Friday, June 26, 2009

(238) Real Science, Space Law and Ethics!


For those of us who like the Science Fiction nature of Trek, the projection of real science, I thought I'd put some real science lectures and articles that I've found on line, as well as articles about Space law and ethical problems in space. These all effect areas of science that probably would have been of interest to pre-J.J. Abrams Trek. Also, below, are links to articles about the development of materials and other technologies that didn't exist when Trek talked about them, but are being invented or have been. No, I'm not going to link to every cell phone ad on the web...

Ethical Problems in NASA space flight.

Quantum computing: (Computing Takes a Quantum Leap Forward
Working with a team of engineers, Steven Girvin, Yale's deputy provost for science and technology, has helped build the world’s first rudimentary, solid-state quantum processor – a major step forward in the ultimate dream of one day building a quantum computer.)

Time computer (beyond Quantum computing)

Transparent Aluminium

Replicator Technology

Holograms you can touch: (1:50)

A new type of Suprnova

The behavior of the black hole at the center of the Milky Way (Sagittarius A*) (3:46)

Medical Tricorder: and

Anti-Matter Storage, which would be needed for the matter-antimatter interaction in the engines which power starships in Star Trek

A beam of anti-matter at CERN

The relative size of our earth, our sun, and much larger stars (3:02)

Thirteen solar planets (including the dwarf planets) (8:48)

Actual scale map of the Solar System (including the space), Moon = 1 pixel

Fusion Engine using "Dilithium Crystals"

Tractor Beams   also:
March 2014:

Shields (against solar and cosmic radiation, not Klingon torpedoes)

Tour of the real international space station (2013) OK, it's not DS9... (25:05)

Faster-than-light travel: (7:43)

A Brief History of Voyager, the first human-made object to enter interstellar space: (14:52)

3D (Star Field) animation of the ultra deep space image from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Enterprise in Space.  Enterprise in Space is a Non-Profit Organization formed to construct and launch an eight-foot Enterprise satellite into orbit as a science and space education project for all ages, and as a tribute to the vision of Gene Roddenberry.  You can learn more by following this link to their Facebook page.

Videos about The Sun
Canyon of Fire on the Sun:  (2:15)

3D tour of the Martian surface.

The Curious History of Polywater, a substance believed to exist in the 1960s and the subject of a TOS episode and later an early TNG episode.  :


Logic v. Reason and Emotion:  The Cognitive Science of Star Trek (from Scientific American)

Recreating the liquid fuel technology of the Saturn 5 Rocket that put man on the moon... and updating it using modern technology which can greatly simplify manufacturing.

Plastic that regenerates itself. (4:33)

Real warp drive,

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