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(249) Websites with Broad Star Trek Discussion or News of Theatrical Trek.


This Blog has two sections.  The first section links to resources websites for filmmakers, the second to other listings and websites which discuss Star Trek Fan Film and Fan Audio, as well as live Star Trek, as well as news.

This is a website about filmmaking tips:

Section One - Help Making Fan Trek

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Section Two - Other Places to Find  Information about Trek and Places to Discuss Trek.

Select Star Trek Fan Films ready for download:

Star Trek Fan Film News Websites: (current and operating at of March 12, 2012.
Star Trek Channel. Star Trek feed withing a larger Science Fiction news website. (last entry July 2008)
Star Trek Fan Film Wiki, known as "Star Trek Expanded Universe"
Star Trek Official Productions wiki, "Memory Alpha"
Star Trek Fan Film Podcast show: Trekspeak, the Next Conversation:  I will post these interviews under "discussions" in the relevant filmmaker listings.  Also see Twitter:!/trekspeak and Facebook:
New as of December 2014,
Trek Fan Productions or

Other Fan Film and Fan Product websites:
Trek Initiative:
Fan Film Tumblr listing, "Philotical's Religion (although it calls itself fan fiction).  Includes the writer's favorite 'fan fiction' and rating of a few fan films and series, and links to dedicated pages for series: .
Wiki... Star Trek Expanded Universe:
Star Trek Fan Film (partial listing as of Nov. 2011):
Trek product reviews:  Subspace Communications
The Star Trek Channel (very similar to Star Trek Reviewed, but without the reviews)
Star Trek Fan Films

General Trek Websites
Subreddit about Star Trek:
The Daystrom Institute at Reddit:
A blog:

Trek BBs:
Other Forums:

Star Trek Guide (A BB, active as of Oct 2011):
Star Trek Wiki "Memory Alpha" (official Trek only, limited sourcing, e.g. Jack Sprat wrote 'Broken Bow.")

Trek Radio -- All Trek, All the Time.
Trek FM
Sunday G and T Show and
Star Trek reviews website
Orion Press: For Excellence In Star Trek: The Original Series Fan Fictions
Fan Film Podcast
Memory Alpha, Star Trek Wiki
Official Star Trek Website
Star Trek History
Trek Pictures/  broad website similar in scope to Trekkie Central.
Trek Core
Trek United
Another listing of Star Trek Fan Films:

Major Star Trek Blogs

Partial list of Trekkie Central Materials:

many of the following links are dead.  Trekkie Central magazine has moved or been partially removed.
The comments (and most of the links) have not been removed from here in the hope that I might, at some time in the future, locate correct links.  For now, only the link, supra, works.

Most recent issue of Trekkie Central Magazine:
Trekkie Central Magazine is a major Star Trek Fanzine which also covers fan films.  Here is a guide to all of their issues as of Sept. 25, 2010:
Issue 2: Hidden Frontier:
Issue 3: Farragut:
Issue 4: Intrepid:
Issue 5: Borg War, Tamerlane, Endeavour:
Issue 6: Aurora Trek, The Way Back, Dark Frontier, He Who Draws The Sword  
Issue 7: Trinity, EB3:
Issue 8: Operation Beta Shield, Federation One:
Issue 9: Villains:
Issue 10: Comics and Books:
Issue 11: HFP Review:
Issue 12: Star Trek Phoenix:
Issue 13: Relationships Special:
Issue 14: Animation Special:
Issue 15: Star Trek Voyager Special:
Issue 16:
Issue 17: Alternative Universe:
Issue 18: Brit Trek:

2008 Summer Special: Hidden Frontier:

Ships of the Line Issue 1:
Ships of the Line Issue 2:

2009 Winter Special:

Here are the links for Trekkie Central Supplemental:

TCSupplemental Issue 1: Where Theres a Sea Special:
TCSupplemental Issue 2: Star Trek The Experience:
TCSupplemental Issue 3: Diplomatic Relations:
TCSupplemental Issue 4: Animated Farragut:
TCSupplemental Issue 5: Holidays in Trek:
TCSupplemental Issue 6: Commanders:

Here is the link for the Hidden Frontier Productions magazine:
HFPMagazine Issue 1:

General Trek News:

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