Saturday, June 27, 2009

(119) Star Trek: Survivor

119  Star Trek: Survivor.  Released June, 2010.
You Tube Channel:
Live Action.   Silver Age, TNG Era, after Nemesis but before the destruction of Romulus.   Excellent. 4 or 5. (9:59)

A battle with the Romulans leaves a Commander stranded on a desolate planet where he may not be alone...

This is an original Star Trek fan film made for the fun of it with a literal zero budget, making use of spectacular locations at Vasquez Rocks and Mojave Desert. We wanted it to be grittier than previous Star Trek fan projects with a focus on how someone would actually survive on a completely inhospitable planet and to explore the dark side of Vulcan logic. 

A new Star Trek Fan Film was planned as of July 22, 2016.   Star Trek Survivors - A Star Trek Fan Film.  Trailer: (1:28).  You Tube  home channel: .  Filming is taking place as of late July in Southern California, some in Antelope Valley and some in Angeles National Forest.  The crew includes everyone who worked on their first film with some new people added.

"Survivors" Released April 29, 2017:

Included in a list of Guidelines-compliant Star Trek Fan Films by Syfy:


This group is now working on the third film in this series, "Last Survivor."  They have released a trailer: (1:17)

Last Survivor, Released December 30, 2018, (15:00).  They say that, due to the Guidelines, this is their last installment.

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