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(247) Star Trek Audio Dramas

Audio production list is alphabetical by name.  Drama is in red/brown, comedy in yellow.

It has been pointed out to me that Audio Books are different than Audio dramas.  For the time being, I will be listing them in light blue at the end of these listings.  I may later integrate them, move them to games, fan fiction, and other, or do something else with them.  However, both can be listened to during a commute or exercise, so for now, I place them here.

Other sources of overall information:
Some more details about the overall productions listed below can be found here:
A summary of Audio Drama as of Dec. 31, 2011:  An excellent older listing is here:  The listings below are more current.... and I try to update them regularly... at least once a month.
Audio files!  Trek Radio offers you All Trek, All the Time! .  Also, see

Audio Productions, Alphabetical by Name.

Captain's Log, Accidental

Dispatches from the Romulan War (Audio mini series)

Excaliber Logs  Golden Age;  The creator considers it an audio drama. 2D low-quality animation, mechanical voices.  (there are three existing audio and video shows with the name Star Trek: Excaliber, but not Excaliber Logs) From Gary Davis,

This seems to be part of the "Star Trek: Outlaws" website.  Also there: Drednaught Dominion.  I will be investigating the relationship with that series, and the Star Trek: Outlaws series itself.

"Who Haunts This Ship."
Chapter 1: (15:13)
Chapter 2: (28:56)
Chapter 3: (37:16).

Combined into a single video: (1:21:39).(August 11, 2015)

Federation Rebirth.  (Audio Drama)  Produced by Shady Beach Productions.  Some of the same individuals as Star Trek: Requirius.  For Star Trek Requirius see
Episode 1: Rebirth (13:27). (Released Sept. 26, 2011)

Trailer for Episode 2: (1:51)

The Galaxy Quest Restoration Project  Comedy Audio Series, from Fictionshed.  Website: (downloads of all episodes here;)  Facebook Page:

Episode 1, "Grey is Gray."  Listen or download here: (21:55) or here: (21:55).

"Interview" (5:07)

Episode 2, "Lilith" (29:05)

Episode 3, "Balance of Darkness," (39:35).

Gates of STo'vo'kor  Audio Drama based on Star Trek Online.  Klingons.  Active Production.  53 Episodes ready for listening as of September 15, 2015.  Website here:


Season 3 Episode 1, "Messages from the Outback Part 1": (33:19)here:  (33:18) or here: .

Review (January 13, 2015)

Griffith Trek by Jared Cowing.  A one-shot, written and recorded to accompany a geocaching game at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles California.   Cowing considers himself primarily a composer, so pay particular attention to the music.  It is composed of four files totaling 19 minutes 46 seconds.  Listen here:

Henglaar, MD (Audio series), from Hidden Frontier Productions,
For itunes, see
HMD 1.01, "Recalled To Life" (40:23)
HMD 1.02, "Best Served Cold" (32:32)
HMD 1.03, "Risk Factors" (33:34)
HMD 1.04, "Good With Words" (34:28)
HMD 1.05, "Profit Without Honor" (38:13)
HMD 1.06, "Vector of Infection" (30:25)
HMD 1.07 "Final Exam" (48:41)

Released June 9, 2013:
HMD 2.01 "Graduation, Part One"
(Running Time - 37:51)
HMD 2.02 "Graduation, Part Two"
(Running Time: 47:16)
A review:
HMD 2.01 "Graduation" The director's edition,   (82:24)(1:22:24)   (Released May 23, 2015)
Listen or download here:  (82:24)(1:22:24)   (Released May 23, 2015)
HMD 2.03, Preview, "First cut" (Aug 30, 2015)
Preview, "Third Cut" (final preview) (1:55).  (Released 12/08/2015)


A Hidden Frontier Production

Main Cast

Commander Henglaar, M.D., played by John Whiting
Cadet Recruit Silan, played by Evin Wald (substituting for Heather Ashleigh)
Lt. Vonus, M.D., played by Jeannie Lin
Lt. Lucas Noah, M.D., played by Timothy Fritts
Lt. Profto, M.D., played by Mark Samarias

Recurring Cast

Commander Stu Karsten, played by Rick Pike
Lt. Ken Kato, played by Scott Fack
CPO Paul Lindquist, played by Michael Harding
Lt. Commander Andrus Mio, played by Casey Jones
Centurion Rulok played by Will Dees
Subcommander Nonia played by Tammy Klein
Fleet Captain David MacKay played by Scott Butler
Lt. (J.G.) Greylan Viix played by Alex Matthews

Guest Cast

Lt. (J.G.) Shelev played by Brettney Perr
Lt. (J.G.) Isabel Miranda played by Elise Jackson
Sublieutenant Quintius played by Jeremy Lynn
Cole Computer Voice played by Andrew Foster
Centurion Tilaran played by Casey Jones
Ensign Davies played by Chris Ryan
Cole Operations Officer played by Elisa Eliot
Lt. Commander Seletek played by Bodo Hartwig
Admiral Kelkene played by David W. Hill


Director: David W. Hill

Theme: Mary Kouyoumdjian
Additional Music: Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, and David Newman

Editor and Audio Engineer: David W. Hill

Casting Director and Associate Producer: Kestra Oliver

Medical Advisors: Ferrell Pierson, M.D., Seán Paul Teeling and Ariel Vitali, M.D.

Technical Consultant: Jonathan Connor

Producers: Alex Matthews and Mark Painter
Executive Producers: Rob Caves and David W. Hill

Not yet released:
HMD 2.02 "Graduation, Part Two"

Trailer for Season 2:

Old Facebook Page:
New Facebook Page:

Preview for HMD 2.03, "Internal Affairs."

Improvised Star Trek has a mixture of audio and film.  It may not have enough film to justify a film listing, but for now, the whole series can be found here: . It is also listed here under USS Sisyphus, infra.   Download them from iTunes here:

The Psychotic Hour - Return of Vorg

The Section 31 Files .  See also Star Trek: The Section 31 Files.

Space Vessel Bird  Primary Website:
Episode 1: (Still only episode as of 12/24/2013)

Species Diversity and You  Can be downloaded here:

Starfleet Renegades (Video/Audio series)  (Second episode released February 22, 2008, third released November 2014.  Most recent discussion as of June 3, 2012, promises updates 'soon.'  Webpage: ;  root here:
Episode 1, Piracy of the Noble, can be viewed here: (25:15) or downloaded from this page:
Episode 2, Court Martial, I'm looking.
Episode 3, Eulogies, here:

Star Rabbit Tracks (Audio)  See also for details.
Home Page:
Best Listing as of December 31, 2011,
8 episodes in first season.  10 episodes of second season released (as of December 24, 2013), a Christmas episode, and (as of Nov. 6, 2014) 3 episodes in the third season.
As of June 23, 2015, a Christmas episode had been released after  Nov. 6, 2014, but nothing since.
All episodes in reverse order (last release is first) here:

Starship Excelsior  See Star Trek: Excelsior

Starship Saladin  Starship Saladin  Golden Age.   This series has now also released film, so the entire series can be found here:

This audio episode was released on May 23, 2013, but follows the not-yet-released animated episode: (9:10)

Planning a 3D Animation, has already produced prose stories by adult fan out of Austin, Texas USA.   A Christian Captain copes as a minority faith in the Star Trek Universe.  Plans to go to production of live shows after completing animation.  He has a thread in the Phase II Forums which discusses activity, usually comics and prose, regularly.  See
Here is a short clip: or download:

Here is the title sequence: (1:49)
Here is a later title sequence: (March 16, 2012): (1:50)

Here is a short part (not in final form) released in honor of Star Trek's 46th anniversary. (2:40)

He has expressed the hope that their first animated episode will be released in 2013.  His link at the Star Trek New Voyages forum was actively being updated January, 2013.

This is their facebook page:

Star Trek: Argo Proposed Audio Drama casting as of February 5, 2015.

Star Trek: The Angriness of Rojoy  Article. Comedy/Parody, but not actually available.

Star Trek: The Continuing Mission (Audio)
Has links to 8 episodes as of May 19, 2014.

Season 1
Episode 1, released December 25, 2010, "Ghost Ship" (26:35)
Episode 2, released July 27, 2011, "Integration" (38:37)
Episode 3, released October 31, 2011, "Learning Curve" (41:34)
Episode 4, released February 14, 2012, "The Darkest of Thoughts" (38:25)
Episode 5, released June 20, 2012, "Command Decision" (46:51)
Episode 6, released January 31, 2013, "We Will Control All That You See and Hear" (59:56)

Season 2
Episode 7, released August 27, 2013, "Earth" (55:52)
Episode 8 released May, 2014.  "The Cathedral in the Void" (55:22)
Episode 9 Not yet released, "Stealth and Sacrifice"

They completed a six episode season. They released a trailer and prelude for a second season On March 30, 2011.  However, by December 24, 2013 The Website was down and there was no clear place to go to get these episode for somebody who wanted to listen to them.  It was back up by May of 2014, and you can get the episodes safely there.
Facebook home:
New Facebook Home as of July, 2014:

Reviews & Press:
Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: The Continuing Mission Interview with Treks in Sci Fi Podcast, September 2007
Episodes 1-6: Trekland
Reviews of Episode 8: , , , , , ,

Episode released Jan/Feb 2010:
Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: The Continuing Mission: We Will Control All That You See and Hear (Advance Review)

Episode released August/Sept. 2011:

Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: The Continuing Mission: ‘Earth’

General discussion: Star Trek the Continuing Mission

Star Trek: Defiant  (Audio) In addition to being discontinued, as of June 4, 2012, this Fan Audio Drama was taken down.  There were  67 episodes as of  5/09/2012, just before the effort was abandon and removed from the internet.  Starting June 1, 2014, a person has posted them and given me a link, but not permission to post it that link here.   Leave a comment below (comments do not post automatically, I review them and only post ones that do not contain e-mail addresses or inappropriate links.).  Include your e-mail address  and your agreement to not publish the link to Star Trek: Defiant.  I'll send you the link to Star Trek Defiant privately.  You can also get the link if you send a Private Message to me on Facebook .

I was also told that the first three seasons could be found here: together with a lot of professional audio materials, but I haven't checked.

I received the following from eMBee May 5, 2014:
(Warning: advertisements at the website are for porn).
i just found a torrent for the first 13 episodes of star trek defiant:
direct torrent download:
to anonymous above: do you have series 1-3? maybe if you share those you can motivate someone else to help you out. *anonymous refers to a comment below asking a place to find this series.

Anonymous also replied in comments, below.

Star Trek: Dimensions (Audio)   Listen here:  Introduction and 3 episodes.  (Last release was in August, 2009).   This has been relabeled Season 0 in anticipation of re-opening this series.  4/19/2013).  No further progress as of Dec. 24, 2013.

Star Trek: Diplomatic Relations (Audio show with video trailers)
Website page:
Facebook Page:
Download here:  or

An Audio Production from Hidden Frontier.  Listen live here:
1.01  Rapprochement, Part 1 (48:36) Part 2 (46:36)
1.02  Agreement (41:55)
1.03  Accession (39:22)
1.04  Detente, (35:17)

Star Trek: Discovery. Facebook page:

Star Trek: Equinox.  Planned new audio series from Hidden Frontier, announced Nov. 5, 2011.  Facebook page: Trailer released Nov. 10, 2011, vis: (0:29).  Expanded version, released Nov. 12, 2011, vis: (1:14).  Credits, released December 23, 2011: (1:12).
First Webisode released 8/19/13.  101: Shakedown.   Download it here: (58:16).

They appear to be getting ready to do a video release as well.  See , bottom of page.  The video is being driven by involvement in actors who appeared in Professional Star Trek, the actor who played the original Captain of the Equinox on Voyager, and Gary Lockwood, who appeared in the Shatner pilot in TOS.

Star Trek: Eras (audio series) This series spans the entire period of Star Trek with a multi-generational story.  6 episodes as of 12/30/2011.
Episode 7, "Starboard Bow," .   Released 12/20/2015.

Star Trek: Eternal Night (starts with audio, and prose first year, becomes a live action fan film by adult fans second and third year).  They have released their entire first season, including a video finale.  To see all listings for Star Trek Eternal Night, see (U)

Star Trek: Excelsior (an assortment of novels, audio series, and professional pieces.) There are two groups of Star Trek: Excelsior productions.

A.  There is Golden Age Star Trek: Excelsior about Captain Sulu's adventures.

B.  There is a Silver Age Star Trek: Excelsior  (audio series. See also Star Trek: Excelsior, Golden age).   Silver Age Star Trek: Excelsior set in 2382, an audio series, formerly

The creator gives an overview of the series, including his recommendation that you skip Seasons 1 and 2.   Interview with James Heaney of Star Trek: Excelsior:
Part 1:
Part 2:

You can find their five episodes of Season 1 here:, their seven episodes of Season 2 here:  their twelve episodes of Season 3 here: , their ongoing releases of Season 4 here:   and their ongoing releases of Specials here: .

Starting Nov, 19, 2015, they are having a Kickstarter for a special 50th Anniversary Episode including Nichelle Nichols and Walter Koenig.   Kickstarter for special 50th Anniversary Episode:

On July 12, 2013, they released, Sword of Damocles, Part IX, "Graceful End." It is the conclusion of Season 3, and runs 148 minutes.  Ever wonder what happened to those nasty parasites from TNG's 1st season episode, "Conspiracy?"  Here's your answer!

On January 17, 2014 they released Episode 1, "Picking Up the Pieces" of Season 4, Ex Astris Mirificentia, Production No. 401.  Listen or download here:     The episode runs 77 minutes, 21 seconds, or (1:17:21)

On March 17, 2014 they released the short, a "special episode" "It's Not Easy Being Green."  At that time, you could find it here: but it's long term home is here:
Special Episode reviewed here:

Season 4:  Ex Astris Mirificentia
Episode 1, Picking up the Pieces" (77 minutes)
Episode 2 of Season 4, "Guards, GET THEM!" (87 minutes)
Episode 3 of Season 4, "At Death's Door" (80 minutes)
Episode 4 of Season 4, "Only Murder" (77 minutes)
Episode 5 of Season 4, "A Day In The Park," (81 minutes)
 Listen or download here: .  For all previous episodes of Star Trek: Excelsior,  as well as listening information on more than four dozen other audio dramas, see

"Acts" each with names.  A Review of the Audio Series:

Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: Excelsior: ‘No One Gets Out Alive’

In January 2011, they released an Episode entitled, "The Line" as an opera:  eMBee tells me it is an April Fool's special episode.

A special, Swordplay: A Recap was released April 3, 2011, to allow people who do not wish to listen from the beginning to follow this audio drama: (54 minutes)

In addition, two short episodes have been released, and, together with the Swordplay recap, can be found here:
They are:
1)  The Accidental Captain: Larry Phelan (14:23)
2)  Swordplay: A Recap (54:29)
3)  The Man Behind the Curtain: James Heaney (22:09)

They planned, then abandoned an animation based on "No One Gets Out Alive."  You can see the promo video here: .

On September 15, 2014, they released this short episode:  "One More Piece: Home and Dry."  Listen here: (4:11)

April 28, 2015, Season 3 Episode 5, "The Greatest Day of Every Year," (7:35)

FAN VIDEO: The Graceful End: (1:45)

Star Trek: Federation One (First season video, thereafter audio.    4 episodes in the 2nd season have been released as of 10/23/2010.  (No change as of May 8, 2015)

Star Trek: Federation Rebirth.  See Star Trek Requirius's page:

Star Trek: Foundation (audio drama) Silver Age.  Discussed:

Star Trek: Galilea (audio drama)  (Silver Age, fan audio drama.) Five episodes as of  March 16, 2014.
Home Page:
Episode One- Beginnings
Episode Two - Ship Shape
Episode Three - Through The Woods
Episode Four - Crystal Clear
Episode Five - From the Other Side

The creator was kind enough to provide the following comment: Galilea is set in 2380, after the events of  Star Trek: Nemesis but before the supernova that destroyed Romulus. It follows Commander Brunhilde Engelstadt, coming back to active duty after a leave of absence after the Dominion War, and her first mission as First Officer of the U.S.S. Galilea, a planetary research vessel.

Star Trek: Grissom (an Irish audio series)  set in 2285.  See also and itunes,   for episode downloads.  Facebook page:  10 chapters and 3 audio episodes as of 12/24/2013, but with a promise of a 4th audio episode in the works.  Audio download:
3rd episode also available here:
Announced 4th episode will be released June 21 at 6-10 pm.  UTC+1
CGI Opening: (2:26).
CGI Trailer: (2:13)
4th Episode can be downloaded here: .  It will run (1:06:25)

Star Trek: Henglaar MD (Audio Drama) See Henglaar, MD, supra. or

Der STAR TREK-Hörspiel-Podcast,  (GERMAN Audio Drama)  Listen here:  See also   Thanks to eMBee for discovering this missing fan Trek series!  Added November 3, 2013.  More information about this apparently completed Fan series can be found in the blog on German Language productions,

Star Trek: The Lost Episodes. (audio parody)  Link did not work on 12/24/2013.

Star Trek: Lost Enterprise.  English production, Silver Age.  Science crew finds evidence that the Enterprise B found it's way to the Gamma Quadrant.  Homepage on You Tube:
Listing at PodOmatic:
Episode 1: The Discovery (25:31) (Feb. 27,. 2014)
Episode 2: From the Shadows  (21:18) (March 10, 2014)
Episode 3: Below Decks  (25:21) (March 21, 2014)
Episode 4: Point of No Return (23:18) (April 19, 2014)
Episode 5 (released June 4, 2014) Stranded, (21:44)
Episode 6: (released July 2, 2014) The Final Frontier (35:08)

On Sept, 19, 2014 on Facebook Karl Dutton mentioned that they had been approached by a 3D animator who wanted to turn their show into an animated film.  Here is their Facebook page:

Star Trek: Lost Frontier (Audio Production) Reviewed: Episode 14  17 Episodes as of  8/7/2012.

New Release: Episode 18, (August 14, 2015)

Star Trek: Lost Universe (Audio production from StarForce Media), Facebook Page: ; Soundcloud Page: (Episodes in reverse order, newest first) , You Tube Playlist:

Introduction : (1:53)
Episode 0, The Trial, (5:25)  and Promo for Episode 1, (13:23)!star-trek-lost-universe-coming-soon/c8vr ; April 11, 2015 (6:11)
Episode 1, Lost Universe, (45:45) ;  April 21, 2015 (46:34)
Episode 2, Flight or Fight, (26:30) ; April 21, 2015 (27:20)
Episode 3, Choices, July 4, 2015 (29:12) ; (30:01)

Star Trek: Mirror Wars (audio; reported to be available only from iTunes.) Fan Novel of the same Name: Star Trek: Mirror Wars The website claims to have an episode available which will be posted soon. It also says it wants to do it over using another format.

They are home in the UK, and request help with Macromedia Flash. Their episode download page claims as of the end of August 2009 they have an episode completed and ready for release very shortly. However, that website may have been abandon for as much as 4 years, since a second website with the same name features a fan novel.  There are no changes as of July 2, 2011.  Nothing available as of 12/24/2013.

Season 1 Movie Download Page

Transition to new website page

Season 1 Novel Download Page

Season 2 Novel Page annoucement

This appears to be a fan novel set in the late 26th century (Frank Ricker is born in 2545 and retires in 2600; Bronze Age). I have tried to e-mail them.  No response two and a half years later, in Dec. 2013.

Star Trek New Beginning.  Short 'episodes'  Appears to be about DS9.  No change Dec. 24, 2013.
(01) The Refit (2:08)
(02) Defiant and Defiance (3:06)
(03) Home World Bound (2:45)
(04) Maco (3:18)

Star Trek: The New Frontier (audio)  1 episode released prior to 2008.  No more as of December 24, 2013.

Star Trek: Outlaws (proposed series) .  see website, here:
Teaser Trailer April 5, 2015: (1:55)
Trailer 2. "Star Trek: Outlaws Abandon  Hope (2:26)
Teaser Trailer 5(July 21, 2015): (2:24)

Episode 1, Abandon Hope,  Listen and watch slide show here: (42:06) or in HD, here: (41:43), Listen or download here:   For Blu-Ray: (42:10)

Trailer for Episode 2, The Winds of Hope, (3:02)

Episode 2, "The Winds of  Hope," Listen on You Tube, (51:44) or Soundcloud, (51:43).

Star Trek: Outpost (audio; a Giant Gnome Production) , where you can listen to the episodes as netcasts.
Netcast MP3 location:
Facebook Page:

WINNER OF THE 2013 PARSEC AWARD for BEST LONG FORM DRAMA the first fan production to ever win this award.
Also, March 6, 2014 won:

Listen to the awards ceremony here:

Download locations:
Free iTunes:

(I listened to their first five episodes and enjoyed them.  I particularly appreciated the use of many species we had seen in TOS just once and never gotten to know.  Then I listened to episodes 6 and 7.  The combination of the announcer-sounding voices and what I felt was not believable characterization began getting on my nerves.  I wound up turning off episode 8 and not completing it.  However, I listened to all of these in just two days.  I was told they should be listened to a week or two apart for the right effect.  So, I finally went back in June of 2012, probably about 2 years later.  I was surprised both at how vivid the characters were (I still remembered them all) and that the issues which had gotten on my nerves listening to too many at once did not matter when I followed the advice and listened to one at a time.)  In October of 2012, I listened to episodes 9 through 14, and enjoyed them, too.  Eps. 15 on 12/17/2012, also enjoyable and memorable. Likewise Eps. 16 and 17 on 12/19/2012.  Episode 18 was great on 2/17/2013.  Episodes 19 and 20 on 7/25/2013... the memorable characters were as sharp in my mind as if I had listened to 18 last week.  Chapters 21, 22 and 23 are a sequence based on A Christmas Carol, with the Captain of the station as the 'bah humbuging' character seeing ghosts of past, present and future.  24 follows up 25, 26, 27 and 28 (which I listened to in the first three months of 2014) start a new adventure. On Sept. 1, 2014 I listened to Episodes 29 and 30, which was the same time period, but at a different location with other characters.  I started doing physical therapy twice a day, and listening to ST: Outpost during my prescribed exercises, generally finishing just under half and episode each day.  By September 27, I was listening to Episode 37. and around October 10, I completed Episode 45.   November 4, I had completed Episode 51.  This is a great thing to listen to when doing a physical task that does not require a lot of attention.  If I commuted, this would DEFINITELY be on my Ipod or other listening device to entertain me during the daily grind of commuting.  71 Episodes as of 1/13/2016.

Season 1

Episode 1.  "What Could Be So Bad?" Released April 5, 2009.   (56:51)
Episode 2.  "From Bad To Worse" Released May 5, 2009. (52:41)
Episode 3.  "No More, No Less"  Released June 5, 2009. (59:53)
Episode 4.  "Maneuvers and Deceptions"  Released July 5, 2009. (1:07:05)
Episode 5.  "Exacting A Pound Of Flesh"  Released August 5, 2009. (38:17)
Episode 6.  "Inquisition" Released September 5, 2009. (45:40)
Episode 7.  "To Every Season" Released October 5, 2009. (1:03:58)
Episode 8. "A Little Give and Take" Released November 5, 2009. (49:34)

A discussion: Star Trek: Outpost

Episode 9.  "Successful Negotiations" Released December 5, 2009.   (39:18)
Episode 10.   "Uneasy Reunions" Released January 5, 2010. (59:12)
Episode 11.  "Into the Rough Seas" Released February 5, 2010.

Season 2 (51:42)
Episode 12.  "Slips, Strips, Bars & Bricks" Released April 5, 2010. (1:09:05)
Episode 13.  "Worlds Apart." Released May 5, 2010. (1:08:23)
Episode 14.  "The 285th Rule of Acquisition."  Released June 5, 2010. (1:11:13)
Episode 15.  "Ambush."  Released July 5, 2010. (1:09:07)
Episode 16.  "Shadow of the Standard Bearer"  Released August 5, 2010. (57:24)
Episode 17.  "Enter the Sovereignty" Released September 5, 2010. (1:04:58)
Episode 18.  "Death Sentence"  Released October 5, 2010. (1:01:40)
Episode 19.  "Chasms Part 1"  Released November 5, 2010. (52:14)
Episode 20.  "Chasms Part 2"  Released December 5, 2010. (1:05:48)
Episode 21.  "Shades of the Past."  Released January 5, 2011. (1:26:48)
Episode 22.  "Shades of the Present."  Released February 5, 2011. (1:12:00)

Season 3
Episode 23.  "Shades of the Future."  Released April 5, 2011. (1:07:42)
Episode 24.  "Drawing Back The Veils" Released May 5, 2011. (1:02:50)
Episode 25.  "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back" Released June 5, 2011. (1:14:21)
Epiosde 26.  "The Melnoran Solution - Part I" Released July 5, 2011. (1:11:55)
Episode 27.  "The Melnoran Solution - Part II" Released August 5, 2-11. (1:03:05)
Episode 28.  "The Melnoran Solution - Part III" Released September 5, 2011. (1:08:18)
Episode 29.  "The Needs of the Many" Released October 5, 2011. (1:02:26)
Episode 30.  "The Needs of the Few" Released November 5, 2011. (55:24)
Episode 31.  "Old Friends and Memories." Released December 5, 2011. (1:04:06)
Episode 32.  "The Gathering Storm" Released January 5, 2012. (55:18)
Episode 33.  "The Tell-Tail Ferengi" Released February 5, 2012.  (1:01:14)

Season 4
Episode 34.  "Eye of the Storm" Released April 5, 2012 (1:03:19)
Episode 35.  "Thunder and Lightning" Released May 5, 2012.  (55:06)
Episode 35A.  Special Episode released May 15, 2012: "What Lies Hidden."   (11:56)
Episode 36. "Heart of the Storm" Released June 5, 2012.  (55:08)
Episode 37. "Dark Dawn" Released July 5, 2012 (55:45)
Episode 38. "Enemy In The Darkness" Released August 5, 2012. (1:00:01)

Episode 39.  "Half The Battle" Released September 5, 2012. (1:00:28)
Episode 40. "With Your Shield Or On It" Released October 5, 2012. (58:37)
Episode 41. "Profit in the Wind, Part I"  Released November 5, 2012  (59:47)
Episode 42.  "Profit in the Wind, Part II" Released December 5, 2012. (1:05:27)
Episode 43.  "Profit in the Wind, Part III" Released January 5, 2013 (1:00:08)
Episode 44.  "Profit in the Wind, Part IV" Released February 5, 2013 (57:34)
Episode 44A.  "Follow the Script" Released March 5, 2013  (12:24)

Season 5
Episode 45. "The Enclave" Released April 5, 2013 (52:14)
Episode 46.  "The Price of Loyalty" Released May 5, 2013,  (58:21)
Episode 47. "As Time Goes By" Released June 5, 2013, (54:45)
Episode 47A. "Memories of Miragosa" Released June 10, (15:31)
Episode 47B.  "Encounter at Miragosa" Released June 15, 2013 , (22:05)
Episode 48. "On Borrowed Time" Released July 5, 2013. (55:20)
Episode 49.  "Double-Edged Sword" Released August 5, 2013. (55:58)
Episode 50. "Best of Intentions" Released September 5, 2013 (1:06:35)
Episode 51.  "The Long Road Home" Released October 12, 2013. (1:08:35)
Episode 52.  "Backwash"  Released November 2, 2013, posted November 4, 2013: (1:03:37). Online listening only:
Episode 53.  "Homecoming."  Released December 4, 2013. (57:44)  Online listening only:

Episode 54. "The Inside Man."  Released January 3, 2014, posted January 5, 2014.  (53:55). Online listening only: .

Episode 55. "Bits and Pieces."  Last episode of Season 5.  Released Feb. 5, 2014. (59:36).

Feb. 11, 2014, interview about Star Trek: Outpost:

Season 6
Episode 56. "Confrontation," first Episode fo Season 6.  Released April 5, 2014, (56:15)
Episode 57. "Bishop to Queen Four," Episode 2 of Season 6, released May 4, 2014, (1:06:48)
Episode 58. "Fiction of Diplomacy," Episode 3 of Season 6.  released June 4, 2014, (1:03:55)
Episode 59.  "Path Forward" Episode 4 of Season 6.  Released July 7, 2014, (1:02:32)
Episode 60.  "Mending Fences"  Episode 5 of Season 6.  Release August 10, 2014. (1:07:56)
Episode 61, "Window to Heaven."  Episode 6 of Season 6.  Release September 4, 2014.   (1:12:51)
Episode 62,  "Bait and Switch" Episode 7 of  Season 6, Released October 4, 2014, Listen to it or download it here: (56:58)
Episode 63, "The Power of Ignorance" Episode 8 of Season 6, Released November 13, 2014.  listen or download here: (1:16:11)
Episode 64, Part 1, "Echos" Part 1.  Episode 9 Part 1 of Season 6, Released December 5, 2014. Listen or download here: (54:37).
Episode 64, Part 2, "Echoes" Part 2.  Episode 9 Part 2 of Season 6, released December 15, 2014, (40:35)

As of December 17, 2014,  Edward Winterrose, who plays the role Captain Montaine Buchanan has won Best Actor in A Fan/Adaption Ensemble Role from the Audio Verse Awards.

Episode 65, "What Price Survival", Episode 10 of Season 6.  Released January 6, 2015, (1:00:04)

Discussion, "All Good Things, Episode 26 (January 18, 2015)

Episode 66, "Life in the Balance" Episode 11, last episode of Season 6. Promo released February 9, 2015, . Episode (February 10, 2015)  (1:02:16)

Season 7

Episode 67, "A Past Too Well Remembered," Episode 1 of Season 7.  Promo posted May 11, 2015:  Episode (May 11, 2015) (57:49)

Episode 67A  "Ferengi Apprentice," which is Episode 2 of Season 7,   Listen or download here: (30:05) (June 6, 2015)

Episode  68, "Illusion of Life," which is Episode 3 of Season 7,   Listen or download here: (1:02:08). (August 12, 2015)

Episode 69, "Charon's Obol," which is Episode 4 of Season 7,  Listen or download here: (55:42).  (October 5, 2015)

Episode 70, "Go Thou Not Meekly," Which is Episode 5 of Season 7, Listen or download here: (November 15, 2015)

Episode 71, "Seeds of Chaos," which is Episode 6 of Season 7.  Listen or download here: (1:00:52)(January 13, 2016)

Star Trek Outpost Convention:

Star Trek: Pioneers (audio series)  7 episodes.  Does not appear to be continuing production. as of 9/10/2010  No change as of  December 24, 2013.

Star Trek: Ranger,  audio series set in 2328, late Golden Age, from Glass City Communications, who also produce (The second listed) Star Trek Valkyrie  Episodes may be downloaded there, or listened to on You Tube.
Captain Michael A. Decker commands the USS Ranger. NCC 27968
You Tube Home: .
Facebook page:
Video Series Trailer: (0:52)
Title sequence: (1:13)
Episode 100: Prologue: (15:03)
Episode 101 Trailer: (1:15)
Episode 101 Teaser: (1:51)
Episode 101 (22:05)
Previously posted Episode 101 Through Act 2 of 4: (9:47)
Vignette 1: "The Councelor" (5:43)

Episode 102 (released October 12, 2014) Vital Information: (21:45)
Episode 103 (released December 31, 2014) "The Captive."  Listen here: (25:17)
Special Episode 1 (combines Episodes 102 and 103): (44:07)
Episode 104 (released February 23, 2015), "Reflection": Listen here: (30:53)

Star Trek: The Section 31 Files Audio Drama.  3 full seasons and the first three episodes of a 4th season as of 12/24/2013, (unchanged from August 2012) "Nero's Legacy," "Ghost Ship," and "Prime."

Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny ,  from Melting Clock Productions
Website: or
Facebook page:
Mirror Universe,

First trailer released November 7, 2014:
First episode released April 5, 2015 Episode 1, Revolutionaries, listen or download here: (29:01) or here:

Released July 15, 2015:   A Short recording, Episode 1.5 "Casualties of Conquest" (3:31) or (3:31) or (3:31).

Star Trek: Starfinder Audio Drama.  .  1st episode released February 28, 2013.  It is set in the Star Trek Online universe.   5th minisode posted Dec. 23, 2013.  Pages allow live listening or download for listening later.
Facebook Page: .  The story also includes comic books and prose, so this is a mixed series, primarily audio.  I recommend you work from their website when reading and listening to this series.
A Review:

Prequel Graphic Novel links:

A.  Episode 1.  "The Back of Beyond"
B.  Trailer for Episode 2, "Balance"
C.  Minisode Collection Volume 1:
D.  Minisode 5, "Monkey Business"
E,  Episode 2, "Balance"  Listen here:
A Review:
F.  Five minute Preview of Episodes 3/4 (Sept. 28, 2014):
G.  Minisode 6 of Season 1, "Dead Again" (Oct. 31, 2014)
H.  Microsode, 1 "Standards" (January 24, 2015)

Crossover with another audio series, "Gates of Sto'vo'kor"

Part 1 "Message from the Outback," listen or download here: (33:19).  On Nov. 29, Star Trek: Starfinder released this same episode.  Listen here:  (33:18) or here: .

Part 2, On December 5, 2014, Star Trek: Starfinder released "Gorn of A Different Color, Part 1," listen here: (59:04). This is Part 2 of the 4 part crossover with audio series, Gates of Sto'vo'kor.

Part 3, On December 19, 2014, Star Trek: Starfinder released "Gorn of A Different Color, Part 2," listen here: .   This is Part 3 of the 4 part crossover with audio series, Gates of Sto'vo'kor.

Series discussed: (January 7, 2013)


Review: (January 13, 2015)

Star Trek: Temporal Investigations(an audio series and a RPG)   Video examples at (B) Below.  One episode only as of 8/7/2012.  No evidence of any activity after 2009 as of 12/26/2013.

Star Trek: Twilight (Audio Drama)
Two seasons,
Season 1
Ep. 1  Into the Breach
Ep. 2  Q Are You?
Ep. 3  A World Made of Glass
Ep. 4  Shiver
Ep. 5  The Green Grass of Home
Ep. 6  Past Forward

Season 2
Ep. 1  Nightfall
Ep. 2  Sunrise

Last release Sept. 7, 2009.  No new releases as of December 26, 2013.

Star Trek: Unity(US) (Audio Production promising film,   not to be confused with Blog 90, a different Star Trek:Unity group) (I am not doing reviews of these, but I listened to their first two and as of Dec 7, 2009, only episodes, and enjoyed them)  On October 20, 2011, I received confirmation that, in spite of the lack of further audio releases or public comments they still planned to produce four audio episodes, albeit slowly.  No more releases as of December 26, 2013.  I messaged them asking if they were working on this on Dec. 26, 2013.

Star Trek: Valkyrie There are two.
1).  A complete one is called an "audio drama" but the shorts shown are 3D animation and the name of the website also refers to video productions.
 and the Star Trek Valkyrie Facebook page , and this thread at Phase II:  Did not bring up a page on 12/27/2013.

They elected to release this ENTIRE series at once.  This thread: has the original links, if my copy of them below does not work.  MP4 is for ipods.  Here is the entire posting, because it's all valuable:

In the 24th century, the U.S.S Valkyrie is a timeless ship. Where time and space collide, past and future connect, and a great power threatens to destroy it all. Nothing is as it seems and everyone has a secret.St
This page has all downloads of this series:

Starring the voices of:

Scott C. Wentworth
Wendy Gough
Laura Fedora
Jaime Hatheway
Rocky Rungano
Kevin M. Connolly
Josh Click
Jemell Solomon
Heather Ashleigh
Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard
Capt. John Tadrzak
Michael Liebmann
Joe Doaks
Terry Cooper
Bernadette M. Groves
Reena Sharma

'MP4' files are for ipod; they are videos that include a title and credit sequences. There may be a video problem depending on your graphic card that I recently found out. Try playing them in Quicktime first and if it doesn't work then try opening them in Windows Media player. The html addresses are Flash embed version that'll play in your web browser for your convenience. Please let me know if you still have trouble.

"Things Change" episode '100' (but the discussion calls it the pilot)

Part 2 of 2 (3:07)

Episode 00 - CAPRICA (Running time 11:38) 
Episode 01 - THINGS CHANGE (Running time 6:20)
Episode 02 - GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER (Running time 12:15)
Episode 03 - CRUSADE (Running time 18:59)
Episode 04 - THE DYING AND THE DEAD (Running time 17:03)
Episode 05 - FIRST DAY OF A NEW ERA (Running time 14:57)
Episode 06 - OPPOSITE EFFECT (Running time 11:45)
Episode 07 - INJUSTICE (Running time 29:56)
Episode 08 - I LOVE LUCY (Running time 17:26)
Episode 09 - UPGRADE (Running time 14:24)
Episode 10 - REVELATIONS (Running time 14:04)
Episode 11 - THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS (Running time 16:09)
Episode 12 - DAY STAR (Running time 20:35) 
PARTIAL VIDEO:  After 13:00

14 Episodes can be listened to from iTunes. (12/26/2013)

Star Trek: Valkyrie, working with through High Resolution  released their 13th episode, "Things Change." on Friday, Feb. 17 2012 on You Tube.  It was removed for copyright violations of music rights in less than 24 hours.   The entire webseries, including this episode and a 14th episode can be downloaded from Itunes here: (as of August 7, 2012)

2).  Here's another Star Trek: Valkyrie, this one out of Toledo, Ohio, USA.)
Home Page: (Ohio, but with voice actors from around the globe).   Itunes Page:   The Itunes page has 11 items, but I show fifteen releases, below :

Video credits and trailer etc.   (1:32) and (0:48).  Also (1:55)

"New Command." No. 100  You Tube links: (14:25) (3:08)

"The Road to Tomed." No. 101  You Tube links: (10:00) (5:52) (1:20)

"Disaster Strikes." No. 102  You Tube links: (8:48) (7:17) .  Re-released 6/20/2014. (15:50)

"A Problem of Titan Proportions." No. 103   You Tube links: (39:38)

"The Admiral." No. 104  You Tube links: (29:29)

"A Touch of the Prophets. Part 1" No. 105  You Tube links: (22:43)

"A Touch of the Prophets.  Part II"  No. 201. (26:50)

"The Nebula" No. 202  Trailer: (1:52)
Full Episode: (27:56)

"The Sculpture" No. 203 Trailer: (0:55)
Full Episode: (24:30)

Special Episode 1 "The Captain's Table" trailer released 6/12/14. (0:31)  Full episode released 6/15/14 (34:14)

Short (It takes place during Special Episode 1  "The Captain's Table") "Family" (7:47) (Released 6/20/2014)

"Reliant", No. 204 released 6/26/2014: (13:21)

Short  2, "Anniversary." released 9/6/2014 (10:01).

Short 3, "Starbase 44." Released 10/5/2014 (17:39)

Episode 205, "The Inquiry,"  Released 11/02/2014 (19:23).

Season 3, coming soon:

Episode 301, "The Inquiry, Part II" Released 3/22/2015 (29:12)
Episode 302 "The Primal Directive", Released 6/10/2015, (46:17).
Episode 303, "Canricians," Released 9/18/2015, (27:25).

Thread on it at HF: .

In late May, 2012, reported still looking for voice actors for drama set in the late 23rd century.
and June 28, 2012 they announced the release of their pilot episode,
August 2012 brings Episode 2, No. 101, The Road to Tomed and on August 31, Eps. 102  "Disaster Strikes."  On October 18, they released Eps. 103, "A Problem of Titan Proportions"

On December 21, 2012, they released this teaser video for episode 104: The Admiral :;.  (0:44)
Episode 104, The Admiral :;.  (29:29)
Episode 105, Touch of the Prophets :;.  (22:43)

On February 28, 2014, they made a shout-out inviting writers to submit stories, here: (0:42)

Star Trek: Voyager, the Lost Episodes,
Episode 1, Part 1  "Ghosts Part 1" (17:59) (May 6, 2015).
Episode 1, Part 2  "Ghosts Part 2" (20:02)(May 29, 2015).

Star Trek: Voyager Continues, "The Spider" Young Janeway (a video short) (2:06)

Star Trek: Wounded Warriors.  (Silver Age, Adult Fans, set during the dominion war) This Florida group has released an audio episode and hopes to jump to video.  Strong female characters.  I enjoyed it and particularly recommend this to DS9 fans.  Released Dec. 31, 2013, Episode 1: Distain: (1:19:29)

Star Trek: Xen  1st Episode, Things Not Seen Part 1, released May 12, 2011.  No further news as of December 27, 2013.  Marked as "Retired" as of April, 2015.

Tales from the DMZ (audio)  Nine Episodes complete the series, as of 2/14/2015.
Episode 1: A Choice of Targets: (9:32)
Episode 2: Aftermath, Part 1: (11:11)
Episode 3: Aftermath, Part 2: (14:01)
Episode 4: Escalation: (30:43)
Special Episode:  Tale of Savei: (9:59)
Episode 5: Countermeasures (27:13)
Episode 6: Cold Thought (27:16)
Episode 7: Conflict of Interest (41:27)
Episode 8: (final, released Feb. 14, 2015) (37:46)

Tales of Death and Honour (audio)  Producer is L'Stok, who is also a Trek Blogger out of New South Wales, Australia.   Here is the page with the audio show:  1 episode, completed as of July 2008.  No further additions as of  September 15, 2015.

UFP - Codename Novus  Facebook page:
Episode 1 (An Audio drama about the politics of the United Federation of Planets.  Episode 1, Listen here: (19:00).

USS Sisyphus -- Comedy by the group, Improvised Star Trek.  A new release comes out weekly.  Download them from iTunes here:  See also Improvised Star Trek  , supra.  There were 162 audio files as of 9/28/2014.  It may not have enough film to justify a film listing, but for now the whole series can be found here: .

Voyages of the USS Angeles.  This audio series is the continuation of a Fan Film series, and will be detailed on the webpage devoted to the Fan Film series, vis:

Audio Books  

2  by Sciguyjeff:
Star Trek: The Paths of Glory
Part 1: (1:13:01)
Part 2: (1:15:45)
Part 3: (1:07:01)
Part 4: (1:29:04)
Part 5: (2:01:24)
Part 6: (2:18:27)
FAQs: (13:18)

Star Trek: The Next Generation, Shadows of the Past
Chapter 1
Part 1: (22:17)
Part 2: (23:34)
Part 3: (20:55)
Part 4: (18:49)
Chapter 2
Part 1: (24:02)
Part 2: (20:38)
Part 3: (32:27)
Part 4: (29:00)
Chapter 3
Part 1: (14:09)
Part 2: (18:57)


  1. NX-01 released one episode, which was quickly withdrawn for re-editing and various tweaks (and probably rescoring by me, as I'd composed and performed the title music for it, which is available her: although these were never done, I gather, and the project languished. I also voice Malcolm Reed.

  2. Thank you for the heads-up. Please let me know if the audio drama is ever released in final form so that I can include it in this listing.

  3. anyone have any links to the Defiant series 4-6?

  4. As far as I know, Defiant is no longer on the internet. Since you didn't give anyone information to get in touch with you, no one can give you a copy of their copy. You might consider posting this on the Trek BBS for fan films, with information about how somebody who has a copy can get in touch with you.

  5. i just found a torrent for the first 13 episodes of star trek defiant:

    direct torrent download:

    to anonymous above: do you have series 1-3? maybe if you share those you can motivate someone else to help you out.

    greetings, eMBee.

  6. seasons 1-3 are found in a "star trek audio collection ver 3.0" torrent. along with a bunch of others. no "site" link but a general search found many places to dl the torrent file.

  7. I now have an ad-free link with ALL episodes of Star Trek Defiant, but not the permission of the person who uploaded it to post it here. I am therefore offering it to anyone who contacts me and asks for that link. You can leave a comment here with you e-mail or other contact information and the words, "do not post" (I won't post it with your e-mail anyway). Or, you can PM me on Facebook ( ) for the link. Again, ALL of Star Trek: Defiant is now available but I can't publish the link you have to contact me personally for it!

  8. Bob, I have deleted your comment as requested and also tried, repeatedly, to send you the link to Star Trek: Defiant. Please let me know if you have gotten it or not!

  9. i am just listening to the silver age excelsior. a small correction: "The Line" is an aprils fools special, featuring a storyline from the borg war, before the time of the rest of the excelsior episodes. i could not see any other episode with that content, so i don't think it is a re-release, but just a funny episode. and is that an opera or a musical? hmm, a space opera, that must be it :-)

    greetings, eMBee.

  10. Star Trek: Valkyrie Special Episode 1 "The Captain's Table" is more special then it lets on. it's like the ultimate crossover of all star-trek fan productions. Captains from several fan productions meet and tell their stories, which are essentially recaps from real episodes.

    what an awesome idea!

    it's a great way to recap old episodes and to introduce different fan productions.

    i'd like to see, erm hear, more of that!

    greetings, eMBee.

    1. Thank You eMBee!

      It was my intention when I conceived and wrote that episode for it to be as you described. It took nearly a year and a half to get all the parts together from all the different actors/shows to get the episode you heard.

      We really appreciate your support and for yoru comments on this episode!

      Jerry Stanford - Exec. Producer of Valkyrie

  11. Star Trek: Valkyrie short 3 "Starbase 44" is based on the same event as Potemkins S2-J "Closing Time". if you listened to this, you should watch the other.

    greetings, eMBee.

    1. eMBee,

      I agree "Closing Time" should be watched as your suggest. If you check out our YouTube version, it has the video of "Closing Time" in the episode. It's also available on our website as the YouTube videos are embedded.

      Thanks again!

      Jerry Stanford - Exec. Producer of Valkyrie

  12. "Star Trek: Valkyrie (post-Voyager)" (as I have taken to calling it, to contrast it with "Star Trek: Valkyrie (golden age)") seems to have updated many of its links, and its iTunes page no longer links correctly (at least, not for me). These are the episodes I found:

    Ep0 - Pilot:













    Ep13 seems to be missing still.