Friday, June 26, 2009

(248) Guides to Other Star Trek Materials.


I cannot possibly list all the other Star Trek materials. All I can offer is a partial list of guides to an assortment of other Star Trek materials.

Fandom Directory:
AN INDEX of INDEXES!!! Ex Astris Scientia - Links
Fan-made Wiki:

Acrux Fanzine
Guide to Early Star Trek Novels 1969-1981
The Complete Guide to Star Trek Books Published in English
Gold Key Star Trek Comics (1967-1979)
The L'Stok Press
Star Trek
Star Trek Music Videos: Final Frontier Media
Forgotten Trek Guide to behind-the-scenes materials
Trek Writers Guild Guide to Trek Fiction
Star Trek Novels about the USS Excalibur published after 1997: /
Star Trek: Excelsior Novels (Commander Sulu)/
Star Trek Story Records produced in the 1970s/
Trek Writer's Guild
Star Trek about Romulans: Romulan Legacy in both German and English

General Trek listings:

Fan fiction:
Trek BBS Thread on Fan Fiction:
Orion Press's Fan Fiction:
Ad Astra Star Trek Fan Fiction:
-General Website:
-Facebook Page: can be accessed a few ways, including:
By author.  Here are a few recommended at Phase II's forums:
Other fanfiction websites:
"Trek Writers Guild"

Awards for best fan fiction:

Star Trek Games overviews:

Comics, Cartoon, Parody: .  This website appears to require a fee to access the bulk of it's content, and often send you places that themselves require searching to find the content... if it's there at all.
List of humourous essays about Star Trek:

Blog about Star Trek Prop auctions:

Website trying to bring, "Trek to the Troops"

Star Trek Art:

Websites are also listed here:

Star Trek Fan Clubs Around the World:


Indonesian Star Trek club: , Facebook page:

Indonesian Star Trek Fan Club Intro films: (1:42) (4:13)  Series of Still which include meetings with the Singaporean Star Trek Club and the Korean Star Trek club.

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