Friday, June 26, 2009

(206) Lego Based Star Trek Fan Films

206  Star Trek VI, The Undiscovered Country has been moved to

Previously titled Legos Based Short Star Trek Fan Films
The one to Try so far is The Lego Star Trek, "More Trouble, More Tribbles" However, each of these has their miniature charms.

(A)   Captain's Nightmare is a cartoon about Jon Luc Picard and a dream he has about the Borg.
It's animated legosVisible only in the UK as of November, 2013: Here:  :
Removed from You Tube.   Star Trek Lego "Captain's Nightmare"(2000)(1:36)(BBC Edition)
(B)Lego Star Trek(2:59)
(C) Lego Star Trekkin'(3:33) (Same name as (N), infra, different film)
(D) Lego Star Trek: Block Assault Ep 1 (6:51)
(E) 1. Lego Trek Part I (More Tribbles More Troubles)(6:58)
2. Lego Trek Part II (More Tribbles More Troubles)(9:13)
3. Lego Trek part3(5:44)
(F) STAR TREK in Lego (Brick Trek)(2:49)
(G) Star Trek: The Lego Generation(10:18)
(H)  Star Trek Lego Mega Blocks (3:48)
(J)  Star Trek PSI from a Klingon perspective:
(K) Star Trek: Titan, (Empire Studios)  One completed episode (4:50), Although the website says there are plans for more, the website does not appear to have been updated since 2007.
(L) Star Trek 2009 Trailer (Lego Version) by Anthony Skywalker
(M) Lego Star Trek by Justin Letchford (0:58)
(N) Star Trekking (same name as (C), supra, different film) (3:30) Added June, 2011.
(O)  Star Trek Voyager (Lego):  (1:31)
Lego Trek
(P)    Lego Star Wars Meets Star Trek
Attack of the Drones
Part 1:  (10:29)
Part 2:   (10:07)
Part 3:   (9:46)
Posted by:
(Q)  Lego - Star Wars v. Star Trek   (3:17)
(R)  What Trouble with Tribbles (10:43) by the same filmmaker, Star Trek: PSA (7:44), Unexpected Enemy, (3:29)
(S)  Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer   (1:54)
(T)  Lego Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Comparison (2:03)
(U)  Lego Star Trek Into Darkness International Trailer  (2:37)

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