Friday, June 26, 2009

(236) Banners for Star Trek Reviewed


If you are willing to give a link to Star Trek Reviewed from your blog, homepage, or website, and would like a banner, these are my suggestions.  leave a comment on this blog (It will never post) and I'll get an e-mail with your request.  Include YOUR email address so I can send you the banner.  Or, if you have the ability to just copy the image for your website, do that.  I have NO IDEA how to use a banner for a link, this is strictly for those of you who are much better at web design than I am.

Banner choices:

still unsure between these two:

Sam Wich (ST: New Homrlands) suggested that I drop the tag line, (Star Trek Reviewed ...Treats Fan Films Seriously). ... so some banners have it and others don't.

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