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(223) French Language Star Trek Fan Films


February 22, 2019, FindStar drek from shaken67150 on15 Feb 2007. This French language video is a parody of the TOS episode, The Devil in the Dark with a comedic voice track overlaid. (5:46). Another upload of this is at as Star Drek Kansas of Elsass by Christophe Bourlier released on 22 Sep 2009

February 5, 2019New Release uploaded to Youtube by Alain Paré. 100 Limite Star Trek Doublage is a professional comedy skit from "100 limite" a French-Canadian TV show broadcast between 1988 and 1992 using new dialog over Star Trek The Original Series footage in French. If you want to hear French with a Scottish accent, listen to Scotty here! (1:08)

February 5, 2019, New Release,  Parody Animation, A LA CONQUÊTE DE L'ESPACE AVEC SPACE FOX (dessin animé), (2:40)

November 28, 2018, New Release, Stop Action short film, The Final Frontier (Star Trek) (1:38).

October 1, 2018, New Release Star Truc (Star Stuff) added at (N) below

September 25, 2018.  FIND! French fan filmStar Trek Le Retour des Moltens added at (M) below

August 20, 2014.  Newly released and subtitled: French subtitles are now available for Prelude to Axanar which can be found at (21:09).  For additional information about both Prelude to Axanar and Star Trek Axanar, see .

August 9, 2014 newly found film added at (K) below, Hello Geekette.  May be a crossover film

November 14, 2013NEWLY POSTED MAJOR Star Trek Fan Film IN CANADIAN FRENCH ONLY.  Star Trek: The Judge. A Trip Down Memory Lane.  Montreal school project including faculty.  Golden Age.   Watch it here:  (26:26). 
Probably the most significant FIND in French Language Star Trek Fan Films, this little gem combines students and faculty to create an inexpensive but impressive work. 
The music is Trek, and it's listed as Star Trek in Daily Motion. The ships looks Star Trek like, and there is a reference to a new Enterprise (even I speak enough French for that). It's only stills, only 34 seconds, and seems to make some comment about Europeans going into space.

(B) French Leggos Trek:

Lego Trek episode 1
Lego Trek Episode 3

(C) Comedy/Parody from "TMFB"  (2:04)

Comedy/Parody  Didn't load when tested.  6/18/2010  Hello Geekette 12 " Le fan film 3/3 : Far-Trek " Vous êtes-vous déjà demandé ce qu'il se passerait si l'univers de Star Trek rencontrait celui de Farscape. Toutes 

(D)  Heavy Lies the Crown from Star Trek: Intrepid is available with French subtitles:

(E)  The following was originally thought to be German, but I have been told it is French.  It can be found in Star Trek Restricted:  Raumschiff Surprise.

(F) Phase II is starting to offer French subtitles for it's fan films!  You can download the subtitles and appropriate instructions here:
With thanks to David Saby:
Come What May: (none as of Dec. 19, 2013.  Where'd they go?  I don't know!  I had down that they had French subtitles, but right now they don't seem to.  Huh? )
In Harm's Way
To Serve All My Days (With thanks to Nicolas Petit)
World Enough and Time
Blood and Fire Part 1
Blood and Fire Part 2
The Holiest Thing
The Child
Center Seat:
No Win Scenario
1701 Pennsylvania Avenue
Going Boldly

(G)  Swiss French subtitles are available for Star Wreak 2 pi which was released January 30, 2013.   See for details.

(H)  Star Trek: The Judge.  School project including faculty.   Made in Montreal.  Watch it here:  (26:26).

(I)  Offers Star Trek Aurora with French subtitles (also discusses it in French)

(J)  Star Trek Continues French Page:

(K) Hello Geekette Le Fan Film
(1) Hello Geekette S1 E10 Le fan film 1/3 : Le Casting (4:30)
(2) Hello Geekette S1 E11 Le fan film 2/3 : Silence on tourne ! (6:48)
(3)   Hello Geekette S1 E12 Le fan film 3/3 : Far-Trek (6:08)

(L) French subtitles for Star Trek Continues:
Episode 1, "Pilgrim of Eternity," (51.18) or
Episode 2, "Lolani". (50:46) or
Episode 3, "Fairest of Them All" (40:37) or
Episode 4, "The White Iris"  (47:55) or Vimeo:
Episode 5, "Divided We Stand," (42:45) or Vimeo:
Episode 6, "Come Not Between The Dragons," or
Episode 7, "Embracing The Winds," or

(M) Star Trek Le Retour des Moltens
First trailer released February 3, 2011
First trailer re-released January 27, 2012
First trailer dubbed with French subtitles January 29, 2012
Second trailer released March 25, 2013
Finished film released with English subtitles October 13, 2013 (1.11.06)

Star Trek The Return of Moltens is a sci-fi fanfilm produced by the volleyball club of Sainte Foy Les Lyon (Fidésienne Volley Ball).

A mission of the Federation of Unified Planets studying the planet 3-7-0 in the Mikasa system no longer gives signs of life. The crew of Enterprise is responsible for finding out what happened. Once on the planet, Captain Kirk, Commander Spock and Dr. McCoy discover strange spheres responsible for many casualties. For its first outing so far from the space of the Federation, the Enterprise must face its first test ...

The first trailer for this fan film, a story mixing Science Fiction and Volleyball, was broadcast live on February 5th 2011, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the club. and the finished film was screened around Lyon in spring 2013 for all lovers of cinema and sport as well as being made available on the Internet.

Produced by Benjamin Yoris over four years and made available with English subtitles, it was featured on Unification, the French SciFi website and has the following dedication...
"The 26 amateur actors in this fan film play or have played in the Sainte-Foy-les-Lyon volley-ball club. Except for one, none of them are Star Trek fans. To my own kind, past, present and to come, who are the stars guiding my trek on this Earth. Ben"

(N) Star Truc (Star Stuff)
28 Sep 2018, New Release (4:06)

French language audio track - from the dubbed Star Trek TV show? - mimed as a comedy by a single actor playing all the characters. From Michel Escaillas.

The following is French, and SciFi, but I don't think it's Star Trek:

Star Trek Astraios Japanese with French subtitles.

This is by a French filmmaker, but it's in English.
Star Trek - The Enterprise

The following animators at Go!Animate are producing what is labeled as French Star Trek motion comics.  None of these seems to have done a lot of work in Trek:
Bastien Studio

This appears to be a maker of French mash-ups:

French "Memory Alpha" page on Facebook:

Fan fiction websites:

A discussion of the making of Star Trek 7


  1. Hello,
    French subtitles have been made by Nicolas Petit for "To serve all my days" episode, "center seat" and "no win scenario" and "going boldly" vignettes, and "Kitumba" and "the protracted man" trailers.
    More to come from time to time. Downloads from the german mirror site
    Permission has been asked to try full voice dubbing but the project is not launched yet.

  2. Thank you! That's great news!