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(95) Raven: Voyager Continues and other productions from Starfleet Studios

95  Raven: Voyager Continues

[Note, Star Trek Phoenix was here, but decided to pitch itself to industry as a new show so was moved here:   The makers used fan resources, they did so by misleading fans about their goals.]

Raven: Voyager Continues and Quick Trek are both Star Trek Fan Film series from Starfleet Studios.  Find links to both series below!

Raven: Voyager Continues was previously known as Starfleet Studios Raven, and Star Trek: Raven. (Iowa, USA, adult fans, costumes, green screens, CGI.) Voyager has returned to the Alpha Quadrant.  This fan film follows up.
Facebook:  Two years after Voyager returned.

A discussion of this series:

Fundraiser: (3:21)
4/11/2017 Fundraiser:

Raven: Voyager Continues (32:04).

Included in a list of Guidelines-compliant Star Trek Fan Films by Syfy:

Starfleet Studios Fundraiser:

Episode 2 Teaser: Derelict

Episode 2: Updated version with new intro and credits, released 6/25/2017:  Original
Release 3/29/2017 Derelict

Discussion of reaction to the new CBS Guidelines:
Part 1:
Part 2:

The Producer/Director/Writer of this series reacted to the CBS Guidelines issued in June of 2016 here:

Soundtrack "Into the Void" (1:34)

Star Trek Raven:
Scene 1 of Episode 1: (3:56)(Released  November 24, 2015.)
Scene 2 of Episode 1: (1:41)(Released December 2, 2015)
Scene 3 of Episode 1: (1:57)(Released December 8, 2015)

Green Screen Test (June 12, 2014) (2:45)
Interview with Lyn Keren as B'Elanna Torres (3:02)
Interview with Amanda Von Dolteren as Adriana Sudor (2:44)
Interview with David Whitney green screen testing (3:51)
Lucy Interview and Green Screen Testing (2:28)
Jim Von Dolteren Interview (4:11)
Mariah Johnson (2:14)
Conner Stifel-Van De Pol (1:58)
Interview with Kyle Phillips (6:48)
CGI test (0:16)
Green Screen Test Jim and Mariah. (0:48)
Update July 15, 2014: (2:27)
MUCH IMPROVED: Chat fest showing costumes, sound, green screen now under control: (13:44)
Another clip, 9/19/2014: (No sound, but the clarity is excellent) (1:43)
Banter Test 9/19/2014 (10:27)
Red Romulan Raptor (0:48)
Raven and Voyager in the Void (0:41)
Raven Intro Logo (0:09)
January 31, 2015, Raven PROMO, (1:58)
March 8, 2015, Raven "Feel the Power" Promo: (1:26)
April 5, 2015, Raven releases their theme music, (2:35)

On July 25, 2015 this group released a short,
Star Trek: Voyager Continues, "The Spider" Young Janeway (a video short) (2:06)
August 3, 2015, released a comercial for their upcoming "Star Trek Voyager Continues" episode. (0:45)
August 7, 2015, released Captain's Log - Star Trek Voyager Continues, Young Janeway, (0:31)
August 8, 2015, Young Janeway - Star Trek Voyager Continues - Commercial 4 (1:39).
August 15, 2015, Young Janeway - Star Trek Voyager Continues - (4:53)

Their Indiegogo Started August 17, 2015:

August 17, 2015, (0:53)

In June of 2016, they continue to post pictures from shoots showing post-production progress.

Trailer for 2nd Episode "Derelict: Voyager Continues"

David Whitney symbolically buries a non-canon Star Trek-type ship to symbolize the end of Star Trek Canon:  A Star Trek Funeral Service:

Quick Trek (Live Action, Adult Fans, Silver Age, costumes, special effects),
Episode 1, "Janeway's Quest," (3:41).  (11/24/2017)
Episode 2, "Mudd's Men," (2:23)
Episode 3, "Fat Chakotay," (2:49)
Episode 4, "Half Breed," (1:51)
Episode 5, "Joy and Gratitude," (2:15)

David Whitney has produced and released this light-hearted original work of Sci Fi, "Orangedale In The 25th Century,"

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