Saturday, June 27, 2009

(61) Starship Grissom

61 For Animations by RoTV, Click here: RoTV

Perhaps the most female-dominated non-comedy Trek series I've ever seen.

 Starship Grissom  Educational Film using Starbase Studios sets in OK. (Adult fans, costumes)  Facebook Page:  Here's a clip from a day on the set (not a shoot): (0:57)
Trailer released January 23, 2015 was unavailable as of July 25, 2015: (1:14).  I PMed them on Facebook on July 25, 2015 asking for an update on where this stood, script, shooting, post, other.  That same day they got back to me.  They have 3 filmed episodes in post-production and two scripts.  They are having some problems with personnel staying with them, but  still hope to have a first released this calender year.

Trailer released 8/18/2015:

Episode 1:  Planet L-197

Posted as of 1/26/2016: (15:07)  Down as of 2/4/2016

Posted as of 2/4/2016:

Included as a Guidelines-compliant Star Trek Fan Film in a listing by Syfy:

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