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(100) Star Trek: Hidden Frontier Website

100 (Website starting May, 2015)
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Home base is Pasadena in Southern California
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Here is the beginning of a Documentary about this Landmark Group and the films it produced:
Part 1:

eMBee provided a total of all the hours of Star Trek Fan films produced by Hidden Frontier as of October 12, 2013.  (Because HF is no longer releasing films, this should continue to be a valid number): (35:44:31)  In addition, HF produced an independent web series, Frontier Guard, with 2:26:56 hours of films.

Subheadline:  Since it's not a Star Trek Fan Film, I can't give it a headline at the top of this website.  But it is SORT of a headline.  Hidden Frontier released their fully copyright protected original work, Frontier Guard beginning  January 26, 2010.  They completed and discontinued this work before the end of 2010.

When you think of movie and television production, you think of Hollywood. You think of Southern California. Californians also like to say of themselves that they invent the future. Of course, Star Trek makes that claim, too.

So, perhaps it should surprise no one that one of the first and largest collections of fan-made Star Trek is out of Southern California. Star Trek: Hidden Frontiers is a website which produced Trek Web TV by Trekkies for over 7 years. It interacted with a number of other Fan groups producing Trek Web TV in other parts of the world, including the awesome Scottish Trek Web TV, Star Trek: Intrepid, which can be found at Blog 109.  In the Summer of 2010, after producing a non-Trek series, they sold off all of their Star Trek props, and plan to produce no more Video Trek.  They will continue to produce some audio episodes.

The Southern California Trekkers are not longer producing more shows of any kind for Star Trek: Hidden Frontiers, and therefore I can review that series as an entire offering. That may take some time. They themselves recognize that their early work is weaker than their later work. However, it apparently forms the basis of many other Trek Web TV fan-produced shows available for viewing on the web. This is therefore an important website, without regard to it's quality for the viewing public.

Every fan would do something slightly different than the person or product they admire. Roddenbury supported tolerance, and included sexually ambiguous relations, but never an expressly homosexual one. Hidden Frontier expands the Trek lesson of tolerance to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender persons (although there was an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that dealt with transgender issues). In fact, the central sexual relationship this series follows is between two young men.

Also present here, and absolutely absent in Professional Trek, are obese people. No comment is made about their weight whatsoever.

For those whose objection to Star Trek was that it was too 'preachy' this is probably not the best series to start with. On the other hand, it develops convincing and consistent characters, and the writing and acting improves through the first (completed) and all-video series, "Hidden Frontier."

This same group is working on six new series, five of them Trek Fan series, but has switched to audio for all future Star Trek productions.  Star Trek:Odyssey, which involves a Federation ship lost in the Andromeda Galaxy, Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles, which follows a starship working out of Deep Space 12, Star Trek:Federation One , which involves activities at Federation Headquarters and a non-Trek series.  It is also working on at two audio series, Star Trek: Grissom, and, Henglaar, MD. (available here:  Finally, it is working on the non-Trek Space Opera, Frontier Guard.

A Discussion:  Star Trek – Hidden Frontier

Here's where you can download the Hidden Frontier episodes from all of their series:  Click the set of lines in the upper right-hand corner.

Or watch them on Vimeo:

Their first fully independent production "Frontier Guard" will not be reviewed here.  However, it has a special website:

Also not given their own page are their Star Trek audio series, Star Trek: Grissom, (which can be found at  and and Henglaar, MD which can be found at .  They announced their plans to star a new audio series, Star Trek: Equinox, on November 5, 2011.  They released the first episode on  August 19, 2013.  You can download it here: (58:16).

A Magazine Article on their EB3 Event:

To read more about their work, click on the series which interests you:
Star Trek: Hidden Frontier Fan Film Series, 50 episodes, series completed
Star Trek: Odyssey
Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles
Star Trek: Federation One
All of these series are no longer in live action video production.  It is possible that some future stories will be issues in audio, prose, comics, or other formats.
They have been producing an audio series, Henglaar, MD.  It is listed with other Star Trek Fan audio series, here:

They also released the inspiration for their series, Voyages of the USS Angeles

On February 28, 2012, Hidden Frontier released a 3D Demo (requires glasses):  (2:42)

And have done some crossover work with another series, Star Trek: Intrepid, out of Scotland. The Crossover work:   Hidden Frontier/Intrepid Crossover Films

As of December 2013, they had released an episode of another new audio series, this one Golden Age,  Star Trek Equinox.  The new audio series from Hidden Frontier had been announced Nov. 5, 2011.  Facebook page: Trailer released Nov. 10, 2011, vis: (0:29).  Expanded version, released Nov. 12, 2011, vis: (1:14).  Credits, released December 23, 2011: (1:12).
First Webisode released 8/19/13.  101: Shakedown.   Download it here: (58:16).

In late 2013, the HF audio production was put on hold due to the unrelated film, Star Trek: Equinox.  In January of 2014 it was at Blog 210 under E.  Declared dead with plans to revive this audio production on 3/21/2016.

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