Saturday, June 27, 2009

(38) Bastards of Kirk


This comedy/parody series follows through on the logical yet never asked question of the consequences of Kirk's womanizing.  Canadian.  A product of IRN Films (seems to be a logo only)

Maninder Chana, Exec. Producer/Writer was kind enough to submit the above poster and following write-up of this comedy:


Synopsis: In the 23rd century, 60 minutes searches for the whereabouts of one James Tiberius Kirk. The Captain of the Enterprise has disappeared following a row of paternity lawsuits. As the news magazine investigates, they uncover illegitimate children and a conspiracy by the Federation that could have universal consequences and create all out war among the planets. And Kirk is at the center of it all.

Written by Maninder Chana & Bob Thompson
Directed by Logan Lubera
Produced by Logan Lubera & Bob Thompson
Executive Produced by Maninder Chana


Jeff Orchard - Mike Hollace
Melanie Kastner - Marta
Clint Maguire - Loki/Federation Guy
Jessica Rose - Romulan Girl
Erick Fournier - Rhan/Zokai
Linda McKenny - Mind Meld Girl
Bronwyn Dixon - Mudd Woman
Ashleigh Erwin - Mudd Woman / Elaan
Phil Hahn - Sulu
Steve Harrison - Kirk
Ayman Hassan - Apollo
Ben Hudson - Harcourt Fenton Mudd
Geoff Kolomayz - Troglyte Teen
Lisa Lubera - Red Shirt
Logan Lubera - Klingon Teen
Lloyd Penney - Scotty (Voice)
Tijana Popovic - Nurse Chapel
Rania Shuggi - Marlena Moreau
Craig Yeung - Spock


Original Music by Simon Craig
Cinematography by Maninder Chana & Mark Krupka
Film Editing by Maninder Chana
Production Design by Craig Yeung
Art Direction by Marvin Law
Set Decoration by Kristopher Feric
Wardrobe by Ryan Lindsay
Key Makeup by Shamaila Siddique
Visual Effects by Adam Scott
Key Grip - Milos Strasky
Sound Editor - Christopher Miller
Production Assistant - Erick Nettel


Bright Anvil Studios approached Writer/Director Maninder Chana in 2006, about doing CD cover design for a six-hour audio sci-fi series, Sectarian Wave ( Although they didn't end up using the design, that first meeting led to comic book illustrator and toy designer Logan Lubera asking for help in producing Bastards of Kirk. Chana and his producing partner at the time Bob Thompson wrote a script that slowly started growing in length given the scope of the Star Trek series. BOK was shot over a number days over the course of a month. The backdrops were built in the Bright Anvil Studio and also included location shooting in and around Toronto. The fan film debuted at the Toronto Comic Con in the fall of 2006. It has gone on to play at a number of big comic conventions and has become a cult favourite amongst comic and sci-fi geeks alike. Four years later, we are still receiving requests to show it at various festivals.


The link to IRN Films is not broken -- it is a forwarding link to my site from my company site. The site is under construction. BOK can also be viewed in 3 parts (instead of six) via the following link:

You tube home:
  Part I    The Accusations (5:01)
  Part III  Kirk's Offspring (5:52)
  Part IV Where is Kirk? (3:45)
  Part V   Kirk's Crew (5:06)

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