Friday, June 26, 2009

(242) Plans

My formal plans follow the following essay, in which I am considering reorganizing this website:

I need to get back to my "Things that have been found but not sorted" portfolio.

I have to make a copy of the "Star Trek Restricted" website so that its contents are not lost if it is removed.

My first priority continues to be to locate and link to Fan Film and Video Trek.  Most new listings are now new (or new-ish) releases.

I have been recruiting help from both users and people who have posted reviews to add their content because there is just so much I can do, and I am already past my limit.  I have been fortunate that eMBee, an Austrian living in China has been a godsend.  In addition, A Quebecer has been looking over French language finds and telling me what I am looking at.  Potemkin has gotten a Russian subtitler which has enabled the creation of a Russian language page.

UPDATE 1/9/2018

I got news in March, 2016, that I had incurable cancer. 

I have recruited a team of people to take over.  They all have access to edit this website, but two of them are web developers and are creating a new, substantially better website.  This website was designed for a universe of 150 to 200 Star Trek Fan Films.  There are actually over 2000.

The complex of websites here will be one integrated, easier to use website.

Join us.  Help with the transfer, help keep this resource available to the Star Trek Fan Film and Fan Audio Community.  Contact us to volunteer at

We need techies, we need people just willing to copy stuff, we new reviewers.  Please join!

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