:20)

Family Guy - Star Trek
Star Trek (0:23)
Seth McFarlane's Star Trek Interview (2:07)
Worf's Head (0:25)
(Same segment as above posted by different poster) You can both suck my ridges:  (0:30)
Picard and Troy (0:39)
Stewie Tells off Cast of Star Trek: (0:43)
Stewie and Star Trek (You'll get nothing and like it): (1:05)
Will Wheaton (0:29)
Having Tea, TNG v. Star Wars (0:12)
Funeral Parody (0:38)
Sulu Hello (0:49)
Live Long and Suck It (0:07)
Stewie Takes Cast Of Star Trek (TNG) Bowling. (0:36)
Family Guy (0:38)
Stewie and the Star Trek Next Generation Cast (4:04)

Fast Forward (2:41)

The Firm (A musical group) "Star Trekkin" original stop action animation film: (3:02)

Fraiser/Star Trek Voyager Fraiser Cast (4:52)

Frank TV-- William Shatner crashes the set of STXI (3:09)

Fringe (References, not parodies) (2:56)

The history of how the 79 episodes and 6 Star Trek movies were banned.
Battle to the Death

Galaxy Quest
Movie.  Can be purchased on DVD.  vis:
Regular DVD:
either at Amazon:

Garlic Jackson Comedy
Rejected languages for Coca Cola Ad for Superbowl (2014) (1:18)  Includes Klingon.

Hawaii Five-O (References) (2:27)

These three are the same:
Labeled "high quality":
In Living Color Parody 1 with Jim Carrey (4:59)
Jim Carrey, The Wrath of Farrakhan (5:01)
Again, same:
In Living Color's Geriatric Star Trek: (5:25)
In Living Color 2 -TOS Parody -  (5:30)  Same skit.

Internal Revenue Service of the United Stated created a Trek Training video in 2010.
Watch it here: (5:22)
or here: (5:22)
Read about it here: or here: or or .

Jimmy Kimmel Live Parody of STXI (3:37)

Late, Late Show With Craig Kilborn.  Jason Alexander substitutes for Craig Kilborn, guest is Stephen Collins, so Jason Alexander does his Kirk imitation and they reprise the scene from Star Trek: The Motion Picture between Kirk and Stephen Collins' Captain of the Enterprise. (3:10)

Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot Obamacare Replacement

The Littlest Pet Shop pays tribute to TOS. (2:12)

Mad TV
Mexican Star Trek - Mad TV
 Star Trek Deep Stain Nine (4:03) In spite of the name, appears to lampoon TNG.

Mike Douglas  - Not a parody, just a band playing the Trek Theme.
Maynard Ferguson plays the TOS theme (2:21)

That Mitchell and Webb Look (4:45)

The Muppet Show - Pigs in Space - The Swinetrek Lands on Koosebane (4:32)

The Newz:  (1994 Star Trek TOS Parody)
Part 1 of 4 (2:01)
Part 2 of 4 (2:01)
Part 3 of 4 (2:01)
Part 4 of 4 (1:03)

"Os Trapalhões" (Brazilian TV show from the 1970s or 1980s, Portuguese, no subtitles) (3:20)

Seth MacFarlane and Friends interview (4:47)

RiffTrax:  This is a soundtrack for sale which uses visuals and some sound from the original.  This links you to their take on Wrath of Khan.  There is more at this website,, which includes some Phase II materials.  They also seem to use some of the original sound, so I question their copyright ownership and right to sell this stuff.

Robot Chicken (Adult Swim) Stop action puppets
1)  Le Wrath di Khan (1:40) An opera.
Also here:
2)  The Star Trek Experience (2:14)
3)  The Prime Directive  (2:13)
4)  Many Spocks  (1:33)
5)  No Power (2:18)
6)  Lost Power  (0:58)
7)  Captain Kirk Nut Shot  (0:12)
8)  It's Not Easy Being William Shatner  (1:48)
For more Robot Chicken, see
9)  See also
10)  Star Trek: The Sext Generation (2:21)
11)  Star Trek: The Next Generation Night Crew: (2:23)
12)  Red Shirt (0:19)
13) Star Trek Cribs - The Director's Cut (1:00)
14) Dammit Jim, I'm a Proctologist, (0:30)

Saturday Night Live's Trek Skit(s)
Same skit: Star Trek: Threadbanger DIY (11:25) SNL skit, Kirk and the last voyage of the Enterprise (it's cancelled by NBC).

Scooby-Doo (3:02)

Shatner Parodies Himself.  "William Shatner Parody SEVEN" (2:33)

Simpson's Star Trek (see bottom of page)
Star Trek XII: So Very Tired (0:55) ; another posting, (0:40)
Whole episode, Holidays of Future Passed (I have been told people outside of the US can't see this.  I apologize.) (21:41) Season 23 episode 9.
January 2015 Star Trek inspired closing credits: (0:56)

Song Trek.  Done as a personnel recognition inside a nuclear power plant.  I have not located it on the web.  Here is a video account about it: (2:09)

South Park (0:14)

Stargate 200 Trek Clip
Longer version: (1:20)

Stay Tuned (2:47)

Stephen Cobert's Star Trek XI:

Ten Forward on Trillium Cable 10 Scarborough (Ontario) (3:13)

The Two Ronnies (1973) (11:40)

Unbelievable!!!!! The Movie .  Trailer: (5:30).  I'm not absolutely clear on whether there is a real movie Trek parody in the works or if this IS the parody.

The USSR's own version of Star Trek: Cosmos Patrol,

Veggie Tales: Veggies in Space: The Final Frontier (1:30) (There is also a full hour show which can be purchased:

Wayne & Shuster's "Star Schtick" (Canadian) (updated March 29, 2013.  Previous links were taken down and that channel was closed)

Part 1 (9:02)

Part 2 (9:13)

Part 3 (6:37)

Part 4 (7:20)

WeeHowff (a British TV comedy show with skits)
Scottish Star Trek?(2:18) (Daily Motion)
(Same video) Scottish Star Trek (2:19)
(Same video) Taysiders in Space (2:23)
Video with videos (Taysiders in Space, Scottish Star Trek: (2:22)

"Weird Al" Yankovic Rejected Trek Theme song. (6:28)  Same song with an animation: (1:21)

The Wonder Years Parody of Spock's Brain (TOS):

Unidentified Pro Parody (1:32)

Anniversary Tributes:

40th Anniversary: (7:40)


Harold Gwatney Chevrolet (A Dealer):
From Vulcan, Canada, Vulcan: To Boldy Go, (1:37)
From South Africa:  Vuzu amp -  First ever Star Trek fan film from Africa comes from South Africa, (1:30). (Bob Trekfan, thank you.)  Here it is with partial English subtitles: (1:30)(eMBee, thank you). It is a mixture of English and Zulu with one word in Sesotho.  Thanks to another South African, onedotshort, for calling the television station and establishing that the second language is Zulu with a single word in Sesotho.  Here is a Review of this commercial:

From NASA, Nichelle Nichols uses familiar Trek lines to describe NASA's new Orion spacecraft.  No green-skinned pirates or dancing girls, though. (1:34)
Volkswagen e-mobility commercials: (0:45), (1:49), (0:19), (1:05), (0:56), (0:48), (1:28), (1:01), (0:02), (0:11), (0:21), (0:20), and Making of these commercials: (2:01).
MCI 'Friends and Family" ad with the TOS cast and Frakes... (0:37)
Mego Star Trek Phaser Battle (1:09)
Mego Star Trek Communications Console  (0:30)
Mego Star Trek Intergalactic Projector. (0:41)
A list of commercials featuring Shatner and other TOS series cast members:
JJA Star Trek Themed commercial for X-Box Infinity with Zackary Quinto as Spock, Anton Yelchin as Chekov.  Bold Explorers, Xfinity TV. View it here: (0:32).
Karl Urban Star Trek Pinball Custom Speech Power Pack (Nov. 2013) (1:07)
Los Angeles County Fair 2013 (0:51)
Don't "Klingon to the Old Matress", Canadian commerical. (2011): (0:31)
Star Trek: Bugs a commercial for an exterminator using little people playing TOS crewmen.
Star Trek: Mission (3:36)
Star Trek "More Power"
Brilliant Enterprise from GE (0:31)
Star Trek XI/Verizon crossover commercial (0:30)
Star Trek Cruise (a real cruise with some ST actors):
OC White Doves (1:25)
McDonald's Star Trek Meals (1980, themed with the movie) (0:32)
McDonald's Happy Meals (Klingon, 1979) (0:31)
Star Trek Kitties (seeks to get homes to adopt homeless cats): (6:07)
"The Challenge" a commercial from Audi pits Leonard Nimoy against Zachary Quinto, in a match in which Audi beats Mercedes Benz. (2:44).
Esurance Commercial with tie-in commercial for Star Trek Into Darkness (0:.31)
Twizzlers - The Twist You Can't Resist (0:16)

This seems to be a film into which people can place themselves.  Many versions have been posted.
Star Trek; The Humphries Encounter (9:57)

Educational and Fitness Videos using Trek as a basis.

Computer learning:   Space Trek: The Search for Input Devices by SoftDev Interactive:
Part I: (7:01)
Part II:  (8:33)

Fitness Team One.  It appears to be a DVD fitness program using a Star Trek theme.  These opening credits were released April, 2013.
In response to an e-mail query, I received the following discussion on July 11 2014:
From: James Hay To: Me
Jul 11 [2014] at 1:56 PM Greetings:

Thank You for the interest in our program. We are currently working on a new website (our current space offers to us a way to share some of the highlights of the project with our focus group). We are very proud to offer great training opportunities to all of our recruits- All of Our Fitness Instructors all have at least a 4 year college degree (in a medical field), and are ACSM certified (American College of Sports Medicine).

Our launch date is September 6, 2014 and our Fitness Cruise Website will follow after that (as soon as all of the Celebrity contracts are signed) - the first cruise launches in late 2015.

We are not part of the USS Farragut team, but we do know of them and will be in contact with them in order to share our long planned success. Our goal as life long fans of science & science fiction is to respect the fans and the studios: Our Fitness Programs are based in the current disciplines for Physical Fitness- The fans deserve nothing less. While we instruct our clients using backgrounds set in the future- we are aware that civilian space travel is at hand, and working in space within reach! The population needs to be physically fit to go!!! And, it should be the science fiction fans that are first in line!!!

Federation Fitness has recruited the best trainers; former NASA program designers and a team of fitness instructors dedicated to producing an authentic Star-fleet Command Boot Camp Experience. Combine with 21st century Sports Medicine & Physical Fitness Training- we believe that our Physically Fit and Disciplined Recruits will surely qualify for the "first in line" initiatives! Until the space-fleet is ready to fly, there will be the Federation Fitness Ocean Cruise experience!

Health and Happiness,

PS My apologies for the delayed response- Beyond busy, BUT staying in contact is VITAL to me. Mornings/M-Sat my team & I volunteer at the wounded Veteran facilities, but if you wish to call us: (630)-689-3887 after 2 PM CST (up to 9PM CST) we could talk- or our lead trainer's email ( Again, Thank You
I have no explanation of why the sender's name is different than the signers name.

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