Friday, June 26, 2009

(235) How to Contact Star Trek Reviewed.

235  To Contact Star Trek Reviewed:

There are three ways to contact us:

1) Leave a comment.  Comments don't post until read and approved.  They go directly into   No one will not post your comment if you say, "Please do not post this."

2) Chat with us!  Comment on the Star Trek Reviewed page on Facebook:

3) E-mail us at

We are currently seeking people who are willing to do work to keep Star Trek Reviewed operating and current.  And yes, there is a potential, if there is enough staff, to also introduce improvements!

If you know of any Star Trek Fan Film which I have not included, or you find a dead link here, please contact me in one of these ways.  I make no claim that this website is 'exhaustive' or 'complete' even though it is far more so than other websites which do make that type of claim.

Many of the improvements to this website have grown out of the useful criticism others have been kind enough to offer.  I hope you enjoy Star Trek Reviewed, and please feel free to leave your own reviews as comments.  There's no reason that my views are any more valid than yours.  I will not allow posts that use foul language, or are otherwise inappropriate to this website, including but not limited to personal attacks,  pointless insults, or comments which are not child-friendly.  If you find a film here that would not be shown on over-the-air American TV because of sexual content or violence, please let me know, so that I can move it to Star Trek Restricted, the parallel website for that type of content.

Finally, I have received a lot of 'Thank yous' for putting together a website that many felt was just 'needed.' But being needed is not the same as being found. Adding a link to Star Trek Reviewed from any websites you run can help other people enjoy fan films without the hunt. A raw link is fine. If your website uses banners, there are a set of them to chose from. Link to Banners


  1. I love this website! Your research is excellent and your commentary is intelligent and fair! There is a Star Trek fan film on YouTube called Star Trek: Incident at Beta 9 that may interest you. It takes place during TOS and answers the mystery of what happened to the Klingon Race. It was made a few years before Enterprise provided their explanation. The film has been well received by fans for it's comprehensive answer to what happened to the Klingons and their changed appearance as well as a return to characters over special effects. Low budget but worth a look!

  2. Thank you for this! I wish I knew who you were, but your anonymous self is thanked, anyway! Star Trek: Incident at Beta 9 now has Blog 34, a link at the side of the website, and it's addition to this website has been noted in Headline News, where it will remain for a month.

  3. Dear Barb,
    Briliant site. Please have a look at You Tube Deep Space Nine Dominion Wars, it has 70 (yes that is seven zero) ten minute cut and splice movies, some are very good a few are just average (a bit too short maybe!!).

    Thanks again for all your work, I keep comming back to the site each week to find out what is new.

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you for contacting me. It would have been more helpful if you had given me the URL, as a search under that designation gives me hundreds of responses. I do already have some links to recuts of DS9, including a 70 part series on The Dominion War by which is referenced at . Whether recuts are fan films or not is a matter of debate. However, I invite you to create a Star Trek Reviewed - Recuts and Mashups website, and I would be happy to include links to it from here. However, I am not willing to do more than provide a collection of links to recuts, given the enormous amount of time I put into original footage, both live action and animation, and the frequency of 'cease and desist' orders issued by Paramount and CBS on these copyright-infringing redits. I have to draw lines, and I do include a general links to recuts page, which includes a link to a 70 part Dominion War recut. If this is not the recut you are referring to, please give me the URL, and I will add that one, too!

  5. Hi
    Could you send me the link to Star Trek: Defiant?

  6. You have given me no way to contact you privately. I have tried to do so anyway. I can't give you the link unless I do so after you promise to keep it private and give me a way to send it to you privately. If you include an email address in a response I won't publish it, but I will contact you.