Saturday, June 27, 2009

(35) Calvertfilm Presents

35  Two shorts from 1998.  Both involve the TOS Enterprise.

The Intrepid Finale, a 1998 combo of live action, clips, and stop-action animation from Calvertfilm out of Romford, England, UK

Excellent! Rating: 4

Well Written, well acted. I have to say that the special effects are only adequate, due to the age of the film. It's entertaining, well directed, well edited. No point, but what do you want in under six minutes?

The Brave and the Valiant (6:59) Rating: 3.    The writing is minimal, the acting and use of sets are good, especially for the time this film was made. It is only slightly entertaining, but well directed and edited. It's 7 minutes long, and that includes over a minute on credits, so no point.

Laurie Calvert was kind enough to write and offer this additional insight into these two short films:

... As a matter of interest, here is some more info for you. You can use it if you wish, or just read it now.

The Intrepid Finale was inspired by the Doomsday Machine episode. In fact the line at the end is derived from the end of that episode. Other clips are from The Ultimate Computer episode. I wanted to see several ships attacking as in that show.

The Brave & the Valiant was more drama based. I built a basic interior shuttle in my garage, and set fire to it with fireworks. This wasn't dramatic enough, so effects were animated over the top using Photoshop. I didn't have any CGI software at the time... If you wish to link to my two main web pages you can:

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