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(207) Short Films (Not listed elsewhere)

207   Star Trek VII, Generations has been moved to

Short Films (Not listed elsewhere) was previously referred to as Short One Shots.


(B) Star Trek - The Enterprise (2:02) is a short animation by a French film maker. No voice but the written words are in English. Too short to rate.

(C) Star Trek Klingon Hamlet taH pagh taHbe' (To be or not to be)(3:22)

(D) Star Trek 11 - The Last Hope(9:44) (1991)
I watched this an it seems like a parody done for parody's sake by TOS original actors. It might be some kind of predecessor to the game, Starfleet Achademy. It has an introduction by Roddenberry, in the year of his death. Then two recruits do imiations of Shatner and Nimoy (although they are not playing Kirk and Spock) and are supposed to be recruits on a training mission with the TOS crew in their original positions, although with no advancement in the 25 years since the series began. Perhaps it was a 25th birthday celebration for TOS.

(E). The captains blog - Jean-Luc alone at last...(1:11) OK, I'm not sure this shouldn't be in Blog 246, because the only things that make this film 'Star Trek' at all is that it is shot on a TNG set, and the man giving the brief lecture is in a TNG uniform and is the actor who plays Jean Luc Picard for British fan films. Similar voice and profile to Patrick Stewart, but clearly doesn't follow the same work-out routine.  Get thee to a gym (or at least get a bicycle) Jean-Luc!

(F)  SpockBoy, a number of short films, vis:
(1)  Sepia Trek, Episode 1, (4:42).  Mixes new special effects, browned footage, and silent movie style dialogue plates to create an interesting film.
(2)  his short 3D animated film, Trektoons, Episode 1. (3:44). (down as of 8/10/2017)
(3)  his spoof, mixing a new insert with a recut, "Rinse of the Archons" (1:20). (down as of 8/10/2017)
(4)  "For Bill and George."  SpockBoy wants Shatner and Takai to stop fighting.  Here he enlists the First Federation to back him up. (3:29)
(5) "The Morphing Enterprise" (0:40)
(6) "Star Trek Torch" (3:00) Collection of shots signifying the passing of the torch to JJATrek, posted on March 17, 2009, before the release of his first movie.
Also posted on his You Tube page are numerous other very short videos (under 1 minute) and gag reels from Star Trek.  This is his You Tube page:

(G) Star Trek: Chronicles (6:21).  A nice little film which tells a whole story.

(H)  Klingons Plan to Invade Earth (animation) "Klingon Propaganda" (1:52), followed by .  Poster: (1:52) By Bad Monkey Studios
Here are follow-up videos and an article about it, including a translation of both the Klingon and the claim that the human kids in the background of the follow-up video speak Turkish:

Here's the revised Bad Monkey version with English subtitles translating the Klingon:

(I) The United Federation of Planets issues the short video "The United Federation of Planets Embraces You." in response to The Klingon Propaganda: (16 seconds)

(J)  Pro-Illegal Immigrant Political propaganda, entitled, "Don't Deport Me, Scotty" By Bad Monkey Studios

(K) Star Trek "Defenders of Peace"  (1:42)

(L) TNG "Star Trek meets Sims 2" Music Video.  I don't usually include music videos, but decided to make an exception here. (4:56)

(M)  Halloween Special Animated Star Trek, silent with written cartoon balloon instead of voices: (1:58)

(N)  Voyager: The Motion Picture.  A fan imagines an ad for a Voyager Motion Picture. (2:58)

(O) Star Trek: The Lost Episode.  Kirk Battles the Borg!"Star+Trek"+&hl=en&client=firefox-a#

(P) Star Trek XI Trailer done as a TAS production

(Q)  Spud Trek.

(R)  Star Trek: The Beginning, a trailer for a Star Trek movie by a fan based on the style of JJA Trek, but not the idea. (1:32), (1:32)

(S) The Legend of Gorath  I watched it here:  It's a series of 2D stills with an audio to tell a the story of  Klingon legend.

(T) Star Trek: The Other Generation Part I (never completed Simms)  Instead, the creator has moved on to an independent space adventure series, "Star Quest".   Here is his You Tube Page:

(U) Star Trek: Bitter Homecoming.  Barely a short, at 1:18

(V)  M'Ress giant puppet ... 7 seconds.

(W)  Fan-made Doritos Commercial, Trek Fans v. Wars Fan, (1:28)

(X)   Kirk - Picard Morphing (0:35)   Computer morphing Kirk into Picard and back.

(Y)  Star Trek Online Real men of Genius (2010) (1:01)

(Z)  Short silent film of TOS mego puppets dancing.

(AA) Star Trek XI Trailer  (2:08) Cuts from Star Trek XI

(AB) Star Trek XII: Onslaught  (1:31) Mechinima TNG movie trailer

(AC)  Star Trek Deception. You Tube Home: (Adult fans, live action, sets, costumes, green screens, Silver Age, CGI, Cheshire, Northwich, UK)(also has English and Spanish subtitles:) (8:30)  With Portuguese subtitles: (8:30)
Facebook page:

Included in a list of Guidelines-compliant Star Trek Fan Films by Syfy:

Longer release:
Separately listed under Blog 56, different fan film.,  Mechinima.
Episode 1 (12:16) (pt. 1 Feb. 28, 2013)
Episode 2, "Always A Captain" (2011) (9:02) released March 8, 2013.
Episode 3.  (2011) (9:04) released March 12, 2013.
Episode 4, "The Time Shift" (Mego) (9:46) released April 3, 2013.
Episode 5: "The Rise of Khan"  (Mego) (10:17) released May 1, 2013.
Episode 6: "The Fall of Khan"  (Mego) (7:37) released Sept. 25, 2013.

(AD)   Star Trek: Into the Abyss (The Film That Should Have Been) Combinations of original animation and film from a game, this Fan-made short is what one fan thought would have been a better Star Trek 11 (XI) than what J.J. Abrams did. (6:43)

(AE)  Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan done in 60 Seconds: (1:00)

(AF)  30 Second Bunnies:  Bunnies: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: (0:48)

(AG)  Star Trek (JJA Trek or STXI) Presented by Girls on Film: (3:16)

(AH)  I Am Beautiful.  Stop Action Worf Video: (0:40)

(AI) Enterprise TCW-Archer Faceposer Example (3:50)  This shows what you can do with Mechinima, and it doesn't tell a story, but it is amazing.

(AJ) Star Trek Explosions: The Fan Films.  Mostly taken from Phase II or New Voyages, OGAM, Raco Films (Star Trek v. Batman) but it's just a lot of stuff being blown up with CGI. (4:39).

(AK) Nao does Star Trek (0:35)  Sound effects by a robot.

(AL) The Kobayashi Maru. (5:01).  English subtitles.  The creator says the language is Simspeak.

(AM) Al Gorn for President (not political) (1:07)

(AN)  Star Trek Cartoon, "None the Wiser" (TNG era) (4:46).

(AO)  Star Trek Achievements (misspellings on both the posting and in the film).  A tribute film, not a story. (4:37).  Reverent.

(AP) Mechinima.  Short story.  Not well done, but I've seen worse.  Star Trek: Destruction of the USS Majestic. (5:16)

(AQ)  Voyager South Park Style. (1:47)

(AR)  Mr. Bill visits the Star Trek Enterprise (1:12)  No narration, I'm not sure what was intended.

(AS)  Star Trek -- Ressurection of the Enterprise (9:50) Mechinima.

(AT) Star Trek: The Future Begins.  An introduction to the Kirk/Spock/McCoy etc. crew, using both sets of actors and morphing software.  Interesting. (3:49)

(AU)  Star Trek Christmas. (3:42).  Although arguably a parody, comedy, or crossover film with Dr. Seuss, I think the spirit of this short is in it's title, and therefore chose to place it here.  A review:  Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: ‘Merry Christmas!’

(AV)  Star Trek The Rescue  (4:35) (Low production, one night in 1992)  Poster: .  Toys are moved around, some in stop motion, some visibly by hand, and voices, and sound are added to tell a story.

(AW)  TNG 999  (6:12).  I'm not certain if this is just poorly done or intended to be comedy.  At any rate, I placed it under other short films.

(AX)  Compilation of short bits from Star Trek Fan Films in the works in 2005, many of which were never completed or released. - 2005 Star Trek Fan Film Campaign Video #4  (3:20)

(AY)  Star Trek: Birth of the Borg (MOV) (6:27)

(AZ)  Spaceship Away!!!  Story is narration with occasional imitation of a character's voice, acted out with dolls.  Nice mix of drama and comedy. .  Listed here: .

(BA) Buckingham Palace Guards play all of the opening themes for Star Trek (4:54)

(BB) Star Trek: The Lost Episode (recut with added special effects, Kirk on drugs) (1:06)

(BC) "Star Trek Into Darkness Fanboy Edit," (3:17).

(BD) William Shatner as a cartoon character, (0:47)

(BE).  I.R.S. Records - The Cutting Edge - Trek Intro

(BF)  Ghosts of Conscience.  3D animated; generated electronic voices.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:

(BG)   Reenactment of a scene from The Wrath of Khan on Video by one boy playing both Kirk and Khan: (1:38).

(BH)  Star Trek Fan Film 1987

(BI)   A short animated film, Cease and Desist (2:55), or view it on You Tube directly here: (2:55).

(BJ)  J2productions, a new Fan Filmmaker, offers "Star Trek The Figure Series" Mego stop action with sets and 'action figures.' (10:15).  The film tells a story with neither dialogue nor true animation.

(BK)  Nick Acosta, created "Live Long and Star Trek" the amalgam of images from TOS and JJAbrams Trek.  More than a mash-up. (6:59).

(BL)  Assignment Earth, "Boredom,"
Posted May 1, 2017:
Final Version released 4/25/2017: (4:28).    Revised version in HD released 9/6/2016: (4:28).  If those are blocked in your country, or if you just prefer watching or downloading on Vimeo, (4:29).

(BM)  Spiffy Shorts has released two short films.
  (1)  Star Trek II, Wrath of Khan, (Newtonian Edition) (2:52).
  (2) Star Trek: Tag Team, Animation, Golden Age, in Standard Format, (2:52) or in Stereoscopic 3D, (2:54).

(BN)  Star Trek Revenge.  I recommend the slightly longer Version 2, it is easier to follow: June 10, 2016) over the shorter "official" version, June 9, 2016).  More on this film:

(BO) From Ethan Montgomery, "Star Trek: The Space Thief," (Golden Age, Young Adult fans, location shoots, props, some green screens, no sets, CGI, special effects)

(BP)  From Ra'Kaan, two short films, both Golden Age.

The Second (listed first here) is also listed under School and Church Projects.  It consists of a series of stills which include makeup, costumes, music, and words written on the screen forming a story, "The Adventures of Number Two -- A homework assignment for CIS-178," done in 2012:

The First is a Mego film with some actual animal (a cat?  I'm not sure) from 1992, "Star Trek The Rescue,"  Much of this film is dark and hard to see.  It does tell a story.

(BQ)  From Innerspace Pictures,

Prior work from Innerspace Pictures which has been removed.
Star Trek: Allegheny/Innerspace Pictures  Adult fan, CGI, costumes, out of Charleston, South Carolina.  All links had been taken down as of 12/28/2016.

Innerspace Pictures Presents (1) Star Trek: The Ulysses Incident (3:56) and (2) Star Trek" Allegheny (5:54).  Two short silver age dramas with one actor, costume, green screens, CGI.  Both are about a shuttle docking.  Long credits make them appear closer to 10 minutes than they are.  Both were down as of 12/28/2016.

Released July 15, 2014:
Bumper Sticker: (0:07)
Star Trek Allegheny Sneak Peak: (1:00)
Released March 27, 2015, Teaser Trailer, (1:34)
Released April 8, 2015, Trailer no. 2 (1:41)
Released April 25, 2016, Vignette, "Good Night, Captain," (3:32).
Released May 22, 2016, Final Trailer (1:37).

(BR)  Tan Ru:  A Star Trek Fan Production.  Robot defeats the Doomsday Machine, only to meet another robot (Nomad) in the end.

(BS)  Fit for Duty  A member of Star Fleet is upset by facing ongoing dangers and wants to go home.  The therapist drugs him to keep him working.

(BT)  The Trouble with Transporters, an animated discussion of whether or not transporters are suicide machines.

(BU)  Bring Back Kirk (TOS characters set in TNG era; a response to the ST: Generations movie death of Kirk; a mixture of animation, recut clips, and some original art.)

(BV)  Two Star Trek Fan Films by sophiethtele, props, light CGI, no costumes, sets, or location shoots.  Time era unclear.
May 11, 2013,
May 13, 2013,

(BW)  Bitter Homecoming,




(ZA) Star Trek McCain (0:32)

(ZB)  Obama Trek: (1:55) Action figures.

(ZC)  from Libertarian "Reason" Magazine, a political ad supporting Johnson and the Libertarian Ticket, Star Trek: The Libertarian Edition. (4:19).

(ZD).  From Glenn Korn, "Star Trek Trump Parody."  A remix/recut with minor additions, put here because of it's political nature.

See Also Star Trek Restricted. Shorts and Animations.

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