Saturday, June 27, 2009

(37) Star Trek: The Machinima Series


You tube home is P Cola Patt's Channel
Machinimas based on Star Trek Online.  Home base is Pensacola Florida.  All voices are done by one person.
The OPENING segment of both Episodes has been blocked by You Tube.  For now, (March 4, 2012) nothing here can be watched in it's entirety.  I will try to follow up on this in coming days.

Episode 1: Voice for the Voiceless.  A Mechinica Adventure in 3 Chapters:
Star Trek: Voice for the Voiceless. Chapter 1(9:00)
Star Trek: Voice for the Voiceless. Chapter 2(9:47)
Star Trek: Voice for the Voiceless. Chapter 3(9:58)

A Review:

Fan Film Friday: The Star Trek: Machinima Series: ‘A Voice For The Voiceless’

And this is an endorsement of that review with a few more comments, from the Trek BBs:

Episode 2 : Return to Gothos.  (Incomplete)
Return to Gothos. Chapter 1(9:59)
Return to Gothos. Chapter 2(10:00)
Chapter 3

Episode 3 preview (TNG era) (1:49) Corrected link.

As of June 4, 2011, the name of the channel has been changed to 'Star Wars Scum' which does not bode well for more Star Trek episodes.  Almost all of the work I've seen there over the last 11 months has been on his Star Wars fan films, not his Star Trek fan films.

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  1. The link to ep 3 preview is not working. Nice review. I am still working on chapter two of Return to gothos, it will feature some of my own artwork. It should be ready for release early July. It will likely be the final chapter to this episode.

  2. Correction, there will be three chapters in this episode. Overestimated how much I could fit in ten minutes. Got enought story for a another chapter. Should release it in a few more weeks.

  3. youtube has blocked chapter 1 of both "Voices.." and "Return to Gothos".....where can I find them?

  4. Thank you for the 'heads up.' I can only promise to look! You Tube sometimes takes down videos which do not contain copyrighted material if somebody CLAIMS they do. I'll follow up. Meanwhile, I will note your discovery above!

  5. I have returned to making the series. There are weekly updates on the progress of the next installment. For the moment, will not be finishing Return to Gothos, but may complete that one in the future.-Pcola Pat