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(224) Portuguese Language Star Trek Fan Films

224  MEGAUPLOAD HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN FOR MASSIVE COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS.  I will replace the links here as the content is uploaded to other websites, particularly You Tube and Vimeo.

Olá, meu nome é Ulisses e, se você é um visitante frequente deste blog, já deve ter visto meu nome por aquí. Eu faço legendas em portugues do Brasil para vários grupos de fan films de Star Trek. Barbara, que criou esse blog, me convidou para ser o, digamos, mediador desta página.
Então, a partir de hoje, eu vou cuidar deste espaço.
Espero ter a mesma competência que ela teve até aquí.

August 18, 2018,
Os Trapalhões em Trapalhada nas Estrelas paródia de Star Trek (2:13)

June 12, 2018, a commercial for Trekker Con 2018 in San Paulo, Brazil, Propaganda:
"Comunicado de Emergência," (2:30), also at

Os Trapalhões Trapalhada nas Estrelas paródia de Star Trek (2:13)

June 8, 2017 Star Trek Renegades Pilot :

28/04/2017 Star Trek Horizon

25 de Setembro de 2016
Project: Potemkin
Série Finale "Destinies"

Starship Tristan 
"The Greater Good"

22 de Julho de 2016
Project: Potemkin
Episódio S04 C "All In a Day's Work"

09 de Julho de 2016
Starship Tristan
Episódio T01 C "The Chronicles of Lanclos"

05 de Junho de 2016

Project: Potemkin
Episódio S04 D "Inquiry"
15 de Maio de 2016
Project: Potemkin
Episódio T04 B "The Hunt"
April 17, 2015.
Starship Tristan,
Episode T01 A, "Moving Day," (10:38)
Episode T01 B, "Relics and Regrets," (7:15)

April 10, 2015.
-- From Star Trek: Battlecruiser Kupok, Episode B01-A, "Sanctuary," (7:56)

-- From Starship Deimos
Season 1 episode A, "The Lucky One." Released with Portuguese subtitles 4/10/2016 (7:05)
Season 1 episode B, "Aftermath." : (6:09)

March 20, 2016: Hora Venture Talk Show (47:19)

August 20, 2014.  Newly released and subtitled, Prelude to Axanar, (21:09).  For additional information about both Prelude to Axanar and Star Trek Axanar, see .

Probably Portuguese, since it's from Brazil.
"A Vinganca Do Ferengi"  (Star Trek: Ferengi Revenge)
You Tube Poster:
Film at (3:50)
Probably home fan club: , the Star Trek Fan Club of Rio De Janeiro

Professional Parody: "Os Trapalhões" (Brazilian TV show from the 1970s or 1980s, Portuguese, no subtitles) (3:20)

Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, with Portuguese subtitles:

For more  Star Trek Fan Films IN PORTUGUESE...  see below!

Translated fan films:

Brazilian Phase II website:
Phase II offers World Enough and Time with Portuguese subtitles:  however, the embedded video is clearly only the opening.  There full offerings appear to be here:
Kitumba: with subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese, v=VJouMFIAN8Q (1:05:33) also (1:05:33)or download or move to your own cloud server here:!AEt1XJCB!GZ2yMEy1VD2GHUKQxKIJFyQ3BJBL9qjWnTrMKvX1XHI Torrent download

This is a fan film of Phase II fan films: 1701 Pennsylvania Avenue proposes a different reason for the 18 minute gap in President Nixon's office tapes.   To see this film with Portuguese subtitles go here:

Here are downloadable New Voyages/Phase II offering with Portuguese subtitles:
Pilot (Episode 0) Star Trek New Voyages: Come What May
Also Aconteca o que Acontecer: 1:  Star Trek New Voyages: In Harm's Way
Episode 2:  Star Trek New Voyages: To Serve All My Days
Short A :  Star Trek New Voyages: Center Seat (Test, wasn't working when I tried it)
Episode 3 : Star Trek New Voyages: World Enough and Time
Episode 4:  Star Trek Phase 2: Blood and Fire Part 1
Episode 5:  Star Trek Phase 2: Blood and Fire Part 2
Episode 6:  Star Trek Phase 2: Enemy Starfleet
Short Film B:  Star Trek New Voyages/Phase 2: No Win Scenario
Episode 7: Star Trek Phase 2: The Child
watch on You Tube:
Episode 8: Kitumba v=VJouMFIAN8Q (1:05:33) also (1:05:33) or download or move to your own cloud server here:!AEt1XJCB!
Short Film D: (9:14)
Episode 9: Mind Sifter (1:07:31)
Episode 10: The Holiest Thing

Farragut offers DVDs at conventions that have Portuguese for their animated adventures.   Their official DVDs for their animated adventures can also be downloaded at some of their mirror websites, including: and

A gentleperson signing himself "Ulisses"  has created a website in which you can access subtitles in Portuguese and many fan films here: .   He as also said that by going to you can find the subtitles he has created in Portuguese for many of the best fan films, including Phase 2, Farragut, Farragut Animated, Exeter, Aurora, Odyssey, Intrepid, Dark Armada, Digital Ghost, Euderion, Eagle, and Incident at Beta 9. He says these subtitles can be found at the above link.

Ulisses has provided more information in the comments, below.  I hope his kind work this helps Portuguese speaking Trekkers around the world enjoy these wonderful films.

Todas as legendas estão postadas em Para acessá-las é necessario criar um cadastro no site. É rápido e grátis.

Depois de criado o login é só procurar pela legenda que você deseja usando a barra de buscas.
Por exemplo: star trek intrepid. Depois de clicar em ok será aberta uma pagina com as legendas postadas para essa fã série.

Finally, Ulisses has made available the following webpages each of which leads to one set of Portuguese subtitles for one film.  Each subtitle will also be placed in the webpage of that film:

Specific pages Ulisses has provided with Portuguese subtitles:
From Star Trek: Dark Armada-
ChoicesOne- (15:47)
ChoicesTwo- (14:34)
Worst Nightmare (13:00)

Or you can choose Portuguese subtitles:  It's Dark... Get Over It.   (4:53)

Digital Ghost
Euderion   Red Shirt Blues.

Hidden Frontier
Season 1
1.1 Enemy Unknown
With Portuguese Subtitles: (14:44)
A Review:

Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: Hidden Frontier: ‘Enemy Unknown’

1.2 Two Hours
With Portuguese Subtitles: (18:03)

Starship Farragut 01 a 03
Starship Farragut - Power Sorce
Starship Farragut - The Needs of the Many
Starship Farragut - Just Passing Through (11:56)
Starship Farragut - A Rock and a Hard Place

The Price of Anything  (37:48) (39:37)

Conspiracy of Innocence (37:19)
From USS Venture:

Battlecruiser Kupok
Season 1
Episode 1:  "Battle of Alawanir,": (13:22)

Starship Valient        
Legacy: (19:47)

Intrepid-Heavy Lies the Crown-Orphans of War-Turning Point 
New Voyages/Phase II
Center Seat on You Tube
(Comedy affilated with Phase II): 1701 Pennsylvania Avenue On You Tube with Portuguese Subtitles
Metrensky Incident Gods And Men(torrent file)
Star Trek Phoenix's Cloak and Dagger, Part 1 (33:53) or here: and,  

Here is his work for Star Trek: Intrepid: (Star Trek Reviewed Webpage: and the Star Trek: Intrepid/Star Trek: Hidden Frontier Crossover Films:

Star Trek: Intrepid: (Was on megaupload.  I have to update this)
Starship Intrepid - Heavy Lies the Crown.avi (47:06)

Transitions an Lamentations (29:18)

Confessions by Firelight- (5:45)
Machinations- (7:21)
Where There's a Sea.avi  (11:009)
Turning Point.avi (6:51)
A Stone Unturned, here: (30:19) and here: (30:19)
Transposition (6:26).
Nemo Me Impune Lacessit (11:10)

Star Trek: Intrepid/Hidden Frontier Crossover Films:
Orphans of a War-Dvix.avi : (12:32)
One of Our Own (7:44)

The following are on You Tube with the Portuguese Subtitles already in place!
This is his You Tube channel:

Released October 8, 2011, "No Win Scenario" from Phase II has Portuguese subtitles the same day!
With Portuguese Subtitles on You Tube: (9:00)
and on Vimeo: (9:00)

Star Trek Aurora -- For the final full version with Portuguese subtitles, see (55:29)

He has also provided this version of the first four parts of  "Star Trek Aurora" with  Portuguese subtitles.  It has since been completed and upgraded, and he has also subtitled the final version.
Aurora part 1:
Aurora part 2:
Aurora part 3:
Aurora part 4:

Starship Exeter Savage Empire

The Tressaurian Intersection   Subtitles under "CC" (51:46)

Night Shift or (3:40) or (3:40)

THE MULTIVERSE CRISIS: (by George Kayaian)

Part II:  Incident at Beta 9
You Tube:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:

Vimeo: (55:44)

Download with Portuguese subtitles from  Rapidshare:

Part III: The Final Darkness
Vimeo (1:25:03)

You Tube (1:25:02)

George Kayaian's new project is Star Trek: Antyllus.   His 4-year-old daughter, Anya, has written her first fan film.
Part 1: (4:05)
Part 2: (5:15) 

The Further Adventures of Star Trek Unity "Maze of Munitions"
Episode 5 of Season 6, "Maze of Munitions"
with Portuguese Subtitles: (13:52) , (13:51), or!dckUWDpL!RjO-uF0Jl7DgbjWvOYY8KRJsMZoy7Tqv2NZc31PoRy8

Star Trek Euderion-Red Shirt Vignette

Star Trek Eagle:
Episode 1: Into the Mirror
Full Length, one part, You Tube: (12:27)
Part 1 legendado ptbr:
Part 2 legendado ptbr:
In one part, on Vimeo (12:26)

Episode 2:  The Bismark
On You Tube:
Part 1: (6:40)
Part 2: (3:41)
Part 3: (6:47)
In one part, on Vimeo (17:03)

Episode 3: Past Regrets (26:17)

Star Trek: The Romulan War.
Episode 1: "Unto the Breach"

Season 2 Episode 1:  Watch (25:30) or (25:30) or download here!cN1AwC4A!CoEvajnaPsm3BKiQMarxCjxxrwJq8XNhnKt3US2COjo (25:30) or download here:!VUcBjQzS!NtvYuyrkE2YzqBteBe-mgCj3SsBN2EjpUJ6c5zcz7y8

Season 2, Episode 2, "The Needs of the Many"  With Portuguese subtitles: (29:23) or (29:23)  OR,!FBNSSBIY!Zb0J7WH4ofp2I3md8XPB6B4ixm5vc-X5UKSRlczDJas

Project Potemkin
SO1-A (Film 1) The Old Guys/"Os Velhos Camaradas": (6:05) or (6:05)
S01-B (Film 2) Care for a Lift?/ " Cuidado com o Elevador?" : (4:55) or (4:55)
S01-1 (Film(3)  The Void/"O Vazio" :  (31:10) or (31:10)
S01-C(Film 4) Doctor's Orders/"Ordens Médicas" : (5:22) or (5:22)
S01- D(Film 5) Delivery/"Entrega" : (5:19) or  (5:19)
S01- E(Film 6) Miscommunication/"Falha de Comunicação" : (8:01) or (8:01)
S01-F (Film 7) The Engineer's New Clothes/"A Nova Roupa do Engenheiro" : (4:27) or (4:26)
S01-G (Film 8)  Archway"Arcada"/: (6:47)
S01-H (Film 9)  Devil in the Details/"O Diabo Está nos Detalhes" : (7:41)
S01-2 (Film 10)  The Night the Stars Fell From the Sky/"A Noite em que as Estrelas Caíram do Céu" : (54:46) or (54:46)
S02-A (Film 11)  Duty Bound/"Cadeia de Comando" : (8:32).
S02-B (Film 12)  Darkness/"Escuridão" : (5:33)
S02-C (Film 13)   Second Contact/"Segundo Contato" : (8:02) and
S02-D (Film 14)  Ashes/"Cinzas" : (4:55)
S02-E (Film 15)  Beach Towel/"Toalha de Praia" : (5:56)
S02-F (Film 16)  Shovel of Kahless: (7:55)
S02-G (Film 17) Command Decision (6:14)
S02-H (Film 18) Just Once (7:39) or here: . Please note:  I asked, and this is a complete episode, there is no plans to follow up the story.
S02-I (Film 19) Red Sky at Night: (8:04)
S02-J (Film 20)  Closing Time: (5:28)
S03-A (Film 21), Holding Pattern: (12:14)
S03-B (Film 22), Unspoken: (4:54)
S03-C (Film 23), The Chair: (6:14)
S03-D (Film 24), We Few...: (11:01) 
S03-E(Film 25), Third Watch: (7:06)
S03-F (Film 26), Frazer's Angels: (8:07)
S03-G (Film 27), Do No Harm: (12:44)
S03-H (Film 28), Battlecruiser Kupok Battle of Alawanir: (13:22)
S03-I (Film 29), Ladies Night Out: (8:17)
S03-1 (Film 30), The Last Child, (20:54)
S04-A (Film 31)  The Talinar Incident (8:11)
S04-D, (Film 34) Inquiry: (5:39). 

Star Trek Secret Voyage:
Episode 1: Whose Births This Triumps Are  
Vimeo: (39:30)
You Tube:  (39:29)

Star Trek Continues 
Episode 1, "Pilgrim of Eternity," (51.18) or
Episode 2, "Lolani". (50:46) or
Episode 3, "Fairest of Them All" (40:37) or
Episode 4, "The White Iris"  (47:55) or Vimeo:
Episode 5, "Divided We Stand," (42:45) or Vimeo:
Episode 6, "Come Not Between The Dragons," or
Episode 7, "Embracing The Winds," or
Episode 8, "Still Treads The Shadow," or

Star Trek Deception short film: (8:30)

Star Trek Phoenix Part I (the film was never completed and has no plans for completion): (33:53)

Prelude to Axanar, Star Trek Axanar:
Trailer 1: (2:53)

English and Portuguese Subtitles Added to German Film, Starship USS K'Ehleyr, Away Team, (19:56).

Star Trek Fan Films IN PORTUGUESE...
The following filmmakers at Go!Animate appear to be producing cartoons in Portuguese:
 including :

This may also be Go!Animate in Portuguese: (1:29)

USS Andor 

I do not read Portuguese, but this page is for people who do.  Until I can sort this out better, therefore, I am cutting and pasting an e-mail here.  I hope it is appropriate, and apologize if it is not.  This project now has it's own Fan Film page,

Facebook Page:
Part 1: (38:00)

Exibição do FanFilm USS Andor Parta 1
Mon, 17 Oct 2011 16:08:35 -0300
Caros amigos e tripulantes do Grupo USS Venture.

No próximo dia 23 de outubro (domingo) às 14:30 horas (Brasília) será apresentando o nosso Fanfilm - "USS Andor - Phoenix - Parte 1" dentro da 34ª. Confederação da FFESP em São Paulo.

Exibição ao Público do primeiro fan filme brasileiro dedicado ao Universo Star Trek, produzido pelo Grupo USS Venture, com apoio de toda a tripulação e demais amantes do Universo Star Trek.

Endereço:  Rua Tamandaré, 348 - Liberdade - São Paulo – SP

Segue o Trailer Oficial do Fan Film.

Mais detalhes sobre o FanFilm produzido pelo Grupo Uss Venture podem ser visualizados no nosso Fórum, acessando o link abaixo:

Maiores informações sobre o evento completo acessem:

Um abraço

Almirante MDaniel Landman
USS Venture NCC 71854 -

This is their You Tube Home:
This directly from the Filmmaker by e-mail:

Primeira parte do fanfilme brasileiro baseado no Universo de Jornada nas Estrelas (Star Trek) criado por Gene Roddenberry.
Produzido pelo Grupo USS Venture NCC 71854 (  com apoio de toda a tripulação e demais amigos. Este fanclube brasileiro produziu o filme sem fins lucrativos, para exibição gratuita, apenas com o objetivo de divulgar Star Trek entre os fans de Lingua Portuguesa.
Segue o endereço do YouTube
Maiores informações sobre o Fanfilme acessem:
ELENCO (Parte 1 & Parte 2)
Comandante Shran Zeid_____________ (Capitão* USS Andor)
Tenente AnnaJaneway Quintessa ______(Engenheira chefe USS Andor)
Alferes EdwarKirk Franizzi____________ (Oficial tático USS Andor)
Tenente Jr. Sanival Writer____________ (Oficial de Ciências USS Andor)
Ronaldo Wimmer_________________ (Como: Cadete Ron Gorny - Oficial de navegação USS Andor)
Capitão Elemer Piek_________________ (Capitão* USS Adventure)
Alferes Ekotay Hannu_______________ (Como: Embaixador Derek)
Cadete Kharan Resident _____________(Oficial de navegação USS Adventure)
Alferes OverLord Obscure____________ (Oficial tático USS Adventure)
Tenente Milton Zapateiro____________ (Oficial de ciências USS Adventure)
Tenente Comandante Neeo Andel-_____ (Oficial de engenharia Deep Space 6)
Tenente Comandante B7web Xue______ (Capitão* USS Nautilus)
Almirante MDaniel Landman__________ (Almirante Deep Space 6)
Alferes Tvashtar Uriza_______________ (Oficial de Comunicações Deep Space 6)
Participação especial:
Roger "Suran" Romulano____________ (Como: Gul Medved)
Angela Oliveira____________________ (Voz do computador)
Marcio Mello______________________ (Narração do Trailer)
Alferes Wesyan Karu
Janaina Ying
Tenete SirRichardJones Hamanski
Tenente Jr. Vadrak Vemo
Wesyago Alex
Alferes MarceloRodrigues Solstar
Martuis Karu
Bonequinha Clip, SharonSmith Price, Bonequinha Flores
katrinewriter, thotsopek, Cris Riker, Romark Xue e CristinaPC Xue
Grupo USS Venture
Shran Zeid
Douglas Figueiredo & João Misael
Douglas Figueiredo & João Misael
Elemer Piek
Overlord Obscure
EdwardKirk Franizzi
Shran Zeid
Roger "Suran" Romulano
AnnaJaneway Quintessa
AnnaJaneway Quintessa
Sanival Writers
Star Trek Voyager - Jerry Goldshimith
Star Trek V- The Mountain - Jerry Goldshimith
Star Trek VI -- Sign Off -- Clif Eidelman
Star Trek VII -- Out of Control -- Dennis Mcarthy
Star Trek IX -- The Drones Attack - Jerry Goldshimith
Star Trek IX -- The Healing Process -- Jerry Goldshimith
Star Trek DS9 -- One Last Visit -- Dennis Mcarthy
Star Trek X -- The Scorpion
Star Trek Motion Picture -- A Good Start -- Jerry Goldshimith
Star Trek XI -- Count Down
Resident Evil -- Fearful Its Not Word For This
Prince of Persia -- Warrior Whiting
Imagens no Scond Life / Trilha Sonora e Efeitos especiais por
Douglas Figueiredo
Captura de imagens no SL: SM Recorder
Programa de Edição: Sony Vegas 10
Captura de Áudio: Wave Pad
Edição geral: Douglas Figueiredo
Star Trek® e todas as séries derivadas, assim como os personagens, são marcas registradas da Paramount Pictures, uma divisão da Viacom, com todos os direitos reservados.
Este Fanfilme, bem como todo material produzido de divulgação, estão livremente disponíveis ao público, e tem por finalidade apenas divulgar a série e compartilhar todo o conhecimento com as gerações futuras, sem fins lucrativos. Material feito por fans para fans.

Other Odds and Ends:
These links seem like they would be interesting to Trek fans who speak Portuguese:

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