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(243) Assortment to sort out!

Sometimes, I find six things and just can't look at all of them... or any of them.  I cut and past their links here.  Sometimes I look, and I'm not sure what to do.  I cut and paste those links here, too.  Sometimes, after a number of these I don't know what to do with all seem to fit a pattern, I create a group webpage for them.  I have left things I found here for months, even years.  Then, figured out what to do with them.  But, what is below could be irrelevant...or the best Star Trek Fan Film ever created.  The truth is, I don't know.  If I did, it would already be placed somewhere else or deleted!

Video Listings and Hosting Websites:

Video Sharing websites:

Blip TV .  Put in "Star Trek FAn Film" and went through first 41 pages.

Places to look: Dailymotion (mostly European)


Video hosting website:
(I am partway through the listings)

Video Hosting website:

Star Trek Parodies Galore at Stupid Videos!

Star Trek video website, not very promising:

Another video website: (mostly exerpts of other shows)

Another video upload website:

Possible Reviews or Leads websites:

Trekmovie's best of 2009

A Listing of Star Trek Fan Films posted in 2013.

This video includes a list of fan films from You Tube gathered in 2013 by somebody else:

General Si Fi News:

Fan reviews TOS:

This appears to be a listing mostly of parodies and games:

Reviews at The Logbook appear to have been reposted, with new ones added as well. see also ,

Lower Decks reviews Pro Star Trek

The Star Trek Channel on You Tube likes a lot of 'Star Trek' themed videos:


Star Trek Adventureland with introduction by Roddenbury

Probably just music videos:

Let's Do It Star Trek: (2:25)(Music)

This guy calls his video a 'comedy' but the description sounds like a music video:

31 Rare Federation Ships  Has a short video of somebody's idea of a 26th Century Enterprise J. (Which is a drawing for the most part that the camera seems to pan over).

TNG The Animated Series (may be disturbing) (2:46)

Star Trek to the Res Q Outtakes (seems to be about Q): (6:04)

Has a number of renders, but no films
Short stop motion

Star Trek the Slow Motion Picture done in 60 seconds:  (1:01)   Filmmaker:

From the creator of Red Star Trek, these films deal with dolls as "Mud's Women."  I haven't watched them yet.
You Tube home:
Star Trek Dolls (TOS): (3:13)
Mudd's Women Repainted Dolls (1:04)
Star Trek Ladies Two: (9:30)
Star Trek Humor: a series of joke posters by fans: (3:04)

Appears to be French Fan film
Star Trek Le Retour des Moltens Fan Film (3:24)

Star Trek (7:50) Part of Academy Game

Same name, different films.
Star Trek The Lost Episode (1:06)
Star Trek The Lost Episode (9:16)
Star Trek The Lost Episode (9:19)
One of the above. like this, seems to permit Trekkies to insert themselves into an existing film.  This one has a different name, but it's the same thing: You Tube Channel:
Hearn Diaries: Star Trek: Wrath of the Hearns Part 2:

Star Trek The Lost Enterprise:  Phase II Part 2  (4:39)  This is a documentary about the proposed and abandon Phase II series which later was adopted by James Cawley & Co.

Star Trek!:  (2:03)

Star Trek Spoof : Space Trek. (3:00)  You Tube Home:
From this:  May be a professional Spoof.  I have written to them asking if this is Part 1 of a series or a demo.  It was posted in 2007, so if a series, it's abandon, and if a demo ... well, then I'm not sure what to do with it.

May be a commercial. (2:07) Star Tech the NeXT Generation.

Has a series called "Star Trek: The Weakest Link"  Seems to be based on the game show.  Has a number of other "The Weakest Link" videos.

Star Trek Winnipeg  Labeled Part 1.

Star Trek Voyager String Theory

Jackpot!  Mechinima Page full of Star Trek Fan Films! (you have to put "Star Trek" into the search to get the list... which appears to go on for many pages.)
Not so... it lists a lot of films that have the word "Star" or "Trek".  And this is a website that offers modules for 3D animation.

Star Fleet Dental (Doesn't look like Trek)

Star Trek Enterprise Xindi (7:12).  Not sure if this is a recut or Mechinima.... or a mix.  Mostly ships.  Creator self-identifies as a music video.

Similar Names:
Star Wreak.  Episode.  The Laboratory. (3:11)
You Tube Channel:

Star Wreak.  Episode 1.  "The Beginning" (2:47) A year ago with no follow-up.  Looks like political commentary.  Have to watch it, then write to the filmmaker.
You Tube Channel:

Space Wreak. (5:09)
You Tube Channel:

Looks like a Trekkie event in the UK:
Star Trek Weekend, Film 4: (1:01)

More animations... I think.  Called, "Attack of the Terran Empire" so it sounds like the mirror universe.  Mentions ST Online.  Part 1 is ten minutes + long.  Could be a major fan film.

This may or may not be Trek.  There's a lot about Aryan stuff on his website, too.
Terran Empire Part 1:  (7:12)
Terran Empire Part 2:  (5:08)
Poster is from Brazil and seems to make comments in Portuguese.  The film has a voiceover in English, and uses a combination of real footage from WWII and ST: Enterprise with Terran Empire symbols put on the ships and uniforms.  It's a history of the mirror universe.  It's sort of a remix, but it includes historical footage, so not really.  It also ends with footage from Mirror, Mirror.
(Pop these up again.  They link to other fan films about the mirror universe!)

Terran Empire (another poster): posted by:   of Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Terran Empire (Yet another:) posted by of Ky, USA

If Atlantis was an imperial fleet of the Terran Empire... only video posted by
Star Trek Atlantis... Mirror Universe (1:07)

This appears to be the part of the original motion picture from the 1970s, "Star Trek." posted by

This looks like a one shot short. (1:13)

Fight Scene from Amok Time, and other stop action doll type animation
 This appears to be a series of Lego Movies.  The animator is definately working on a stop-action Star Trek Film.  Response to PM says no, they are shorts for shorts sake!


These appear to be 'PC Longplays' of Star Trek Games.
PC Longplay [164] Star Trek: Bridge Commander:  (7:28:32)
PC Longplay [144] Star Trek: Borg: (1:39:44)
PC Longplay [165] Star Trek Voyager Elite Force: (4:36:03)
PC Longplay [166] Star Trek Elite Force II: (6:42:28)

This person seems to be making short recuts. (0:57)

Star Trek: The Promised End: (36:00)  Appears to be a recut.

Stories by Ed.  Includes a downloadable borg story by him, and his own listing of Star Trek Fan Films
His films:
His list:

The Romulan Invasion (42:50)

Star Trek: Starfire II :  Status Q.  German Child/Teen Trek (54:23)

Lee Andrews videos on Vimeo:
(Seems to be 'Star Trek: Andromeda') produced this 6 minute film, looks like a recut: (6:00)
Also produced: (2:14) in Dec. 2008.

Timeline type names:
1)  Claims he's starting a series
Trailer: Star Trek Timelines: (1:44)
Looks like Mechinima.
2)  Star Trek Timeline
Part 1: (6:48) ("Before the 20th Century")?(haven't watched it)
Part 2:  (6:35) (2000-2050)
Part 3:  (8:40) (2050-2099)
Ends here.
3) has a film entitled, "Star Trek Timeline"

Uhura Section:

I may have found this film about Uhura before:
Star Trek Pursuit: (1:40) /Teaser Trailer 6 months ago.  No visible follow-up.  Here is the You Tube Channel:

Animation about Uhura: Xtranormal State, name Uhura Emancipated.

Star Trek: Pursuit Teaser Trailer (1:40)  Planned short film about Uhura on a solo mission.  Posted  May, 2011.  You Tube Channel:

Star Trek: Uhura Emancipated (Xtranormal Flash Animation) (1:57)

Star Trek Devastation.  You Tube Home: (animation, Canadian).  Offered a trailer (1:44) long, two years ago.

Shorts to honor JJA's upcoming movie by

Abandon Fan Film "Away Team" (5:55)

First Silent Star Trek Movie (1973) "Shut up, Spock" (2:29).  This filmmaker, has also produced other shorts.

Star Trek Dark Reign Teaser: (0:56)
Kworks Premire:  (3:33)
Star Trek USS Pacific: (3:53)
Star Trek End of Hope (5:03) (looks like a recut)
Star Trek: Swing Shift has a trailer and has trailers and an 18 minute (roughly) film.
Star Trek: The Wrath of  Sulu (live action) (7:04) (looks like a recut)


This fellow creates athems for various Star Trek worlds.
Another person's UFP anthem: (2:18)
There are a lot of these.

Star Trek Yorktown A Constitution Class Tribute (Animation) (2:26)
The poster of this has 8 short Trek subjects.

Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier (looks like a history channel documentary)
Part 1 of 9: (9:44)
Also here: (1:29:42)
posted by: identified as a 2007 History Channel Documentary.

Star Trek the Unknown Frontier Trailer  (1:41)

Star Trek TNG Cartoon Parody: (4:46)

You Tube Home for "Clash of The Captains"

Star Trek Origins... different producer, all work 4 years old: (0:44).  Appears abandon.

Star Trek Forgotten Voyages (2:52)

Star Trek Voyager: The New Adventures No. 1 (1:24)  Male Captain Janeway.  Really, you couldn't get ONE girl?  Home Channel:

USS Ascedant (Italian short film) (4:30)

USS Britannia (German)  Home you tube page: Film: (2:50)

Star Trek: Excelsior (2:43)

Not the Welcome Home Janeway was expecting (2:14)

Discusses Trek in "Halo" (a game?)

Trekfest 3002.  Alien cloud Trekkie hosts Trek cast.  Futurama.(video was at hulu and has expired).  Also futurama removed "Directing Actors"

Probably belongs in Star Trek Restricted, shows mego figures of picard and data rolling joints.
Picard and the joint (1:33)
Picard and the joint 3 (2:56)

Orion Slave Girls (leads to more like this) (5:52)

These are a group
You Tube Channel has nearly 300 uploads.
Supposedly the same, not abridged: (17:09) title is "Star Trek The Return Review."  This is a review of Star Trek Generations, or so it appears. French You Tube channel.  Some Trek ships, at least.

USS Kelvin videos:
Star Trek: Kelvin Rough Cut 1 by Finalfrontier1701 : (2:31) proposed fan series (posted 2009) based on JJA Trek.
Made from Star Trek: Bridge Commander video game.  The poster's videos are mostly about building scale models.

Star Trek - Kelvin - Intro   (1:02)
USS Kelvin gets Owned    (1:46)
The Kelvin's Countdown   (3:16)
USS Enterprise e Kelvin   (4:51)

The New Adventures of Star Trek Voyager  (1:50)  Set after the Voyager Novel, unworthy.  Seems to be about a Pro TV show.  Poster also has, The New Adventures of Deep Space 9.

Raumschiff Intro:   (1:43)

The Romulan Earth War Movie (looks like a recut of Enterprise):  (10:20) posted by: . Posted more than one video on the theme "Star Trek Evolution."  Also looks like recuts.

Looks like CGI work, but I haven't played ANY of the videos, it's just that the pictures have no people in them, and it's all spaceships.  poster:
He is mostly just CGI, but has done some recuts into his CGI to produce a story.

Star Trek: Intrepid is a group trying to create some type of fan fiction or comic or film, but has been around several years without clean intent. . They appear to be on the cusp of being removed from facebook.  left a question on that page on Jan 9, 2012.

Puffycheeks288 produced the already placed Star Trek 11 but has other shorts and recuts I have not processed. .

I've no idea what this is, but he has 5 of 6 parts up:

Possibly just a run from a game: (10:21)

This had a bad address:  GoAnimate's Valentine's Day Trek Card:  The Only Love Money Can Buy (Tribbles): Can be found at this address:

labeled as a battle scene in the same nebula as TWOK: (7:18)

Star Trek 3D Video (7:21)

This thread at Trek United links to a lot of short Mechinima films: (this is just one example)

Xtranormal Jesus meets Spock (3:16)

Go!Animate Mr. Spock and Obama (1:46)

Beam in sequence (0:11)

The Romulan Incident (2:35)
TNG The Romulan Incident
Part 1 (3:58)
Part 2 (3:03)

Deja Vu Deception : The Ultimate Star Trek Fan Film! (3:13)

Trek United. com 2005 Star Trek Fan Film Campaign Video #4 (3:21)

Origin of the Borg  (2:56)

Borg documentary
Part 1 of 2   (13:39)
Part 2 of 2 (6:22)

Film about mirror universes from the DVD boxed set: (13:51)

German Poster (possible the same as blog 127)

star trek - TNG - The Animated Series - Cinnamon Challenge (2:21)

TreknologiCraft 001 - Minecraft Mechinima - Temporal Woes (12:29)

Star Trek - New Episode "Masse Montage." (6:27) One o several at Dr-dB's channel.

These both appear to be tests:
Star Trek Legacy Armored Voyager Battle :
Star Trek CGI Tests Kirk: (0:16)

Hidden Frontier and Intrepid soundtracks:
Some of this fellow's shorts are under misc. short films.  Perhaps he should have his own page?  Anyway, here's a new one:
New Command: Launch of the Valkyie (7:43)

Looks like a trailer for a crossover, posted in June. 2011, nothing since: Star Trek: Silver Millenium  :  (1:47)

Star Trek Fan Pilot Concept.
Upload by Theknightsglove

The following:
Deja Vu Deception  (3:12) The Ultimate Star Trek Fan Film
Star Trek Online Mechinima, Swords of Bajor, The 2800 Second Wave   (11:34)
Star Trek online fan films, Mechinima by :

I'm not sure what this is: Star Trek Mega Suite 1 : Space, the Final Frontier (13:33).  First of 4 so far, seems to be a compilation of music. .

This appears to be a play-through of a Game from Star Trek Online (42:16).

Star Trek: The Valiant mechinima  from ST Online (0:53). byt

Mechinima from Star Trek Online, Star Trek: Archimedes (1:43).

Star Trek: The Beginning teaser trailer (1:32).  Just a trailer for JJA Trek.  No series intended.  By: 

Starbase Roddenbury (trailer for fan club in Germany) (2:52).

Mechinima from Star Trek Online (1:34).

Probably a Trekkie listing.  The cast of the USS Angeles goes to a park.
Starfleet Academy Away Mission (7:52).
Re-edit of Starfleet Academy Away Mission (8:05)

Search You Tube for "Cat Trek"

This is called, "Star Trek Angry Review" but looks like a one-man fan film. (31:12)

Possibly just music videos, but some Trek: produced

New from You Tube (as of August 2013):
Star Trek  USS Lagrange the Movie (silver age, fan club) (5: 52)  Posted by:

Star Trek: Outer Regions (2:58)   Also (2:43)  Posted by

Star Trek Explorer (German?) (24:29)

Blood Trek Trailer: (4:09)

odds and ends (4:31) (1:32)
Next Enterprise (1:27)
ST:TNG:The Odyssey (3:21)

Daystrom's Doomsday (TOS era) (6:00) appears to be a recut.

Dajvo Deception (3:13)

List of fan films (including unknown shorts) from 2009

Star Trek Larry. Either Mechinima or a game play.  This is part of one episode. (23:57)

Star Fleet Dental from Two Scoops of Creatine (Sounds like a comedy or parody, but some comments make this out to be part of a gameplay which got rough).
Changling Extermination: (2:38)
Ticker Tape Parade on Bajor: (2:52)
Disco Fever: (3:55)

Star Trek: One Day Trailer (3:19)  The description seems to say the film was made, but if it were completed or on the web is not clear.

Check old lego links (some are bad) and add some from doing a you tube search for lego star trek

Probably CGI only, but I have to check:
Star Trek 3 display (Federation and Klingon ship) (4:35)
1:36 Cadet Series Enterprise C (19:22)

Star Wars v. Star Trek: A Combat Tech Comparison.  I'm not sure this is a crossover fan film, a recut or just a discussion. (5:13)


This looks like a very high quality albeit short series, "Star Trek: Klingon".  Here's the You Tube channel:

Klingon Academy (1:59:22) by .  Looks like the run-through of a game.

(The poster describes this as an interactive CD-ROM experience out of print since 1997, but now available on You Tube.)
Klingon Party:
Star Trek Klingon Part 1:  (1:34) (Ain't no party like a House of Seplch Party!)
Star Trek Klingon in 7 minutes. (6:58)

Klingon references, but may just be music videos:

 Assorted Klingon stuff:
Khitomer Battle: (1954) (6:40) (Same idea as Silent Movie Trek, but made like a low-budget 1950s sci fi movie)
Star Trek Klingon Spinoff (3:47)
Klingon Academy Recruiting: (2:49)
Star Trek: The Klingon Weapon (5:56)
The Klingons are Making a Movie:  (5:20)

Short film, looks like a remake of the Klingon attack on V'Ger according to Saladin:  (4:15).  CGI ships and music only.

You Tube listings for the search, "Klingon Style"


Thesr are two of what may be several short films.  However, I scanned them all on 1/10/2014, and this was all I saw.
Star Trek trailer: Derp Edition: (2:06)
Star Trek Into Taxes: (1:43)

TNG Animations
Posted by:
Star Trek TNG Animated Part 1 - Cinnamon Challenge (2:20)
Star Trek TNG Animated part 2 : space core (3:49)
Star trek Tng Harlem Shake (1:39)
The Maxarion Channel Trailer (2:08)

Dolls (Mego)
Star Trek Harlem Shake (0:31)

Possibly recuts
Harlem Shake v. 2409 (Star Trek Online) (0:29)
Harlem Shake: Stark Trek TNG (0:29)

Star Trek Online (may just be a Game play) (1:59)

Top 5 Star TrekParodies on You Tube

Captain Kirk watches Meily Cyrus

Star Trek: Into Sexiness BiteTV Steve Patrick Adams Dir.

Data Raps Douglby by Dan Bull (recut)

Klingon Style comediva Kristen Bobst, Dir.

OJO (010?) Happy in Paraguay by DayjobOrchestra (recut)\

In comments: The top 5 Star Trek parodies on @YouTube!

#startrek #neverenoughscifi

Published on Sep 20, 2013
Scifiriot proudly presents our picks for the 5 best Star Trek parodies on YouTube!

The list:
5. Captain Kirk watches Miley Cyrus performance

4. Star Trek Into Sexiness
Steve Patrick Adams

3. Data Raps
Dan Bull

2. Klingon Style
Kristen Bobst

1. Happy in Paraguay

Top 5 Sci-Fi Star Trek Parodies on YouTube


...I dated a Mugatu once. Blind date, a friend set us up. To be honest, I don't remember much about her except she was horny. You know what I meant. Oh...

Hey Rioters, it's Friday, and that means it's time for our top 5 sci-fi videos on YouTube.

From Captain Twerk to non-trekquiturs, we proudly present our picks for the top five Star Trek parodies on YouTube.

There you have 'em, leave a comment and let us know how we did. Be sure to check out the full videos in the description below, and I'll be back next Friday with 5 more of the best sci-fi videos on YouTube. See ya!
Star Trek Slow Jam!  Key of Awesome #72, Spock Gets His Groove On. (3:58)

Same Video Poster:
Star Trek Slow Jam behind the scenes: (4:13)
Special Message from Todd and Mark!! : (0:56)
Same producer/director as Star Trek: Beam me up Hottie! (2:53)

This page has game play-throughs.  This is their website:

Star trek Legacy Part 1 Finding a Vulcan. (17:12)   Appears to be either a FF with only ship animations or a game play-through.  I wrote on Feb. 21, 2014 to JM Media Studios asking which.

Recut from a game.  Recut or not? Star Trek: Borg  (44:12)

Documentary about a fan film abandon in the mid-1980s.  Hindsight: The Unmaking of Alternative Victory. (1:05:31)

Star Trek Online
New Channel Format  (7:06)
(COLUMBIA PARODY) Episode 1: "Anomolies" (4:27)

The Muholo - Star Trek Online Mini-Movie  (10;23)

Star Trip: Animated Star Trek Parody. (24:43) (published Dec. 30, 2012) by apologynone
Offical Trailer Apology None Episode VI "Star Trip": (1:20)

Bite TV:
Star Trek Into Darkness - The Animated Parody Thing (2:28) published May 21, 2013.
Star Trek Into Sexiness - (2:37)

This is a bid for a grant from the real town of Vulcan.
Town of Vulcan UFA Grant Video Star Trek Parody (8:28) (Dec. 4, 2013)

Polish Fan Films (shorts)

Starbase 24
Star Trek Outer Regions (2:57)

Daily Motion Comedies (0:36) (2:09)
Appears to be a Pro Comedy in French (6:37)

Daily Motion mixed Mash-up (0:57)

Daily Motion fans sing (in French?) (1:56)

Listed in a thread about ST Comedies:
I think this is German:  Space Taxi Live (3:44)
Traumschiff Surprise with English subtitles: (1:56)
Best of Traumschiff Surpise (11:51)

Quark on Regis and Cathy Lee (9:46)

Star Drunk (possible parody, probably not Trek): (5:15)

Star Trek: Eternal: (4:59)

Many commercials:

All uploaded here;
"Red Shirt" Life Insurance Inc.  (security man filming goofs) (8:02)
Active fundraisers, April 11, 2015:

Exeter Trek: [url][/url]
Star Trek Valient: [url][/url]
Yorktown: [url][/url]

Probably a game run for the JJAbrams Trek

Pro Trek Short, well known cartoon, but I'm not sure which (0:04) "Way to kill the franchise, Bakula"

Game? (31:48)

Star Trek -- The Mutara Battle CG Animation (7:18)

Alex Asianidis has produced a number of short segments, mostly remakes of The Doomesday Machine.  channel:  example video: (2:48) Uses the title "Trek Mix New"

Alternate Axanar, You Tube:
Alternate Axanar Facebook Page:

Crossover Trek films:

This is a recut of live action from TNG with game work on the ships to create a battle.
ST-TNG Romulan Incident
Part I: (3:57)
Part II: (3:02)

Just over 10 minutes.  Green Screen at Universal Studios in 1991.  Jim DeSantis

This is a personal attack on Alec Peters.  I don't usually include personal attacks as reviews, but I originally included it as a film, but since the filmmaker refuses to acknowledge responsibility, I removed it.:
Parody of the Axanar mess, 7/1/2017, on Facebook: ;  On You Tube,  Please note that inclusion of reviews or commentary in STR is not an endorsement of said views.  The filmmaker, Marcus Blazingstoke, apparently has so much time on his hands he can spend it attacking people who actually try to make films, although he's never made any himself.

CGI film Star Trek Chronicles

Star Trek: Earth Fall (unfinished Star Trek Fan Film)

This Star Wars v. Star Trek Fan Trailer is Surprisingly Good

This appears to be a virtual reality game, played as a parody, not machinima but I asked. (12:16). Homepage:

Adventures of the USS Infinity (Star Trek: The Tour fanfilm)

Nyan Trailer Videos.  Primarily recuts.

Assortment of Star Trek/Star Wars stuff, some may be repeats, (3:27)
This fellow created a series.
Ep, 1
Video Listing Page:

Star Trek v. Spaceballs

Assorted Minecraft-based films:
Star Trek Voyager Borg Attack: Endgame.  Has no people (or drones) in it, only ships including the ship interiors.

This may be an audio series or just a discussion.

A loss too big (left a message asking about what it is)

German Language Trek: subtitles)
German Star Trek (made in the 1960s) (3:23)


Amature Claymation\

Boldly Going Nowhere
Episode 1: What Lies Within (Has warning may be offensive)
Part 1:
Part 2: 23, 2009)
Part 3: 23, 2009)
Part 4: 23, 2009)
Episode 2:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Boldly Going Nowhere Assortment
Individual films:

This channel may have multiple fan films, or just game plays:

OK, find this and revise whatever listing I gave it.
Star Trek Online Machinima,
Star Trek Online, The Abridged Series - Episode 1, Training Cruise. (12:26)

Adam Miller has created a number of stop-motion shorts with no sound.

XtraNormal Animations
House of Laughs Star Trek Skit, (1) (3:44), (2) (3:51)
Star Trek: The Wrath of the Indian Perimeter, (2:59)
Uhara's Laundry Day Delicates, (1:52).  More by this filmmaker:

I have not checked the channels these appear on for more: (1:27) (5:39) (2:03) (1:03) (2:21)

This video has its own list of Star Trek Fan Films.  I have not checked it through, but at least one was a Mash-up of Star Trek and Lost In Space which we did not have: (16:00)

Fan film or not?  I am not sure.

barb October 1, 2018 (1:07) - Left a question 11/26/2018 about whether or not this is the whole project or if he's working up to something else.

Pony Horton (4:54) Also 1701 Penn Ave.
Also: (5:15) (6:29)

Part of a never released Phase II Episode: (20:48)

This looks like several episodes of previously unknown Kid Trek by Joe Olson

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