Saturday, June 27, 2009

(43) Star Trek Shadowplay (German with English subtitles)


There are two yet-to-be subtitled German live action fan films in this series.  Episode 1 is "Von Volken, Frauen und Klingonen" ("Of clouds, women, and Klingons"(oh my!)) and Episode II is called "Primus Konnexion."
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German Parody Live Action fan film with English subtitles.

Shadowplay (3 of 3) (33:01)

From the same poster,

Star Trek: Nightshift, Episode 1: Bionicdance: (4:23)  In English.  I think.  Funny, for sure.  BTW, there is nothing wrong with your download...


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  1. You have never truly enjoyed Star Trek unless you saw it in it's German original! ;)