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(95) Starship Prometheus, Raven: Voyager Continues (and other productions from Starfleet Studios)

95  Raven: Voyager Continues

[Note, Star Trek Phoenix was here, but decided to pitch itself to industry as a new show so was moved here:   The makers used fan resources, they did so by misleading fans about their goals.]

Starship Prometheus, Raven, Voyager Continues, and Quick Trek are all Star Trek Fan Film series from Starfleet Studios.  Find links to episodes below!  Starship Prometheus is being transitioned, in late 2018, to a non-fan film space series, in light of continuing CBS activity against fan projects.

Raven: Voyager Continues was previously known as Starfleet Studios Raven, and Star Trek: Raven. (Iowa, USA, adult fans, costumes, green screens, CGI.) Voyager has returned to the Alpha Quadrant.  This fan film follows up.
Facebook:  Two years after Voyager returned.

A discussion of this series:

Fundraiser: (3:21)
4/11/2017 Fundraiser:

Raven: Voyager Continues (32:04).

Included in a list of Guidelines-compliant Star Trek Fan Films by Syfy:

Starfleet Studios Fundraiser:

Episode 2 Teaser: Derelict

Episode 2: Updated version with new intro and credits, released 6/25/2017:  Original
Release 3/29/2017 Derelict

Starship Prometheus

Episode 1: Raven, (31:18)

This series will continue stripped of its Star Trek elements so avoid getting into issues with CBS.  Here is a trailer for its new, non-Trek version: (1:09)
Another trailer: (3:09)

Discussion of reaction to the new CBS Guidelines:
Part 1:
Part 2:

David Whitney explains why he is going Inde instead of creating a Star Trek Fan Film: (4:14)

The Producer/Director/Writer of this series reacted to the CBS Guidelines issued in June of 2016 here:

Soundtrack "Into the Void" (1:34)

Star Trek Raven:
Scene 1 of Episode 1: (3:56)(Released  November 24, 2015.)
Scene 2 of Episode 1: (1:41)(Released December 2, 2015)
Scene 3 of Episode 1: (1:57)(Released December 8, 2015)

Green Screen Test (June 12, 2014) (2:45)
Interview with Lyn Keren as B'Elanna Torres (3:02)
Interview with Amanda Von Dolteren as Adriana Sudor (2:44)
Interview with David Whitney green screen testing (3:51)
Lucy Interview and Green Screen Testing (2:28)
Jim Von Dolteren Interview (4:11)
Mariah Johnson (2:14)
Conner Stifel-Van De Pol (1:58)
Interview with Kyle Phillips (6:48)
CGI test (0:16)
Green Screen Test Jim and Mariah. (0:48)
Update July 15, 2014: (2:27)
MUCH IMPROVED: Chat fest showing costumes, sound, green screen now under control: (13:44)
Another clip, 9/19/2014: (No sound, but the clarity is excellent) (1:43)
Banter Test 9/19/2014 (10:27)
Red Romulan Raptor (0:48)
Raven and Voyager in the Void (0:41)
Raven Intro Logo (0:09)
January 31, 2015, Raven PROMO, (1:58)
March 8, 2015, Raven "Feel the Power" Promo: (1:26)
April 5, 2015, Raven releases their theme music, (2:35)

On July 25, 2015 this group released a short,
Star Trek: Voyager Continues, "The Spider" Young Janeway (a video short) (2:06)
August 3, 2015, released a comercial for their upcoming "Star Trek Voyager Continues" episode. (0:45)
August 7, 2015, released Captain's Log - Star Trek Voyager Continues, Young Janeway, (0:31)
August 8, 2015, Young Janeway - Star Trek Voyager Continues - Commercial 4 (1:39).
August 15, 2015, Young Janeway - Star Trek Voyager Continues - (4:53)

Their Indiegogo Started August 17, 2015:

August 17, 2015, (0:53)

In June of 2016, they continue to post pictures from shoots showing post-production progress.

Trailer for 2nd Episode "Derelict: Voyager Continues"

David Whitney symbolically buries a non-canon Star Trek-type ship to symbolize the end of Star Trek Canon:  A Star Trek Funeral Service:

Quick Trek (Live Action, Adult Fans, Silver Age, costumes, special effects),
Episode 1, "Janeway's Quest," (3:41).  (11/24/2017)
Episode 2, "Mudd's Men," (2:23)
Episode 3, "Fat Chakotay," (2:49)
Episode 4, "Half Breed," (1:51)
Episode 5, "Joy and Gratitude," (2:15)

David Whitney has produced and released this light-hearted original work of Sci Fi, "Orangedale In The 25th Century,"

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