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(45) James D. Patalon's Animated Star Trek

45  Ian White's Star Trek Spoof is not on the web as of 2/22/2018 and has been moved to

Did the USS Enterprise come from the future to ensure Donald Trump's victory, not the Russians?  This Trek fan James A. Patalon seems to think so.

These Golden Age cartoons reflect the creator's love of Donald Trump.  The cartoon suite he uses is Plotagon.

The first Episode, The Democratic Brainwashing Machine, repeats accusations by Trump, adds to those accusations and has the TOS crew honored to assist Trump in defeating the Democrats, gay people, and others the creator claims call for evil and violence.  The happy ending has Hilliary Clinton and Maxine Walters in jail for life.  The first film is set in 2018.

The second, The Invisible Menace, has Trump as President of the United Federation of Planets and the author demonstrates that he does not understand the basic states of matter, solid, liquid, gas, and plasma.  There is an evil alien (the 'Invisible Menace') named "Rapture" who sometimes appears as an African-American and sometimes as a devil who sometimes kills white male crew members and other times takes over their minds.  Except for Uhura, Patalon does not appear to have any other non-whites in his animated cast; even Sulu looks white.  The Enterprise is powered not by matter-antimatter and dilithium crystals but by millennium crystals.  Eventually, Kirk and Uhura wind up in a post-rapture world, where they are threatened by demons at night and at first human dogs, then violent sexual predators who engage in both raping women and heterosexual activity by day.  Sex takes place during blackouts with only words on the screen.

Patalon seems to be using these films to sell not only his political ideas but also his paperback novels, some of which, at least, have express sexual content.

Episode 1: Star Trek: The Democratic Brainwashing Machine, deleted.

Episode 2: Star Trek: The Invisible Menace, chapters 1 through 11, deleted.

Changes for Episode 3:  The President of the United Federation of Planets is now former Starship Captain Joshua Peters.  In this one-film story, the Enterprise is transporting a ruler of a new Federation member planet home.  Sulu no longer looks white.  This evil alien switches between a white-looking man and a yellow guy with a turban.

Episode 3 through 15, deleted

Episode 16:  Into the Unknown, (16:55)

Episode 17:  Rest and Relaxation (2018) (11:18)

Episode 18:  War of the Androids, (10:14)

Episode 19: Wild Couger (2018) (15:13)

Episode 20:  Mr. Lincoln (2018) (13:47)

Episode 21:  The Maiden Voyage (2018) (11:23)

Episode 22: The Dark (2018) (13:19)

The Three Stooges: Stooge Trek. (4:42).

Other episodes, not necessarily in any order:
Star Trek: The Best Medicine: (Sept. 29, 2018) (16:14)

Star Trek: New Discovery: (Sept. 29, 2018) (11:47)

Star Trek: The Invisible Menace: (Sept. 26, 2018) (11:21)

Author Commentary: Star Trek: Behind the Scenes of my  Animated Series: (8:41)
A political commentary by the author in which Captain Kirk and Donald Trump exchange places. (5:00).

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