Friday, June 26, 2009

(244) Non-Star Trek films listed as Trek films on some websites.

244  Listing is in Alphabetical Order by series name, if it's a series, and by film name, if it's a single film.  Most of these, in my opinion, are independent films, not fan films.  However, I can see why they would appeal to fans of space opera.

Dark Operations

Fallen Star
You Tube playlist:
Vimeo Channel:
Facebook page:

This is a very nice original Sci Fi film series mislabeled as a Trek take-off:
Fallen Star -
Episode One - "The American Invasion": (53:25)

Episode 2:  The Last Outpost: (40:25)

VFX reel:

More from the creators: and

Trailer for Episode 3:
Episode 3:  Alpha Shift: (36:40)

Trailer for Episode 4:

Voyage Trekkers.  Space Comedy which advertises itself as a combo Trek/Buck Rogers Parody.   It's a space comedy but I don't really see the Trek.
Facebook Page:
You Tube Channel:
First Episode, "Rescue from the Lizard Men": (2:50)
Second Episode, "Social Network": (3:04)
Third Episode, "Birthday Surprise": (2:46)
Forth Episode, "Language Barrier": (5:38)
Fifth Episode, "Oh Great Space Crystal": (4:25)
Sixth  Episode, "Formal Charges": (4:55)
Seventh Episode, "The Clutches of General Kang": (4:29)
Eighth Episode, "Phoning It In." : (3:09)
Ninth Episode, "Fabulous Technology" : (2:17)
Tenth Episode, "Many Paths to Eden.": (13:32)

Making The Season One Finale: (4:30)

Other information: Voyage Trekkers is a planned 10 episode Comedy series.  Discussed in this BBS thread: .  Here is a short: .

This is their second season trailer: (2:10)
Here's a thread at the Trek BBS that is tracking the second season releases:


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