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(245) Franchise Crossover Films.


These won't work with my rating system, so for the time being, I'm just going to list them here and give links to them.

I. Star Trek/Star Wars

(A) A Tale of Two Galaxies. A one shot listed as 30 minutes, but the You Tube total puts it at 33:03. from

Comments now identify this as a Star Trek/Star Wars Crossover film by Straitjacket Productions, and locate it twice:

Sometimes you just have to look to find:
A Tale of Two Galaxies Part I, "Long Live the Empire"
A Tale of Two Galaxies Part II

A Tale Of Two Galaxies Part 1 A(8:03)
A Tale Of Two Galaxies Part 1 B(6:14)
A Tale of Two Galaxies Part 2 A(9:29)
A Tale of Two Galaxies Part 2 B(9:17)

A review:
A discussion: A Tale of Two Galaxies

(B) Death Star Destroys the Enterprise (0.49)

(C) Star Wars v. Star Trek (3:24)

(D) How JJ Abram's Star Trek Should have Ended

(E) Star Trek v. Star Wars (6:16)  also here: (6:16)

(F) Star Wars Star Trek Parody (5:49)

(G) Star Trek: The Unknown Frontier
Poster's You Tube Channel:
Game used is given as Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption

A crossover, but mostly Trek.  Video quality breaks up a lot.  It starts with TOS movie era encounter wtih SW ships, then moves ahead 90 years, with the Borg entering Federation Space.  Then jumps to a fight between SW and the Borg.   Starfleet comes to their rescue, Jean Luke Picard destorys the cube but  a sphere escapes into the past, and the Enterprise with JLP at the helm follows them.   Darth Vader says "Pray we do not meet again" rather than thank the SF folk for their save.  In the last sequence it appears to be STvSW, it's not clear what became of the Borg. 

(H)  Star Trek v. Star Wars mit Lady Gaga in plaue.avi. (6:40) .  This is a stage performance, music also includes 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Bizarre, German.

(I)  Star Wars v. Star Trek (5:36)

(J) Trippin' The Gap Star Wars/Trek Spoof (4:49)  (Foul language, sexual comments, I don't see the Trek)

(K) Star Trek v. Star Wars Theatrical Trailer (1:59)

(L)  New Threat.  A series using Bridge Commander.  Subtitles, not voices.
You Tube Channel:
Prologue: (1:11)
Episode 1:  (8:59)
Episode 2:  (8:26)
Episode 3:  (9:10)
Episode 4:  (8:47)
Episode 5:  (6:59)
Episode 6: (10:55)

(M)  TNG Recut 5: A Strange Encounter (1:30)
TNG Recut 10: The Worst of Both Worlds: (4:54)

(N)  Star Trek Star Wars Crossover (1983) (10:00)

(O)  Star Trek v. Stars Wars (A Nerd's Fantasy)  (11:12)
For more Star War v. Star Trek from MEEZ2, see

(P)  Lego Star Wars Meets Star Trek
Attack of the Drones
Part 1:  (10:29)
Part 2:   (10:07)
Part 3:   (9:46)
Posted by:

(Q)  Lego - Star Wars v. Star Trek   (3:17)
For more Lego-based Star Wars v. Star Trek see the Lego listing of all Lego-based Star Trek Fan Films,

(R) (German) posted
Borg Cubes Destorys Everything in Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption (3:05)

(S) Star Wars v. Star Trek (1:30) Throws in the Dr. Who phone booth transport just for good measure.  Shot in London, England.

(T)  Audio: Star Crossroads Wars /  Two episodes, here:

(U)  Star Trek v. Star Wars Theatrical Trailer (doesn't reflect Disney acquisition of Star Wars)   (1:50)

(V)  Star Wars v. Star Trek: Borg Attack the Deathstar.   (14:46) Made with Sony Vegas 2 Platinum.

(W)  Another Star Trek v. Star Wars (2:50)

(X)  Star Trek v. Star Wars Mechinima (2:03)

(Y)  Star Trek v. Star Wars Space Battle (series of stills)   (0:49)

(Z) star trek v. star wars (ALL CGI) (1:23)

(AA)  star wars v. star trek (mash-up) (7:05)
Also HERE:  Star Wars v. Star Trek - Special Edition (7:12)

(AB) Star Trek v. Star Wars (mash-up) (9:19)

(AC)  Earth Invasion Star Wars v. Star Trek by Studimo (3:24) (Mostly Star Wars v. Earth)

(AD)  Star Trek watches Star Wars IV, (3:00)

(AE)   The Deathstar Machine from TrekToons (may be part 1 of several) mash-up, recut, special effects added, (2:49).

(AF)   Star Wars v. Star Trek Epic Battle Trailer, (3:25).

(AG)  The Carbonite Maneuver (1985) (1:25)

(AH)  Animation.  Which is Nerdier: Star Wars or Star Trek (2015) (3:03)

(AI)  Star Trek Wars.  Animation. (5:29) Released August 29, 2015.  Made with Anime Studio Debut 9.5 for the animation and Sony Acid Music Studio 10 for the SFX and score.

(AJ)   Trek Wars: The Darkness Awakens [Star Wars and Star Trek Mash Up].  Watch it here: (2:24).

(AK)  Star Trek Wars [A Star Wars v. Star Trek Comedy Fan Film] (24:47)

(AL) The Last Bastion (machinima drama)
Part 1: (3:03)
Part 2: (7:11)
Part 3: (12:11)
Part 4: (8:28)
Part 5: (13:42)
A Mr. Poe Production. Hosted by hunter17835:

(AM)  From Michael Stutelberg, "Galactic Geography," (Sets, costumes, teen fans, CGI, Star Trek/Star Wars crossover film),

(AN) The USS Millennium Falcon - A Star Wars/Star Trek Fan Film,  Sets, Costumes, CGI, green screens, adult fans. (3:49).

(AO)  STAR WARS V STAR TREK trailer -- fan trailer -- Battle for the Galaxy.  (Mostly a recut).

(AP)  Star Wars v. Star Trek Trailer -- Fan Made -- recut, mash-up.

(AQ)   Star Wars v. Star Trek (Animation, comparison of symbols)  From Zimbardo Kevin.

(AR) ...

(AS)  Star Wars VS Star Trek
Episode 1: 23, 2018)
Episode 2: 26, 2018)
Episode 3: 6, 2018)
Episode 4: 12, 2018)
Episode 5: Morrison Returns, 1, 2015)
Episode 5 1/2: 14, 2015)
Episode 6:  The Final Showdown (October 1, 2015)
Episode 7:  Empire Rising (27:01)(January 31, 2017)
Episode 8.1:  Clash of Powers: Aftermath 14, 2017)

(AT)  Star Trek vs. Star Wars, (July 7, 2018).

(AU) A Galactic parody, (13:31).  This is primarily a Star Wars fan film but the people discuss Star Trek expressly, so Star Trek is real within the universe of this film.

(AV) Porg Trek, a series in which Star Wars' creatures, the Porgs, run all the ships in Star Trek.
1)  Porg Trek Episode 01 (1:28) When Classic Star Trek Collides with Modern Star Wars! A comedy animation released 24 Sep 2018 by Beagle is Sleeping.
2)  Porg Trek Episode 02: (4:58). Released November 17, 2018.

(AW) Star Fleet v. The Empire Star Wars, (7:47).

(AX)  Toy Wars, Mego fight between Darth Vader and Dr. McCoy. (0:46)

(AY) From USS MGTOW (based around the idea of "Men Going Their Own Way"
Star Wrek (Star Trek / Star Wars crossover) (6:55) 25 May 2019

(AZ) Kirk and Picard vs Star Destroyer (1:18) 15 Jul 2019

For more Star Wars Fan Films, go to

II. Star Trek/Superman/DC
  A. Superman
The BORG Assimilate Krypton(2:59) Trailer only, creator hopes to suggest a film idea to the pros.

  B. Batman  Star Trek v. Batman Says it was "Named one of the top five Fanfilms of all time by Fan Cinema Today." The episode is in three parts.
Part 1: (9:04)
Part 1-2: (3:32)
Part 2: (4:56)

Fan Film Friday: ‘Star Trek Vs. Batman’

Batman vs. Star Trek
and in Hebrew:

 C.   Star Trek v. Batman
Part 1 (12:19)
Part 2 (20:55)
Part 3 (18:04)

Star Trek Meet The Batman, Corto en Stop-Motion from ESPACIO GEEK. Stop motion of action figures by Spanish-speaking filmmaker. (2:31) 25 Jul 2019.

For more Superheros Fan Films see

III. Star Trek/Flintstone
Stone Trek Classic crossover. Fred Flintstone-like Captain Kirkstone runs the U.S.S. Magnetize. Highly regarded by most critics.
A Review: Fan Film Friday: Stone Trek

IV. Star Trek/Aliens
(A.)    Star Trek: The Motion Comic(Part I of multiple)(8:06)
You Tube Home:  .  Comic type stills slightly moved to give a feeling of depth with word ballons and music.  Orion Press reports this project was abandon.

(B)  Euderion v. Aliens German with English subtitles, (live action, adult actors, green screens, Silver Age) ,

Sept. 21, 2016, Crossover German language film, Euderion vs. Aliens, (19:09).

V. Star Trek Meets the Matrix

VI.  Star Trek TNG/Pirates of the Caribbean

VII  Star Trek/Dr. Who
(A)  Trek/Dr Who for Christmas

(B)   This website offers several Star Trek v. Dr. Who films:

(C)  Short CGI only: (0:16)

(D) Doctor Who - Trek Through Time (27:00)

(E)  Trailer:  Doctor Who Meets Star Trek The Next Generation (3:01)

(F)  Under Audio Drama, See The Section 31 Files or go here: . Not all episodes are crossovers with Dr. Who.


(H)  Dr. Who Meets Star Trek (TNG) Crossover Trailer,

(I)  Time of The Enterprise/'Directors Cut/Star Trek and Dr. Who
Prior version:
Part 1: (TOS)
Part 2: (JJA)
Part 3: (JJA)
Part 4: (TNG)

(J)  Dr. Who "QUANTUM BREACH" Trailer (Star Trek Crossover) (3:40)

(K)  Star Trek Meets Dr. Who - When Space Police Collide.

(L) Displaced In Time, Fan Trailer, crossover with VOY,
11 Apr 2013, (1:51).

(M)  Doctor Into Darkness - Mock credits,
9 Aug 2014 (2:39)

(N)  The Bane of Khan - Fan Trailer Teaser by n2kmaster,
21 Jun 2018, (1:14)

VIII. Back to the Future/Star Trek

IX. Monty Python and Star Trek (1:39)
Another location: (1:40)

X.   Marvel/DC/Star Trek   (2:39)
Action Figures

XI.  Star Trek/Star Wars/Dr. Who/Stargate/ probably more that I don't know about.  Gateway Productions boarderlines on not being a fan film at all because it so completely mixes the elements of so many different franchises.  See

XII. Star Trek/Babylon 5

Star Trek v. Babylon 5.  Audio Track was disabled by You Tube.
Part 1:  (7:20) (audio disabled)
Part 2: (6:58) (audio active)
You Tube Channel:
No other parts are posted.

Star Trek v. Babylon 5  by
The Final Fight Part 1  (6:33)
The Final Fight Part 2 (6:08)

Adult Swim Star Trek v. Tardis: (0:46)

XIII.  Star Trek/Gilbert and Sullivan
That Mitchell and Webb Look (4:45)

XIV.  Documentaries About Fan Films (not only Trek)
Backyard Blockbusters:  Facebook Page:
Short film about the documentary: (3:45)

XV.  Star Trek/Star Wars/The Police (7:15).  Other links don't work as of this posting.

XVI.  Star Trek/Archer Moved to Star Trek Restricted, here:

XVII.  Star Trek/Stargate

(A) Videos are a bid to get Stargate Universe back on the air after cancellation.
Save Stargate Universe (A Star Trek Parody) "The Cancellation Effect" (5:39) Oct 26, 2011
The Cancellaton Effect 2 Cold Fridge Time Machine (6:04) (Nov 5, 2011)
The Cancellaton Effect 3:  Redshirt Guard v. Zombie Apocalyse (7:41) (Nov. 17, 2011)
The Cancellaton Effect 4:  Netflix CEO Reed Hastings v. Spacemen (8:05) Nov. 28, 2011
The Cancellaton Effect 5:  Andromeda Galaxy vs Network Executive (6:41) Dec. 14, 2011
The Cancellaton Effect 6: Robots, Time Travel, and the Menace from Space (9:25) January 1, 2012
The Cancellaton Effect 7: Barack Obama vs Alien Invaders! (4:21)  January 17, 2012
The Cancellaton Effect 8: Interview with a Starship Captain (4:59) April 11, 2012
The Cancellaton Effect 9:  Message from the Afterlife: (2:56)  June 9, 2012

(B) Stargate Star Trek (parody) (1:37)

XVIII.  Star Trek/Farscape
French film: FIND.  French crossover with Farscape.  Hello Geekette Le Fan Film
(1) Hello Geekette S1 E10 Le fan film 1/3 : Le Casting (4:30)
(2) Hello Geekette S1 E11 Le fan film 2/3 : Silence on tourne ! (6:48)
(3)   Hello Geekette S1 E12 Le fan film 3/3 : Far-Trek (6:08)

XIX.  Star Trek/ Quantum Leep
Quantum Trek (2:06)

XX.  Star Trek/House of Cards
House of Picards - Trailer Parody (2:33)

XXI.  Star Trek/BSG
Star Trek/BSG

XXII.  Star Trek/Lost
FBE, used high quality action figures to create LOST Parody #9 - Star Trek: The LOST Generation (4:20), part of their series which is a parody of crossovers between popular TV series of the time eg. Batman, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures, Back to the Future. Playlist of the series here

XXIII Star Trek/South Park
SW Park-Star Trek Klingons Attack (2:37)
A (Short) TNG XMAS Special from Digital Creativity Club. A Christmas Special in the style of South Park from last year. (1:25) 8 Dec 2018.

XXIIIa.  Star Trek/South Park/Tarantino/more Tarantino Trek: The Mash-up to Upset EVERYONE, (2:14)

XXIV.  Star Trek/Marvel.

She-Hulk and Captain Kirk (0:42)

XXV.  Star Trek/Lost In Space
Star Trek: Lost In Space (1:40)
Star Trek Meets Lost In Space: (16:00)(Mash-up)

The creator says this is a fragment of  a larger story.  I am therefore holding the Headline for the rest of it:
New Release from Bill BalchStar Trek: Lost In Space (1:40).   For more Franchise Crossover films, see

XXVI. Doctor Who/Red Dwaft/Star Trek/Agents of Shield(Marvel Universe)/Torchwood/S
The Bard of Plotagon
Too #SciFi for you! (4:57)

XXVII.  Rocky Jones v. Star Trek.  The creator points out that Star Trek is a lot like the earlier, forgotten TV series, Rocky Jones. (4:45)

XXVIII.  Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effects and Halo.  All original footage, live action, CGI, adult fans, no recuts.  from Calvin Romeyn, "Galactic Battles 2018, (17:46)

XXIX.  Star Trek, Star Wars, Alien, Lost in Space, Marvel Universe (Wolverine), and Canadian muscian Les Emerson, crossover Mego Fan Film, (1:37)


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  1. after watching Doctor Who Meets Star Trek The Next Generation...,
    as a Star Trek fan i have to agree with the maker of the film: "No, No, No... A Thousand Times No...", but as a Dr Who fan i have to say this is a Dr Who episode i totally would love to see!

    just think about it. the Dr Who universe is much bigger than the Star Trek universe. Dr Who works by picking up any kind of unexplained idea and giving it some sort of rational explanation. so meeting the enterprise (or any other ship for that matter) and join them exploring unusual space phenomena or first contact situations would just be what a Dr Who would do...

    greetings, eMBee!