Friday, June 26, 2009

(225) Finnish Language Star Trek Fan Films

Starting July 20, 2012, Star Wreak 2pi will be being shown around Science Fiction conventions.  It is a fan film of the Finnish fan film, Star Wreak.  It was released on the internet January 30, 2013.

Prelude to Axanar on You Tube: (21:09)  Includes subtitles

Finnish subtitles are available for Star Wreak 2 pi.   See for details.

Perhaps not surprisingly (given Finland's location) this is Star Trek with Earth's space program growing out of the Russian program, not the American program. They are also producing another comedy series, "Iron Sky." The You Tube Home is here:
Also available here:

Star Wreck I (4:01)

Star Wreck 4½ - Weak Performance  (18:25)

Both locations also offer their non-Trek comedy, "Iron Sky"

This from the Star Wreck crew when I asked about other Finnish fan films. 
there aren't many Finnish trek fan films. Couple of parodies on tv shows (so they don't really count as fan films - but they're pretty excellent) and then there two fan films of Star Wreck(!) called Star Wreck: Asskicker. You can download them from    and there's some info at 

I found this.  It's in Finnish, but it does not seem to be from the same group, just somebody else using their name... but it seems to be in Finnish.

Possible Episode 6: You Tube Channel:
Part 1:

Star Wreck 6 Inside Out Part 1 Keppoja Olemme Kaikki (2:24)
Part 2:

Star Wreck 6 Inside Out Part 2 Ihmemiehiä (2:58)
Part 3:

Star Wreck 6 Inside Out Part 3 Huonoa Huumoria (2:14)

Part 4

Star Wreck 6 Inside Out Part 4 Syksyn Huippumuotia (3:11)

Part 5:

Star Wreck 6 Inside Out Part 5 Selkeä kokonaisuus (3:07)

Part 6, 1 of 2:

Star Wreck 6 Inside Out 6 1 We Don't Need No Education 1of2  (5:14)

Part 6, 2 of 2: (Blocked from viewing in the USA.  Contains Copyrighted material from EMI).

Star Wreck 6 Inside Out 6 1 We Don't Need No Education 2of2

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