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(40) Star Trek: Secret Voyage

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 Star Trek Secret Voyage Golden Age. Live Action. Adult Fans. Professional actors. CGI, costumes, sets, green screens. Home Base: Boulder City, NV, USA.  Set after the 5 year mission but before the very first Star Trek movie.
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Released their first film on August 6, 2012.

Episode 1:  Whose Births These Triumps Are.  Should be watched with second episode to see the complete pilot.  A Vimeo Viewing: here:  (39:29) or You Tube here:  (39:29).   I downloaded the original file (1GB) from the Vimeo website and played it on Realplayer, and the sound was fine.  I have not watched this on  You Tube as it downloaded.

With Brazilian Portuguese Subtitles:
Episode 1: Whose Births This Triumps Are
Vimeo: (39:30)
You Tube:  (39:29)
I love the relationship between the captain and the first officer.

Reviews: in Italian:

5 minute Recap of Episode 1 (Released April 15, 2014) (5:08) or (5:09)

Teaser 1 for Episode 2 posted Feb. 4, 2014: (0:23)
Teaser 2 for Episode 2, posted Feb. 5, 2014: (2:40)
Action Trailer posted March 27, 2014:  (1:12)
Release Date April 15, 2014: (0:15)
Teaser 3, relased April 7, 2014: (0:18)

Episode 2:  Rise of the Gongdea (Released April 15, 2014.) (35:14) or  (35:09).
Review: (51:19)

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Sample: (1:11)
2012 Trailer (Posted Dec. 21, 2011): (1:38)
Titles and Intro released April 12, 2012: (1:22)

You Tube Home: . (0:08)
Shorts introducing characters and actors:
Casting Shadows: (2:09)
23rd Century Reporter: (0:45)
Episode 1 Scene 4 (opening): (0:23)
Residental Hauting Revised Interview with Mo Stones who plays the part of T'vas. (14:18)
A discussion:  Tampa Examiner
Blooper Reel: (4:42)

The following was posted at the Trek BBS on October 23, 2013.  It provides a bit of an update: We are in post production of our second installment, to complete our 2 part origin saga. Graphic designer turned film producer/director/writer/vfx/sound engineer/make-up artist/marketer/editor/talent agent. In the trenches I've learned volumes and wore several hats as needed to bring a dream to life. Those on here who have been able to turn their passions into a tangible product are few and far between. It's awesome how great many have been to support and encourage one another. I poo poo those that are filled with more opinion than actual experience. We've have only a few pick-up shots to film and a few more vfx to complete before the final edit is locked. We then hope to get it to an audio engineer (still looking) for final master edit and to work with our composer. Release is dependent on these details.

Episode 3:  Planning CGI (0:08)
Shuttle orbits Thalara (0:18)
Funding Video: (1:13)
Shuttle in Space (0:18)

A different series Star Trek: Borg Genesis from the same production company: (0:37)


  1. Unfortunately, they cancelled their production for reasons unknown. Rumor has it that Alec Peters may have had a hand in that decision(i.e. talking them out of continuing so that he could have additional personnel to help out on his Star Trek-Axanar production).

    Farragut Films may have also had a hand in this as well.

  2. Not entirely accurate. As I understand it, they could not raise the money they hoped to raise and have had to scale back and work more slowly, but they are still working on their second episode.

  3. Fund raising efforts are still in effect. We have received matching challenge to generate more. Costs for even fan films can be staggering, we make a lot of progress with volunteers but volunteers can be flaky at best when there is no financial motivation. We are blessed to have some support and a new producer who has vowed to help get the final footage finished over the next 6-8 months.
    - Craig Sheeler/Executive Producer/Star Trek Secret Voyage.

    1. Thank you for your above reply, I am again happy and waiting to see the next episode, wish I could help but I live in Maine, I have contributed, wish I could do more, your production means more then you know, it's filling in a gap of story line that needs being done, thank you Star Trek Secret Voyage group...