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(62) Ever Trek formerly The Elokomin Chronicles

62  For Star Trek: Armada and other animations by Solarbaby (formerly Section 31) (Animated, Manchester, UK)  Click here: Solarbaby

Ever Trek formerly Elokomin Chronicles .   Motion picture Era fan film.
Name change August 2016.  New Facebook page:

Website:  Facebook page: .  You Tube Channel:

On April 24, 2015, a film was released in final form which appears to be only a tour of the ship not a story:  Intro to Elokomin, (22:52)

On December 28, 2017, a film was released which appears to be a full story.  I had some difficulty with the sound.
Who Are You? (10:55)

Thos filmmaker also runs the Star Trek Channel website.  Here is their page at his website: .  This was posted on Facebook in response to my listing:  We are set to start filming in spring 2015 and will be renting the sets from Project Potemkin in Albany Georgia. This film is going to be a full episode and outcome of this one determines future shows.. It is T.M.P. time with Female Captain, Female First Officer and Vulcan/ Human Doctor who sided on his human half with the emotions. Our pilot film is named Play Child For A Day. There will never be any foul language in ours as I write them all to be either G or PG rated equivalent. It is an Abbe Class Destroyer with a comical yet serious crew.
The Star Trek Channel Interviews the Filmmakers:

In November of 2014, Project Potemkin announced that their series was likely to come to an end due to family and economic changes for the principal, Randy Landers.  He entered into tentative negotiations with Project Elokomin to sell them the sets.  That negotiation fell through, and no sale was made.

In April of 2015, Elokomin reported picking up the sets, which they say Randy Landers donated.   So I guess they worked things out.

On July 25, 2015, I left a message on their Facebook page asking what they had done on this project since April.

On August 3, 2014 Randy Landers confirmed that he had made a gift to them of the Potemkin Bridge set, and a few other bits and pieces from Potemkin but was taking the bulk of the Potemkin set with him.

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