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(205) Select Star Trek Fan Film School and Church Projects

205  Star Trek V, The Final Frontier has been moved to

 There are a growing number of short Star Trek Fan Films being made for Film classes.  When finished, some are pretty good, others are a disaster.   But since most of them are under 15 minutes but over 8 minutes, I decided to create a new group listing for them.  Most are comedies and parodies, but not all.  For the moment, they are here in no particular order.

A.  Star Trek.    Live Action, Golden Age.  A 2 part Star Trek episode lasting over 10 minutes.    Parody.  Kid Trek.  Appears to have been finished about two years ago.  They summarize all that is silly in TOS.

Star Trek Part 2 (8:40)

I hope they got a good grade!

B.  ***Strongly recommended***: Star Trek: Here Today, Gorn Tomorrow (9:08) (Silver era Comedy)

C.  Church project.   Star Trek: Encounter At Outpost Alpha Omega (21:08)

Kid Trek.  Uniforms, rudimentary sets.  Sound quality weak at times, good at other times.  They say it's a film with a message, but I confess the message eluded me until they expressly stated that message, which equated the Federation and Star Fleet with Jesus and the Kingons with the devil.  Mixes original shots with remixed shots from TOS TV and movies. (21:08)
You Tube Channel:

D.    Star Trek Fan Film AAT IV -- The New Home (7:47).   Based vaguely on JJA Trek, it is about saving a movie... with a lot of fighting and blowing up ships.  Sound quality is very mediocre.   College project.  Claims it got some praise at a film festival.
You Tube Channel:

E.    Star Trek: Marooned(5:34) a 5 minute college project follows a marooned Vulcan with a Phaser who is Marooned in wintertime on a planet. The 'monster' is a guy with a skull mask on. Strangely, the Vulcan is apparently not a vegetarian. No character development, costume, consistent narrative. Rating 2.

F. (6:04).  High school project by John Akins from 1993.
  Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Mushroom Incident.

G.  Star Trek: The Middle School Musical.    (3:39)

H.   Star Trek: The Judge: A Trip to Memory Lane.  School project including faculty.  Golden Age.  Entirely in French, without subtitles in other languages. Live action, costumes, sets.  Made in Montreal, Canada.  Watch it here:  (26:26).

I.   Star Trek (Fan Film) When the Wolfbane Blooms (4:47)  Intercuts with dolls, not animated but posed, and some other footage, not Trek footage.  Done as part of a project for Graduate School. Kirk and crew are ordered to investigate strange murders on Centarus 7.  Posted January 4, 2014.

J. Star Trek Parody (2:35)  Produced at Sacramento City College by "City Films"  Los Rios Community College District. Posted August 25, 2013.

K.  Star Trek: The Mini Series (ultimately, one short episode).  Golden Age, in spite of Scotty being dressed in a TNG costume.  But for a high school effort... great CGI, and some attempt at costumes.  Acting is pretty good, too.  The filmmaker did not make the standard mistake of casting himself as a major role in the film... a mistake often made by older fans who should know better.  Music and Frantic speed, together with a Khan appearance all seem to be from the JJA films, although the costumes look like TOS costumes... sort of.  This is almost a 7 minute low budget remake of STID.  The  Mini-Series: (7:14) (posted 2013)  Posted in parts from Feb. 2013 through June 2013 in parts, then put into a single film posted June 13, 2013.  Here is their You Tube channel:

L.  From Michael Stutelberg, for extra credit, "Galactic Geography," (Sets, costumes, teen fans, CGI, Star Trek/Star Wars crossover film),

M.  From Ra'Kaan,  The film consists of a series of stills which include makeup, costumes, music, and words written on the screen forming a story, "The Adventures of Number Two -- A homework assignment for CIS-178," done in 2012:

N.  Star Trash(1980)

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