Saturday, June 27, 2009

(29) Star Trek: Frontier

(20) Star Trek: Frontier
This is a form of minimalist animation which is apparently called "machinima" The ship is not the Enterprise. Although the author has stated he doesn't intend to make another, You Tube seems to have at least part of an additional episode. Captain Decker commands a starship Star League which picks up injured Klingons who say they were attacked by a Federation vessel. Captain Decker and the crew of the Star League investigate.

The Episode 1
Opening, Titles:
Act I:
Act II:
Act III:
Act IV:


The creator claims he won't be doing another episode, at least for a while, but may come back later and work on one called, "A Matter of Time."  I found this:

Episode 2:

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  1. as in the comments on trekbbs, for machinima i found this was quite good. i think it shows that the creator is a writer. the story and the characters had depth. and while some other machinima i have seen left me disappointed, this one makes me ask for more!

    greetings, eMBee.