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(23) Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek.

23 Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek.
His home base is Ridgecrest, California, USA

This website offers a completed animated fan film based on The Animated Series, and most of a second, hence it is Golden Age. .  In addition, it offers a short, and several Public Service Announcement (Star Trek, TAS was the ONLY Saturday Morning TV show on Network TV which was exempted from REAL Public Service Announcements thanks to it's wholesome content).

All Fan-made episodes can be watched online from this page:

Completed full length film:

And Let the Heavens Fall
Reposted 4/26/2016 in three Parts:
Part 1: (7:20)
Part 2: (10:56)
Part 3: (10:31)

As of March 20, 2014, this film had been removed from You Tube by a complaint from CBS for copyright violations.

Curt Danhauser's download page also offers a 'short' entitled, "The Element of Surprise" (7:21)

Star Trek Public Service Announcements
In May 2009 Curt started creating short vignettes similar to NBC's Public Service Announcements in the style of Filmation's 1973-75 Animated STAR TREK series. After completing PSA's for the canon released episodes, he has created PSA's for the two fan-made episodes that he has created himself.

This series is now on our new database here...

Klingon PSA: Warrior's Lessons

In the same vein as his Star Trek Public Service Announcements, Curt Danhauser has also made short vignettes based on NBC's Public Service Announcements.

This series is now on our new database here...

STAR TREK Logical Thinking
In October of 2013 Curt started putting out “Star Trek Logical Thinking” in the style of a Public Service Announcement on Filmation's 1973-75 Animated STAR TREK series on NBC, where the logical Mr Spock corrects crew members he overhears employing a logical fallacy in their discussions.

As he says, “using the Vulcan science officer to educate them in proper reasoning is ‘Only Logical’.

This series is now on our new database here...

A new fan animated episode, Ptolemy Wept, a cartoon in nine parts, but more than five parts.  They can be found at the web page, supra, or on YouTube:
Part 1: (7:59)
Part 2: (5:40)
Part 3: (5:06)
Part 4: (9:19)
Part 5: (3:58)
Part 6: (10:54)
Part 7: (7:22) (Dec. 21, 2015)
Part 8: (5:53) (Feb. 16, 2016)
Part 9: (9:48) (May 10, 2016)

TOS professional audio dramas illustrated with professional comic books set to view and listen to on You Tube,
(1)  Crier In The Emptiness
(2)  The Time Stealer
(3)  Passage to Maouv
(4)  A Mirror For Futility

New ReleaseThe Quintain from Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek. On his website, Curt has pointed out that, "This year, 2020, is the 100th Anniversary of the birth of James Doohan, the talented actor behind the role of STAR TREK's Chief Engineer Montgomery "Scotty" Scott on televison and in the movies." To commemorate this he has created a brand new animated episode which features Scotty in the lead role. On the way to pick up Captain Kirk and Science Officer Spock from a peace conference, U.S.S. Enterprise chief engineer Montgomery Scott in temporary command of the ship faces mounting difficulty on his way to the rendezvous - in the form of a menacing alien ship. or from his website at (23:16) 10 Jly 2020. For more about Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek see

This is his You Tube Channel:

Facebook Pages:

Star Trek Reviewed web page about The Animated Series:

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