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(246) Star Trek Games, Comics, and Prose and selected other Creative Fan Trek

246  NB:  This website does not include Music Videos. For Music Videos, see Final Frontier Media  However, I will mention the Star Trek Themed band, Five Year Mission.  Their You Tube channel is here:

Star Trek Audio Drama has been moved to Blog 247, Star Trek Audio Drama



Star Trek related games were discussed regularly on the Twelve Trek Days of Christmas, the latest update of this is the fanzine released for Christmas 2018 which is still available from here...
The link to the latest version of the fanzine is in the description

Here's a listing of what a writer thinks are the best Star Trek games:
For more on games:

5th Special Operations Division
RP Org (STO based? Forum/text based?) -
Youtube channel
Star Trek: Astraeus, New opening for game - every Friday at 3:30pm Pacific

Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator (12:37)

Eighth Fleet  (A game or part of a game)

Excalibur Game (Fan Game)

Last Outpost
RP Game Org based on ST Elite Force game environment Star Trek: Temporal Leap - The Final Chapter - Trailer

Operation Olympus (game)

Rifleman80 is hard to classify.  He identifies himself with a game, Bridge Commander.  He creates spaceship and space battle shorts... one could argue they are short films, not just parts of games.  I have added him here:   But since he self-classifies at a game person, he is also here.  This is his You Tube Home:  He has, as of this writing (12/20/2013) 242 individual 'uploads', almost all of which appear to be short animations.
Some other Rifleman80 work: (chosen without rhyme or reason)
The Raid on Earth Outpost 9(5:19) by Rifleman80. Time, September 2390.
Description: A Mercenary vessel doing a job for the Romulan Empire, seek a Federation starship that starfleet itself thought was destroyed. This particular vessel is the sister ship of the Constitution refit that fought during the Antares Incident and was responsible for crippling the Romulan, Klingon as well as the Federation fleet. It was instrumental in putting the Dominion back into their home systems. But the Tal'Shiar's new found weapon will now be used against its creator. This time, its computer is not flawed like the earlier one. Expect this one to kick some royal ass.
Star Trek Lost Era TNG and DS9 (Silver Age) Enterprise F, Admiral Rifleman commanding. Home Base is Southern Ohio.
Intro doesn't lead to or promise a film.
A fan of Rifleman 80:
A Tribute to Rifleman 80 by

Star Fleet Academy 
(1996) with William Shatner as an instructor:
It turns out this is part of a game.
More from You tube:
Starfleet Academy (PC) Preview
Opening Sequence:
This says it's a game.
Starfleet Academy: (joke about JJ Abrams and Felicity)
Starfleet AcademyKirk on the Excaliber
Starfleet Academy Chekov briefing cadets:
Starfleet Academy Chekov and Sulu:
Starfleet Academy - Resolution of a plot point(2:20)
Star Trek - SA #02 - Crew Assembly(1:46) (In German)
Starfleet Academy Sulu to the Rescue
Starfleet Academy Kirk makes an offer
Starfleet Academy Joke on Kirk
Starfleet Academy Sulu makes an offer
Starfleet Academy Finale
Starfleet Academy End Sequence 1

Starfleet : The First Era (a game)

Star Trek (Game based on the JJ Abrams Movies. Playthrough)

Star Trek: Andromeda (a game)

Star Trek: Bridge Commander (A game.) SEE Rifleman80.
Work by RifleMan80.

Star Trek Bridge Crew

Star Trek: A Call to Duty (An online role playing game sanctioned by Paramount)

Star Trek: Captain Pike's Log (9:08)

Star Trek: Conquest. A Game.
Trailer: (1:09)
This user has a series of "Episodes" based on this game:

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Fallen
PC video game. The story focuses primarily on the efforts of Starfleet to acquire the three orbs of the Pah-wraiths.
A quick walkthrough of the early stages of the game
All Cutscenes

Star Trek: Dissonance Intro (1:07)
On Sep 25, the Credits/Introduction for a new weekly RPG show hosted by Gamers Ledge using the Star Trek Adventures pen and paper role playing game system was released. Follow their YouTube channel at for the game episodes. For more about the game see

Star Trek Elite Force and Star Trek Elite Force 2 Games.  Files for download and enhancement of these games:

Star Trek: Excalibur (two games with the same name)
This game appears to have been abandon.
They may be related in some way.
Star Trek: A Final Unity (interactive adventure or game.) Listed like a Fan Film, I watched the first two 45 minutes segments and concluded it was somebody running out the game and recording it.  If somebody has a different opinion, I'm interested.  The segments are listed at (d) below.  There are six, and they are called 'episodes'.

Star Trek: Freedom (a game)

Star Trek: Hidden Evil (a game).
JF Media offers the following playthroughs:

Star Trek: Independence The following states it is part of a Role Playing Game named Bravo Fleet:

Star Trek: Infinity (a game)

Star Trek Judgement Rites, a Complete Game Play-through of all 8 episodes:  (6:31:07)

Star Trek Klingon, an interactive movie/computer game released May 1996
Video (1:09:33)

Star Trek Legacy (a game) related BB:, related videos:
Here are some play-throughs from JF Media Studios:

Star Trek Legacy, The Ultimate Universe Mod

Unrelated Star Trek Legacy Playthrough:

Star Trek Online (a game) .   You Tube Channel:  Launch Party in UK .  Article in Issue 14 of Trekkie Central Magazine:
Klingon Ground and Ground combat:

Here are a series of play-throughs by DJRoyster Entertainment.  He calls the set, "Star Trek Atlantis"
Season 1, Episode No:
1.    Stranded in Space (20:14)
2.    Diplomatic Orders (32:06)
3.    Hide & Seek (28:07)
4.    Stop the Signal  (20:51)
5.    Researcher Rescue  (29:01)
6.    The Kuvah Magh  (36:52)
7.    Treasure Trading Station (26:36)
8.    War Is Good For Business  (37:18)
8.    Secret Orders (36:09)
9.    Task Force Hippocrates  (35:29)
10.  The Neutral Zone (24:14)
11.  Spin the Wheel (27:43)
12.  What Lies Beneath  (36:38)
13.  Everything Old Is New  (29:32)
14.  Night of the Comet  (33:58)
15.  The Ultimate Klingon  (28:43)
16.  The Doomsday Device  (36:04)
17.  City On The Edge Of Never (22:55)
18.  Through The Looking Glass  (29:38)
19.  Temporal Ambassador  (30:48)

Star Trek Atlantis, the Movie, "The Secrets of Nimbus III"

Season 2, Episode No:
1.    Under the Cover of Night  (30:32)
2.    Minefield  (42:03)
3.    Divide et Impera (37:06)
4.    Saturday's Child  (22:45)
5.    Pre Emptive Strike (39:46)
6.    Hunting the Hunters (27:25)
7     Protect Nightingale  (42:34)
8     By Any Means (30:25)
9     Ground Zero (44:38)
10.  Ghost Ship Pt. 1 (25:16)
11.  Ghost Ship Pt. 2 (25:48)
12.  Friend of My Enemy (34:04)
15.  S'harians Sword (30:12)
17.  Mine Enemy + (45:42)

An introduction to somebody's ship:

Star Trek: Origins (a game) (Stone Age)

Star Trek: Solanogen  (A game).

Star Trek: Ultimate Universe (a set of games)
location: Plattsburgh, NY, USA
Chris Jones has uploaded over 50 videos to You Tube, too many to include here when they are clearly parts of games. They may not all be part of the same game, but he is clearly a gamer who produces related videos.
More Star Trek: Ultimate Universe:
Ultimate Universe, Full Version 1.0

Star Trek, the Video Game, 
which was supposed to be a bridge between the two JJ Abrams films. posted these play-throughs
Episode  1: Experimental Power Station (25:25)
Episode  2: The Gorn (24:33)
Episode  3: Calling In The Airstrike (20:02)
Episode  4: Commodore Daniels (20:26)
Episode  5: Evacuation (27:01)
Episode  6: The Power Station (21:32)
Episode  7: Falling Through Space (26:43)
Episode  8: A Chase Through The Enterprise (22:33)
Episode  9: Infiltrate The Outpost (25:12)
Episode 10: Lost In The Core (25:26)
Episode 11: Time For A Swim (26:19)
Episode 12: Complex Laboratories (26:04)
Episode 13: The Trials (18:53)
Episode 14: The Warp Core (21:23)
Episode 15: Release The Antidote (23:54)
Episode 16: Aboard The Mothership (19:54)
Episode 17: Destruction Of The Helios (22:51)12)

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force and Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force II (both Games). Wikipedia:
Films posted by : More than 45 segments:
Example: (9:48)
Fewer segments by Also: Star Trek Elite Force Fan Film. I have been informed by a person who says he is familiar with this game that this 'fan film' is just the segments of the game run out, and is not an independent film. Links are listed in (c), below.
This appears to be a Machinima in 9 parts made from the game, Star Trek Voyager Elite Force. It is posted by cripplehawk.
This website is similar:;2616 but I have not personally examined it to determine if it is a game or a film.
Also available at Metacafe:

Games that look like films:Stellaris  A game.  Videos of play-throughs at this channel:

USS Amazon (A RPG)

USS London (A game)

USS Takeda Shingen (game, or part of a game)

WilsonMD's You Tube Channel, makes up some ships for games. Star Trek Prometheus - A Little Refit, (14:57) and The USS Ariel (7:22).


Machinma animation

On Veoh, by  Sternitzky,

The descriptions are in English and German, although the version I found has English audio, German subtitles.  This name is listed as a licensed Game in Wikipedia, and this listing could be wrong, but the length of the videos does not seem very game-like.  If somebody attempts to watch this and it is NOT a fan film, please comment or e-mail me.

To watch the entire show, it appears you have to join Veoh, and download their player.  Their player has the following requirements:

*Windows XP SP2 or later / Vista
*1GHz Pentium class processor ( 2.8 GHz or faster processor for High Definition video)
*512 MB Memory (1GB for High Definition video)
*32 MB Video Memory (64 MB for High Definition video)
*100 MB of free disk space (500 MB or more for downloading video)
*Broadband Internet connection (for streaming and downloading video)
*Internet Explorer (version 7 recommended) or Firefox 3 (for downloading video)
*Adobe Flash Player 9.0.115 or greater

I do not know if this can be done with a Mac, Unix, Linix or other computer operating system. I did no see instructions for that, but it may have just detected that I had a PC.

He has produced Six Episodes, each between 45 minutes and an hour long.


One listing of Star Trek Prose, see
There are a number of websites that offer fanfiction, including:"Star+Trek"&ready=1  and , but for a more complete list of fan fiction websites go to Guides to Other Star Trek Materials

For a listing of Star Trek Comics See
For a listing of Star Trek Parody Cartoons See .  This website appears to require a fee to access the bulk of it's content, and often send you places that themselves require searching to find the content... if it's there at all.
List of humourous essays about Star Trek:

The following lists includes, an assortment of Star Trek related games, comics, prose, and mixed media products (like a video production of a storybook with a lot of pictures) as well as non-Trek items with Star Trek names, but makes no attempt to include all of these:

Action Tales (Fan Fiction, Spanish)  thread discussing this at Phase II
Ad Astra: Star Trek Fan fiction Archive.  Each fiction is rated for language individually.  Some contain adult language.

Airship Enterprise.  Steampunk comic.

Angels of Acheron (A video photographic comic book)  Part 1 (only worked for me in Internet Explorer).  However, Part I and II are now available on You Tube.  Here is a link to their You Tube homepage:

Chief O'Brian at Work (comics)

Comic Books (pro comics read aloud on video) (several comics

Epiphany Trek (Star Trek prose).
Evil Picard (Star Trek still with funny balloons and captions)

Guardian Force (Fan Fiction)

Infernos Light Part 1 from Admiralsniper Productions. (14:29) 13 Feb 2020.

Issuu -- online publisher.  A subgroup run by Kirok of L'Stok, an Aussie Klingon, has published fan prose.
Kirk/Spock: The Copyright Infringement (video of stills with photos from TOS discussing fan copyright infringement issues)

Little Trek a series of original photos using dolls and a miniature set which the creator thinks tells a story.  I was unsure what the story was.

Meerkat Star Trek (small knitted animals in TOS uniforms) also

Peter Anspach's Star Trek Parodies (Prose)

The Q Gambit, a video reading of comic books,
Cause and Effect Parts 1 and 2:

The Malevolence of Purity from nasarocketmodelacademy. How would McCoy have handled a Facehugger? (14:29) 23 Feb 2020.

Snake in the High Grass, Parts 3 and 4: Axanar Stop Motion Comic : Arcanis IV An AI writes an amazing Star Trek: TNG novel

Starship ParasolStarship Parasol (A web comic)
Part 1: (3:43)
Part 2: (3:42)

Starship Saladin (Mixed media, but mostly fan fiction stories)

Discussion with imbedded links to Vimeo:
You Tube channel of creator:
Star Trek: Episode 1:  Never Concede   (26:13)
Star Trek: Episode 2:  Attack on New Valcan  (41:10)
Star Trek: Episode 3:  A New Threat  (1:38:04)
Star Trek: Episode 4:  Strange New World (1:17:26)
Star Trek: Episode 5:  Our Friendship (1:37:26)

Star Trek: Angels of Acheron (Video Storybook sequel to ST:TMP) You Tube Home:
Episode 1
Part 1 (13:38)
Part 2 (13:49)
Part 3 (13:49)
Part 4 (12:01)
Part 5 (10:29)

Episode 2 Shadow Puppets.
Prologue: (0:47)

Star Trek: Atlantica (Video credits for a fan fiction series)

Star Trek: Atlantis (Playthrough of Parts of Star Trek Online)
Season 1
Episode 1:  Stranded In Space
Episode 2:  Diplomatic Orders
Episode 3:  Hide & Seek
Episode 4:  Stop the Signal
Episode 5:  Researcher Rescue
Episode 6:  The Kuvah'Magh
Episode 7:  Treasure Trading Station
Episode 8:  War Is Good For Business
Episode 9:  Task Force Hippocrates
Episode 10: The Neutral Zone
Episode 11: Spin The Wheel
Episode 12: What Lies Beneath
Episode 13: Everything Old Is New
Episode 14: Night Of The Comet
Episode 15: The Ultimate Kingdom
Episode 16: The Doomsday Device
Episode 17: City On The Edge of Never
Episode 18: Through The Looking Glass
Episode 19: Temporal Ambassador

Episode 8:  Secret Orders

Season 2
Episode 1:  Under The Cover Of Night
Episode 2:  Minefield
Episode 3:  Divide et Impera
Episode 4:  Saturday's Child
Episode 5:  Pre Emptive Strike
Episode 6:  Hunting The Hunters
Episode 7:  Protect Nightingale
Episode 8:  By Any Means
Episode 9:  Ground Zero
Episode 10: GhostShip (Part 1)
Episode 11: GhostShip (Part 2)
Episode 12: Friend Of My Enemy
Episode 13: Taris
Episode 14: Trapped
Episode 15: S'harians Sword
Episode 16: The Vault
Episode 17: Mine Enemy
Episode 18: Frozen
Episode 19: Coliseum Part 1:
Episode 20: Coliseum Part 2:

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Power Loss by Jennifer Renner.

Star Trek: Dragon (A Fan Novel)

Star Trek: Eagle Star (Fan Prose)

Star Trek: Enterprise Season 5 (A video of stills with prose superimposed on them)

Sadly, if you missed this series it appears you missed it.  You Tube has removed it due to objections from CBS.  For the moment (June 19, 2011)

Star Trek: The Expedition renamed Tales of Discovery.

Star Trek: Final Requium.  An Audio Book.

Star Trek: Heritage (a novel) reviewed at

Star Trek: The Interim Years (fan fiction website, UK)

Star Trek: The Intrepid Adventures (planning a comic or other medium) TOS era. See also  Facebook page:

Star Trek: Mirror Wars (audio; reported to be available only from iTunes.) Fan Novel of the same Name: Star Trek: Mirror Wars The website claims to have an episode available which will be posted soon. It also says it wants to do it over using another format.
They are home in the UK, and request help with Macromedia Flash. Their episode download page claims as of the end of August 2009 they have an episode completed and ready for release very shortly. However, that website may have been abandon for as much as 4 years, since a second website with the same name features a fan novel.
Season 1 Movie Download Page
Transition to new website page
Season 1 Novel Download Page
Season 2 Novel Page annoucement
This appears to be a fan novel set in the late 26th century (Frank Ricker is born in 2545 and retires in 2600; Bronze Age). I have tried to e-mail them.

Star Trek: New Era (A video comic book read aloud, with narration)
Episode 1 Aswaan, teaser trailer
Episode 2 Aswann,

Star Trek: New Worlds A website which collects an anthology of fan fiction.  Details at:

Star Trek: Pioneer  Star Trek: Pioneer Filmmaker is   but he speaks of them as 'related to my fan fiction series.' 4 of the 5 are under 2 minutes. These are just trailers and teasers for a fan audio drama. He has five videos, all openings and trailers.

Star Trek: Pioneer Opening Season 5 (version 2)
Star Trek: Sigils and Unions (fan fiction by Nerys Ghemor)
Star Trek: Star Fleet Marines See: Blog 98.

Star Trek: Tamerlane (Fan Comics)

Starship Saladin (fan novels)

Star Wars v. Star Trek: A narration with stills illustrating the story.
Part 1:  The Empire INVADES The Federation
Part 2:  The Empire at War with the Federation!

Trekmania (A website dedicated to classes of Starships)

Universe at War (2:41)

USS Tamerlane (A web graphic novel)
An article on the USS Tamerlane in Issue 14 of Trekkie Central Magazine:

The 'FASA-Trek' Four Years WAR Explanation & Breakdown! is a dramatised naration of the fictional background to "Return To Axanar" and "The Four Years War" which were supplement scenarios or 'adventures' published in 1986 for Star Trek: The Role Playing Game, a role-playing game published and edited by FASA Corporation from 1982 to 1989.
Part 1 (17:39) 11 Jan 2019
Part 2 (16:43) 7 Jun 2019
For more about Star Trek: The Role Playing Game


  1. Hmmm, "Stuff that LOOKS like Star Trek films but isn't". Is it just me or does that sound slightly negative? I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say that it sounds disappointed. I can assure you that none of the audio dramas you have listed here seek to mislead users into thinking that they are films.
    Kirok of L'Stok
    PS That should be "Tales of Death and Honour"

  2. Thanks for the correction. This is supposed to be an all-inclusive list of names or trailers that struck me (or somebody else on a Trek discussion website) as being possibly a Trek film but wasn't. I hope you like the new name better. The name was never "Stuff that pretends to be Star Trek films and isn't" or "Stuff that falsely holds itself out to be Star Trek Films and isn't." It was always just an attempt to include a list of names which don't belong in the list of Trek films. A little humor was intended. The list is inspired by a post in the Trek BBS where a guy asks the "Exhaustive List of Star Trek films and audio drama" why they haven't included.... and lists a bunch of names, only one of which was an actual film or audio drama. The rest were games, novels, or just meaningless trailers with nothing, or other trailers on You Tube for things that weren't films, games, novels, or audio drama. (Toys, whatever) The idea is to say to a blog reader, "Yeah, I know about Star Trek: The Blue Dolphin, but it's not a film, it's an aftershave."

  3. Then in that case you need to be more precise in your scope, "Star Trek Reviewed is a viewer-oriented guide to Star Trek produced by fans ...", sounds like you are reviewing *all* Star Trek fan productions. If you are only interested in Star Trek fan films, (audio drama is an acquired taste) please say so up-front.

    I'd hate the readers of an otherwise creditable attempt at an all-inclusive list to get unintentionally negative connotations. Why not just label the section, "Other Star Trek Fan Productions" or "Star Trek Fan Productions In Other Media"?


  4. Not everything on this list will be a Star Trek fan production. I already have a listing which uses the name "Star Trek" which is not a Star Trek product. I ran into others before I created this list. At least one of the games appears to be professionally produced. A commercial which uses Trek themes could be on this list. So your suggestions do not correctly describe this list. If you feel that the title, "Star Trek Names Not Associated with Star Trek Films" is insulting in some way, I'm sorry. But nothing you've said makes me agree with that idea, and I don't agree with your assessment.

    I have altered the top of this blog to better reflect the limitations of the blog. It would be impossible in the small number of letters up there to put all of this Blog's limits. That is the purpose of Blog 240, "Why Star Trek Reviewed." That essay was originally the very first blog, but I thought it would be of little interest to my target audience, so I moved it down here, to a location I expected to be read only by the very involved Trekkie.

    As a fan audio producer you are not my target audience. My target audience is the less involved Star Trek liker (not lover) who might enjoy the best of the fan films if they could locate them without a lot of work.

    While I do not know how I would reach those mild Trek fans, I know that I could not find a website for people who like but don't love Trek. Most of the Trek websites are for people who are very involved in Trek.

    I have received e-mails from some Trek Filmmakers that I have already located films that they did not know existed, when they thought they knew every film that existed. So, contrary to my original intention, this blog may have some interest for the more serious Trekkie who wants to watch every fan film available. I do intend to locate many fan films. If this blog turns out to be useful to the serious Trekkie, that's great. That is not the purpose of this blog. None of the lists here claim to be exhaustive. Blog 246 is just a way to keep tract of each name I've already determined isn't a fan film. I am not trying to locate every audio drama, every game, every commercial, every mislabeled or misnamed film or computer mouse in the world. I just don't want to look at the same Star Trek: The X Files crossover game six times before I start recognizing it. And then I don't want to look at it again when six other people point it out to me because they have no way to know that I have already figured out it's not a fan film. The purpose of this list is just to say, "Yeah, I know that 'Star Trek: Superman Returns!' exists, but it's a Superman fan film, not a Star Trek Fan film. This list will save me a lot of time when somebody points out stuff which I have already figured out is clearly beyond the scope of this blog.

    I have added two of your blogs to my listing of other websites with information on Star Trek, although I have not yet spent enough time there to correctly classify these websites, or any of your websites correctly to determine if they should be in Blog 249 or 250. Again, these blogs are not attempting to include every website, and I may, upon review not include one or all or your websites. Those listings are not intended to be exhaustive, only useful.

    There is no claim that ANY of these lists are exhaustive. The only list I am even vaguely interesting in making exhaustive is the list of non-parody fan films. Yet I make no claim that that list is complete, either. It is more complete than the so-called 'exhaustive' list on the Trek BBS.

    In short, the purpose of this blog is to help the mild to moderate Trek fan sample the best of the non-parody Star Trek fan films, and find other Star Trek fan films they might like. I am not making any claims or determinations about any Trek-labeled product or production included in Blog 246. Being included in Blog 246 only states that the item is beyond the scope of this blog.

  5. Friend, this is your website to do with as you see fit. I am just pointing things out for your consideration and leaving it to your sense of duty to do with as you see fit.

    If you feel that what you have here is a fair and honest representation of your stated scope then by all means follow the dictates of your own heart and trounce the consequences

    However if I think that your work could be misinterpreted in an unfavourable manner by the public I, for my part, have a duty of care to point this out to you so that you can consider it and redress the grievance if you think there is one to correct.

    In other words I merely remind you of what I see as the facts, and leave the rest to your sense of duty

    Hear that high pitched humming noise? That's W. S. Gilbert hitting 120rpm's! (^V^)


    FYI I'm more of a commentator on fan productions than a producer but what little I have done have been full cast audio books rather than audio dramas. You should try the theatre of the mind some time, its quite liberating.

  6. Kirok of L'Stok I have made revisions of this set of blogs based on your comments and I do thank you for them. The wording you found was written before I realized that I would never review the audio dramas. It was my original intent to include them after finishing my reviews of all fan films. I now have doubt about when I will complete that much more limited task. However, Star Trek is not my only interest and the extent and volume of fan films is at least an order of magnitude larger than I had imagined when I started this blog. The reality gradually settled in that I had to cut the scope of this set of blogs. I do expect to retain at least one link to your blogs or commentaries, probably at 249. If you have written reviews of Trek materials I may also have links to those eventually.

  7. Cool, not sure how mine got on here ( but I appreciate the inclusion. Never noticed it before, but now that I have I'll be sure to include a link to this site from my own. One thing, more of a nit-pick then anything else, you don't need the Station in the title. It's simply Guardian Force.

  8. Thank you for the correction, rfickeli1985, it has been done. How it got in here, ... I found it, or somebody else found it and alerted me to it. I have hundreds of links in this website, and keeping track of how I got any given link is more work than I am prepared to do. I leave that to the Wiki people. I just keep drawing lines. I exclude Music Videos, for example. New York may be the City that never Sleeps, but there are still just 24 hours in a day here.

  9. haha, too true. There never seems to be enough time in the day.

  10. I am a long time Trek Fan. Currently I am working with a friend to build the entire Enterprise 1701 in 3D. So far we have all the decks built, most of the major rooms, a working shuttlebay with shuttles, and most of the crew quarters complete.

    Having lots of fun exploring the ship. If your interested check out our site,

    Enjoy and keep up the neverending 5 year mission...

  11. Bless you for this post. Your site seems terrific (hope it is still going strong), but I was really looking for a list of books that parody Star Trek, and this finally got me there! LLAP!