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(208) Star Trek Parodies and Comedies.

208  Star Trek VIII, First Contact has been moved to

When I started I didn't want to include Star Trek parodies or commercials. It soon became clear that there were a lot of parodies, and that the line between drama and parody was not so clear. So, at first I just  created a list of parodies. Most of the titles are linked to films or websites that offer them. The longer films and large volume websites are now assigned their own webpage or blog.  Some proved to either not be on the web, or not easily available even if on the web, while others are not films, but comics, prose, or audio dramas.   Now mostly short films remain here, although links to the other parts of the website to which the other listings have been moved remain.  Also, there may be some parodies which are longer, but not clearly of one era or another, which I have not yet figured out where to they go.  Some may simply be not "Really Really Bad Stuff" yet I have not brought myself to give them a whole webpage.

See also:  Professional Parodies, Comedies, and Tributes, which are here:
Films ABOUT Trekkies, Trekkers, and general fandom, which are here:
Fan Recuts, many of which are attempts at comedy or parody, are in a list (not organized as of December, 2011) here:

Other people's reviews are linked to the primary listing for the item, for short films, here, for other things, where they are being listed.   I have not reviewed any of these, although I have had to watch many superficially to place and organize them.  Below, order is alphabetical.  Some parodies of historic interest or which are otherwise attached to dramatic or adventure productions have their own webpages, even if they would otherwise not warrent them.

All About That Borg - A Star Trek/All About That Bass Parody,  Parody, (Silver Age), see (3:26).
Apple Kills Star Trek (arguably a recut, but I put this here anyway) (1:38)
Bastards of Kirk now has it's own webpage, Blog 38
Beam me up, Hottie. (2:54)
Black Mirror
Breaking Bad Star Trek. Breaking Bad Star Trek Scene Animated. Animation by Matt Czap.  Bathroom and bloody humor, Golden Age. (1:57)  See also (1:57), (1:57)  I don't believe this appeared on the show. Mixed fan and pro sourcing.
Captain Derp (0:37)
Captain Kirk deals with a strange alien culture. (3:43)

Captain Kirk: Space Rapist  (Star Trek Spoof) (9:30)
Car Trek (5:35)
Cats in Space   (2:13)
The Chumps - Star Trek Parody (5:01) based on TWOK.  Filmed from a live act.
Cockney Star Trek (1:46) (added June 2011) or here: (1:46) (added Dec 2014)
College Humour's take on JJA Trek, in which Kirk has JJA's take on the situation...
Columbus v. Captain Kirk, Epic Rap Battles of History (WARNING: FOUL LANGUAGE) (2:27)
Comic Relief - Star Trek TNG
Commander Rob  now is at Blog 99, vis:
Cosmosis Trailer(1:52), posted by
Ed the Duck Star Trek Christmas Spoof (5:49)
Eminem in Klingon sung by a German Trekkie: Eminems "Without Me" in Klingon/
Emotitron, "Die Maschine" Official music video (4:38).
Family Guy so- that's what gay is (0:23)
The Future of Nursing by David Pearce, or
G4TV Presents:
G4 You Tube Home also for
G4-Star Trek Cribs : (0:30)
G4-Star Trek Cribs Director's Cut: (1:00)
G4-Star Trek Cribs 2 (0:52)
G4-Star Trek Coffee House (0:30)
Gay Star Trek (8:45)
Ghetto Star Trek,
Gilligan's Star Trek/(54 seconds, uses the Gilligan's Island theme to introduce TNG.
Guide to the Races of Star Trek (2:07)
Halloween Star Trek (9:38).  Shot using the costumes at a Halloween party, this is better than it had any excuse for being, although it would probably have been rated as a 1 or 2 if it were rated.  Captain Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Q, R (invented for the film), the characters from The Wizard of Oz, a security officer from the Mobster planet, Guinan, Jordy... and it's Spock, not Kirk that turns in Elvis... you know these folk watch Phase II.   Inconsistent, but surprising.
A Heart to Heart with Guinan See Star Trek Restricted
Honest Trailers: Star Trek Into Darkness (5:01)
How Star Trek Beyond Should Have Ended
How Star Trek Into Darkness Should Have Ended (3:45)
Imagine if J.J. Abrams Directed Galaxy Quest (trailer) (1:21)
The IT Guy Log,
The IT Guy's Log: Holodeck 3:
Jesus Hates Klingons,  from EVERYTHINGISTERRIBLE, a parody, "Jesus Hates Klingons"
Khan Redux  also From Adam Brody, Khan! Scene from Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan: and I'm Captain Kirk:
Just a Star Trek Parody,
Kirk v. The Borg (short taken from 10 minute film not on the web) (1:02)
I'll be Pon Farr Christmas (0:35) Weak use of Kirk and Spock dolls by Wil Wheaton.  But at 35 seconds...
Klingon Style (3:56)
Leaked Footage from New Star Trek Movie is an unrelated poem being recited by William Shatner with dolls and some other effects acting it out.
Learn Klingon (A Tribute to a Teacher, doesn't mention Rosetta Stone) (1:17)
Let It Snow (parody)  (3:39)
The Night Before Khan, (one person, adult fan, comedy) (5:17) (Dec. 24, 2014)
None the Wiser (Cartoon parody) 2007)
Old School Star Trek Trailer Parody (3:33)
Olympic Ticket Scalper with Patrick Stewart and Simon Pegg: (3:25)
Orion Slave Girls Must Die!!! First 6 Minutes Preview(6:40) posted by who offers the full video for sale on ITunes for $1.99.  Full video is 25:56.  Story is about a Trekkie trying to leave the 'fold'.
Patrick Stewart Goes to McDonald's
Picard is Very Embarrassed (Cuts in La Cage au Faux footage with Patrick Stewart) (1:19)
Pothead Star Trek Finally the Reason There is Peace on Earth in Star Trek (just under one minute)
The Psychotic Hour - Return of Vorg.  Moved to Audio Listings.
Ra'Kaan See (BP) at Other Short Films,
Redshirt blues (9:21) This films is reviewed and discussed in The Twelve Trek Days of Christmas 2009, Day 5, 5 Star Trek Fan Films
The Redshirt Diaries See
Red Shirt Massacre (4:00)
Red Shirts (Star Trek Parody) (6:58)
Red Shirts, The Series, see
Red Star Trek (Guesses what Star Trek would be like if made in the USSR): (2:58).  But why guess?  They really did make a TV program based on Trek called, "Cosmos Patrol."  SEE
Riker, A proposed TNG spinoff, (1:47)
The Search for Spock's Body Parts has been given it's own webpage, Blog 39.
Shatner's Pants (1:20) (not really Trek.  More a take-off on Priceline)
Shatner Roast by E. Adam Thomas (really a Kirk roast) (4:16)
Shit Klingons Say (1:28)
Shortest Trek Ever (0:53)
South Trek  (7:14). See also this short: (0:15)
Space 1969 (1:19)
Space Cadets (video is free and must be downloaded, but requires WinZip to unzip which costs $30!  You can buy a set of Star Trek Pro stuff for half of that!  See also;read=98 for an essay by Jose Guzman, who worked on the film.)

Spacekisser   ستار تريك  (2:10) (Arabic with English subtitles)

Space Trek -- Episode 87 (1:47).  As much Star Wars as Star Trek, this is a fake commercial for a law firm.
Spock's Suicide Hotline (1:46)
Spock v. Kirk Danceoff (2:08)
Stalled Trek: Amutt Time see
Star Drek 2009 -- The Final Cut(4:45) another version: College Project 7 -- Star Drek
Starship Seneca has been given it's own Webpage at Blog 97.
Star Spoof Voyager Cartoon (moved to
Star Tech: The NeXT Generation: (2:07)
Star Track has been given it's own webpage
Star Track: the Metric System can be found here:
Star Tracked: The Untold Story. Star Trek Parody comedy spoof SNL MadTV like by EZTVCast(7:20)   Also here: Google said it was down, sent you to a malware infested site (Dec. 15, 2011)
Star Traks Nexus  has produced Star Traks: Machinima , an animation.  It has been given a webpage at Blog 111,
Star Tregg - The Origiwool Series.  Stop action animation in which the set, and all the characters of TOS are made out of crochet or knit materials.  People are shaped like eggs.  Based on Amuck Time.  Watch it here: (6:46).
Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan, Newtonian Edition, (2:52)
Star Trek 11 Cartoon. (3:41)
Star Trek XI Spoof  Sweded  (2:39)  Posted by:
Star Trek XII (Original Cast) film trailor (0:33)
Star Trek XII (New Cast) film trailor (1:29)
Star Trek: 90210 (1:33)
Star Trek: The Academy, "Lessons Learned," from Lisagreg Productions, (Mixed adults and teens, green screens, location shoots, rudimentary sets and costumes, special effects, out of Tucson, Az., USA)
Star Trek Alarm Clock-Beyond Our Control- The 1970s (0:32) It's about a fan, not set in the Trek universe.Star Trek: The Angriness of Rojoy.  Moved to Audio.
Star Trek: Armageddon (Trailer using Armageddon footage with Trek Themes) (2:11)
Star Trek - Bad Days Season 2. (3:11) From Marvel Comic's Stan Lee.
Star Trek Beyond the Musical Animated Parody Song (2:56).
Star Trek Bloopers (2:53)
Star Trek Cartoon (TNG) (4:45)
Star Trek Cartoon Parody  (1:05)
Star Trek Cats (3:44)
Star Trek Chatroulette (1:53)  The filmmakers says it's a comedy, so I'm taking his or her word for it.
Star Trek (fake) Columbian Coffee Commerical aboard the Excellsior (0:30)
Star Trek: Confusion (2:17) (2:18)
Star Trek: Dallas (1:12)
Star Trek: Elite Farce 1 - Polarizing Issues (2:43) (Mechinima)
Star Trek: Fraiser (5:24)
Star Trek Funeral:
Star Trek: Here Today, Gorn Tomorrow: (8:52) (T0S era Parody)
Star Trek: Here Today, Gorn Tomorrow (9:08) (TNG era Comedy) see also Blog 138 B.
Star Trek Hottie is a reposting of Beam Me Up, Hottie, posted supra.
Star Trek: How It Should Have Ended (2:58)
Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Parody: (0:13)
Star Trek Into Duckness - Intergalactic Trailer.   (2:19)
Star Trek: Kirk's Blind Date (somewhat off color, discusses female alien body parts) (2:23)
Star Trek: Lethal Atmosphere.  Poster:
   Original  : (3:15)
   Star Trek Lethal Atmosphere II    : (5:01)
Star Trek Meets Monty Python (1:39)
Star Trek Mirror First Contact: (1:41)
Star Trek: The Muvizu Generation (Animated Comedy) You Tube Home:  Episode 1: (2:13)  Episode 2: (2:57)
Star Trek: The Next Generation Silent Movie (1:04)
Star Trek: Nightshift.    It is easily understandable by English speaking viewer, and ranks among the funniest short films I've seen.  I include it as part of the expanding volume of German Trek.
Bionicdance (4:23)
Star Trek TOST The Original Space Thang (Unscripted Mego with Barbie and Ken.).: (7:42)
Star Trek Parody (0:49)
Star Trek Parody (5:14)
Star Trek Parody Commercial (for local, Albany, NY store) (0:38)
Star Trek Parody: Deep Space Nine: (7:09)
Star Trek Parody: Odo: (5:40)
Star Trek Pepsi Commercial (fake commercial) (2:33)
Star Trek: The Pepsi Generation is at Blog 110
Star Trek Phaser Fire (1) (TOS phaser bounces off Picard's head harmlessly)
                                  (2) Somebody demonstrates a laser gun that can burst balloons that looks like a Star
Trek Phaser
(actually opens "Let's Play Star Trek... I call Captain" (0:58)
Star Trek: Pizza Dude (Web Show, "Pizza Dude.") "Oh Captain, My Captain" (2:00)
Star Trek the Quasi Mechanica moved to
Star Trek: Return of the Cytrons,
Star Trek: The Sit Com (3:55)
Star Trek, Mr, Skeleton,  Captain for a Day: eurl= (2:39)
Star Trek: Verizon (commerical spoof) (0:22)
Star Trek - Worst/Best Fan Film Ever.  (TNG era, live action, almost as bad as they claim) (4:32)

Star Trek X Generation moved to
Star Wreak.  Moved to
Starcher Trek Website:
Starcher Trek  Moved to
Steam Trek.  Moved:
Stone Trek  Moved to Reviewed:  Fan Film Friday: Stone Trek
Tar Strek (I THINK this intends to be funny... not entirely sure.  Dolls.) (2:47)
Teenage Captain Kirk(warning for language, nudity, but it's a cartoon) (3:04)
Transolar Galactica
Turist Ömer Uzay Yolunda (a.k.a. Turkish Star Trek) is here:
Trek and the City (Sex and the City as Trek)
The Truth About Troi
Yoo are Mr. Spock (Trouble with Tribbles confab with Jay Baruchel) (0:43)
The Walken Generation Ep. 1 (2:15)
Wesley Crusher Learns a Lesson  (1:47)

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