Saturday, June 27, 2009

(55) Star Trek Excalibur


 Star Trek Excalibur (Live Action, Golden Age ) Location, Las Vegas, Nev. USA.  Live Action series.  As of August 2013, 14 scripts have been prepared with additional treatments for 6 or 7 stories.  In addition to their main website which can be accessed by clicking on their name, they have a facebook page, vis:
And a You Tube Channel:
Teaser/Trailer: (0:52) released June 3, 2011
Full-Length trailer: (1:55)
A short teaser released January, 2013: (0:20)
And: (1:55)
Recording sound effects video: (0:31)
Opening credits without sound: (0:15)

Filming of the pilot began May 18-20th.
Announced August 2, 2012, but delayed on September 7, 2012.  They will make a new announcement when the film is ready for release.   They will be showing it at the Las Vegas Con in August 2013.

RELEASED AUGUST 8, 2013 (AUGUST 9 IN EUROPE) (12:31)  or watch it on You Tube: (12:31) Revised version released February 13, 2015, (13:17)

Proposed new title sequence released 7/27/2014: (1:05)
And further revised and released 8/20/2014: (1:05)

November 28, 2014, announced the title of the first full-length episode will be, "Yesterday Awakens"


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