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(217) Trekkers, Trekkies, and General Fandom.

Star Trek was a series of TV shows and movies.  But it is also a cultural phenomenon.   There have been a number of movies, both documentary and fictional, about the adventures, not of the Starship Enterprise, but about those who love it... Trek Culture Movies.  Below I list first the documentaries, then a Trek advocacy film, then the fiction about Trek lovers.

Trekkies One

Trekkies Two (Extras include a Star Trek Fan Film).    

coming: Trekkies Three
A Review:  Trekland

50th Anniversary Film by Rod Roddenberry.

Neil Armstrong, speaks of his Star Trek wish: (7:30).  The film was posted by Star Trek: Renegades and includes a pitch for their film at the end.

Trek Advocacy Films:
Letter to J.J. Abrams: (2:01)

Real astronauts are Trekkies, too!

A short biography of  Physicist and Astronaut Ronald E. McNair, only the second African-American in space. "Eyes on the Stars (3:16).  He died in the Challenger disaster.

A short biography of Steven Hawking's involvement with pop culture mentions he was a Trek fan:   Here is the segment of TNG in which Hawking played a holographic recreation of himself.   And here he is in a video with Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, John Cho, and others:

Tales from Ten Forward, previously known as Drunken Star Trek - Drunk Trekkies recount episodes, others act out what the drunk Trekkie says.  Tales from Ten Forward on Facebook:

1.  The Price (14:26)
2.  The Game (12:32)
3.  Darmok: (13:19)
4.  Charlie X
5.  Yesterday's Enterprise

Star Trek: The Last Voyage from Saturday Night Live. Capt. Kirk (John Belushi), Spock (Chevy Chase) and Dr. McCoy (Dan Aykroyd) encounter network executives (Elliott Gould, Garrett Morris) who announce Star Trek is cancelled in 'the real world'. Aired 29 May 1976. (11:57) uploaded 3 Oct 2013.

NY Times Video about Fan Films:

Fan Films, Fan Film Series, and other shows about Trekkies:
A fan film fan film.  Fans of Star Trek: Phase II, Gravity Arch Media's (Comedy, Live Action, Sets, costumes, CGI, ... ) presents, "1701 Pennsylvania Avenue" (11:02)... suggesting that what that 18 minutes of erased tapes was really covering up was that Tricky Dick, not Barack Obama, was the first Trekkie in the White House  (Oh, and hey, the film is funny... ) To see this film with Portuguese subtitles go here: .  For the offerings of the Fan Film group which inspired this fan film, go to .

More on this film:   Set at the time of the moon landing in the White House... but wait, what's that ... (TOS era Enterprise....)   Here's a Trailer: (0:50) and this is the poster's YouTube home: /.  Mentioned here: .  The producer is Pony R. Horton.
A Review: Fan Film Friday - Star Trek: ’1701 Pennsylvania Av.’

Matt Kravchuk of the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema creates a realistic film about an encounter involving a child who is a Trek fan and an adult down on his luck who is at least familiar with Star Trek, "Live Long and Prosper,"

Love Trek, a short film in German about two Trekkies finding each other. (6:25)

Alternative Victory was a failed attempt to make a Star Trek Fan Film in the late 1980s, here is a film about that attempt, Hindsight: The Unmaking of Alternative Victory (1:05:31) and a montage of shots from the attempt to shoot Alternative Victory (18:37).

Keeping Up With the Cardassians   (Warning: Off-color language)
YouTube Home:
Facebook Home:
This live-action series is a family situation comedy about Trekkies, not Star Trek.  It is set in present-day Astoria, Queens, New York. (along with All In the Family?).   They have released eleven "Episodes" Although they are short and feel more like seven segments of a larger episode.  They make the most of New York blase, with the father, a bicycle messenger who wears his Star Trek TNG uniform on the job, regularly running into people who make him look normal by comparison.

Episode 7    (3:30)
Episode 8  (1:46)
Episode 9  (2:28)
Episode 10  (5:09)
Episode 11 Part 1 (4:58)
Episode 11 Part 2 (3:43)

Free Enterprise.  Not available for screening on the net, but here's an article about it:

Star Trek Cat  (This Cat is a Trekkie!) (0:58)

Star Trek: Into Barkness -- Pawsplay.  Attempt to use Star Trek to get a cat and a dog to get along. (7:32)

Star Trek: Geek Space Nine  Channel:
Part 1 of 2:  (8:38)
Part 2 of 2:  (6:09)

Beam Me Up, Mr. Chan! (Or The Misunderstood Man) (2:32)  Animation.

Why The Star Trek Universe is Secretly Horrifying (from Cracked):  (Thanks to eMBee for this link) or if you have the right log-in, from YouTube: (7:58)

Trekkies v. Warsies:  Star Wars v. Star Trek  (3:32)

Trek Wars

Fan Boys a 2009 indie film of a fictionalised confrontation between Star Wars Fans and Star Trek Fans: (5:15). See also Wikipedia:

Fan-made Doritos Commercial, Trek Fans v. Wars Fan, (1:28)

Films about Trekkies in which Trek is real:
Star Trek: The Re-Experience (10:41)
A Review: Trekland

Fanboys Anonymous, a series in which Trek and other fans work out their issues.
Star Trek Fan Commune has issues over JJTrek
Star Trek

Star Trek and Star Wars are both real and their fans have their power in this one:
Star Trek v. Star Wars STREET FIGHT

Trekkie v. Warsie:
Star Feud (2016) Star Wars Star Trek fan film // 48 Hour Film Project.  (Trekkies are the bad guys in this.)

SF Films presents Short Film: Star Trek vs Star wars.  Warsies battle Trekkies with franchise energy weapons.

comte dylantagnan, presents a Plotagon Animation,
A Star Wars Fan And A Trekkie ... EXCHANGE THE WRONG REFERENCES (2:38).

Funny Wedding Universal Translator Video (3:35)

Star Trek Honeymoon. When two Trekkies get married, can the Gorn be far behind? (3:04)

Trekkie Baby. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Trekkies with a baby carriage... or high chair, as the case may be! (1:32)

A Star Trek Christmas 2011.  A fan decorates her tree in Star Trek stuff. (4:35)

Storage Wars.  "Trekkies"  Just how much is Star Trek memorabilia worth?

Tribbles Episode 1:  "Tribble Truck'n To Comic-Con"  (6:28).  A breeder of Tribbles for sale at Comic-con goes on the road.

Klingons Capture the Lord Mayor of Peterborough (4:55)

The Itransporter Knockoff, (2:57).

Trekkie fight as presented in "Night Court" (1:54)

Klingons and Shakespeare, a theatrical troop puts on Hamlet in "the original Klingon,"

William Shatner Lent Me His Hairpiece (12:30)

William Shatner parodies himself (although I'm not sure he's a Trekkie)
Parody SEVEN (2:33)

Fiction about Trekkies:
IWC Presents, Two Dudes and a Sweet Prince

Trekkie music:
Trekkies and we know it

Professional TV Shows and Movies about Trekkies:
The Big Bang Theory on CBS is about characters who are Trekkies.  The show often guest stars Wil Wheaton playing a character who is supposed to be Wil Wheaton, formerly Wesley Crusher of TNG.
Here are some take-outs from The Big Bang Theory about Star Trek: (1:48:16)

Wil Wheaton
And last, but certainly not least, there's Wil Wheaton.  He was a die-hard Trekkie who grew up playing that he was Kirk, only to really be cast in Star Trek: The Next Generation.  He remains one of the most enthusiastic Trekkies in the world.  Here he is reading lines of several Trek characters, including, in the end, Wesley Crusher.  Some of what he reads is from the Pro series, some is written by fans.  (1:28)
Wheaton gives geek girl advice: (3:10)
Wheaton turns his negative experience with William Shatner into a comedy routine: (24:38)

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