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(220) German Language Star Trek Fan Films


December 30, 2018, Robot Chicken (15:21)

November 1, 2018, Love Trek, a short film in German about two Trekkies finding each other. (6:25)

October 28, 2018, Kubert (Folge 7) parody: (1:58)

September 11, 2018,
New Release, from Der Junior Trekkie, (4:11)

May 19, 2018, Comedy, New Release, Star trek (1:16).

May 8, 2018, New Release, Second Life Machinima - Star Trek TOS RP - Prime Cover Up (6:35). Stummfilm-Stil, die Animation hat musikalische Klänge, aber die Geschichte wird mit Hilfe von Texttafeln innerhalb der Animation in englisch und deutsch erzählt. 

March 16, 2018, Finds
Legos in German
Star Trek Raumschiff Atlanta Episode 1 : Dämonen: 23, 2011)
Star Trek Raumschiff Atlanta Episode 2 Grenzen Teil 1: 31, 2011)Star Trek Raumschiff Atlanta Episode 3 Grenzen Teil 2: 28, 2011)
Star Trek Atlanta Episode 1 Dämonen Remake 2012: 18, 2012)Star Trek Atlanta Kampf um Redikian III Part Two: 11, 2013)
Star Trek Atlanta Behind the Scenes Teil 1: 10, 2014)
Star Trek Atlanta Kampf um Redikian III Part One: 24, 2013)
Star Trek Atlanta Relikte des Krieges Episode 1: 21, 2014)
Star Trek Atlanta Relikte des Krieges Episode 2: 16, 2014)
Lego Star Trek Episode 1 Grenzen: 5, 2015)
LEGO SPACE 2251Vorschau: 16, 2018)

January 11, 2018,
Find, from Der Junior Trekkie
Ein neues Leben
Starfleet Away Team in Aktion (1:40).
Into the Dark

Find, Star Trek First Contact.  A mix of new footage and original Star Trek First Contact footage, German language film.

December 12, 2017FindCool Age (late Golden Age German film parody series,), five films:
1) Sexy Hologram Girls, Youtube: (04min 28sec)
2) Manpower, Youtube (German): (12min 55sec)
3) Geheim-Mission Youtube (German): (19min 07sec)
4) Spritztour Youtube (German): (20min 34sec)
5) Revelations:  Youtube (German): (01hr 53min 51sec)
For more about Cool Age,  see  For more German Language Star Trek Fan Films see

July 4, 2017, New Release from Starship Parasol,  (German Language, Adult Fans, Silver Age, costumes, green screens,) Ep. 2., "Strange Behavior,"   Prior releases from Starship Parasol:
       Web photo comic series
Part 1 "A Question of Time"
Part 2 "A Question of Time" (3:42)
Live Action Video:

Released March 1, 2018,

Released November 13, 2018, Eine Warnung (A Warning) (3:03)

December 24, 2016Major New Release from Euderion, a long-running German language Star Trek fans series set in the Silver Age, (Adult fans, costumes, props, green screens) "Euderion Infinity: Auf Asklepios Spurin" (In English: On Asklepios Trails)(Star Trek Fan Film) In German with English subtitles:  In German only:   For prior releases from Euderion, see

October 27, 2016Major New Release from USS Danubia, German fans speaking English creating a Silver Age Star Trek Fan Film which uses elements from Star Wars, "Force Contact," (28:51).  (German subtitles).  The permanent home of the USS Danubia, which is an announcement for Fedcon 25, will be with other Fedcon films at

Sept. 21, 2016,  Major New Release, Crossover film, Euderion vs. Aliens (19:09). Re-released with English subtitles, December 5, 2016,

August 15, 2016 Major New Release from Starship Explorer (formerly known as Star Trek: Explorer), German Language Machinima. Episode 3: (40:35).   /   Later released version 9/11/2016 (40:35)  For the first two episodes and other links about this series see:

June 19, 2016 MAJOR NEW RELEASE from Jurgen Kaiser, a stop-action animation in German with English subtitles, Episode 2 of Star Trek: Enterprise, the Beginning of the End (or in German, Der Anfang vom Ende), (58:06).  For more about this stop-action animation, including links to the previous episode of Star Trek: Enterprise which has a second sound track in English, see

MAJOR NEW RELEASE, highly anticipated, one-shot (Stone Age, live action, professional actors, costumes, greens screens) English-language film, set during The Romulan War, Star Trek: Horizon (1:42:35).  (Subtitles in Spanish, German, and Italian).  Permanent home, including comments gathered during its production, will be here:
A Review:

October 13, 2015"The Tressaurian Intersection" German subtitles available here:  (51:46)

September 14, 2015     Major New Release from Star Trek Cataja, The Falkenhorst Chronicles, Episode 4, "Konfrontation," (26:36).  For more information about Star Trek Cataja, The Falkenhorst Chronicles, see .

August 15, 2015  Starship USS K'Ehleyr released Star Trek: Dark Horizon (German) their first feature film , (1:28:59).

Trailer released 8/13/2015: (2:40)

July 26, 2015, Episode 2 of Star Trek Omega, (29:12).

Episode 1 from below: (25:56).

On April 10, 2015, I found the following.   Thanks to eMBee, I now know that the first thing I have below is a legit fan film, the rest are exerpts from live action role playing games.
You Tube home:  StarShipUSSKEhleyr  (or could be a fan club?)  It says it's a role-playing group in the first film.

Thanks to eMBee, we have a fan film:
Star Trek K'Ehleyr Away Team (KAT) (19:56) Published October 1, 2014.  

Published December 15, 2015, 

Published April 10, 2015, Star Trek: Dark Horizen 

Older  Video, in order of publication:  (discussion does not make these appear to be Fan Films)

This one says its a role playinggame

USS K'Ehleyr Brückenführung 2004 Remastered ATV-AVM  USS K'Ehleyr Brückenführung 2004 Remastered ATV-AVM (10:24)

This one says it's a club video

USS K'Ehleyr Manna-Manna 2008 ATV-DVE


This is a TV report about a Star Trek Exhibition Bridge

Re-Release German now with English Subtitles, Star Trek: Euderion, Episode 5, "The Price of Command," (9:54). For more about Star Trek: Euderion, see

February 8, 2015,  Star Trek: Falkenhorst,  Episode 1, now with English language soundtrack, (24:12).  For other releases from Star Trek: Falkenhorst, see

January 30, 2015,  Star Trek Cataja, The Falkenhorst Chronicles, has released Episode 2 for English Speakers, Introduction, (1:08)

January 23, 2015.   Star Trek Cataja, The Falkenhorst Chronicles, has released Episode 3,  Director's Cut, (22:05).  For everything Star Trek Cataja, The Falkenhorst Chronicles, has to offer, see

January 12, 2015.  Star Trek: Omega, appears to be Mechinima using Star Trek Online by adult fans. Set in 2409 (Silver Age.). Original release in German, (which I missed) July 12, 2014, (25:56).  Re-release with English subtitles, January 11, 2015, (25:56).  Part 1 of a multipart story.

December 20, 2014.  Star Trek Cataja, The Falkenhorst Chronicles, has released Episode 2,  Director's Cut, (23:44).  See July 22, 2014 below for more information, or for everything Star Trek Cataja, The Falkenhorst Chronicles has to offer, see

October 8, 2014.  Major New Release Star Trek: Explorer (German Language Film. The text below calls it Mechinima, but it appears like true animation.  eMBee has explained that game engines have become more flexible and it is mechinima.) Episode 2, "A Cold Day in Hell," (31:07).  Episode 1 was released in the summer of 2013, see below.

Starship Explorer, formerly Star Trek Explorer has it's own page:

October 3, 2014.  A set of newly released Volkswagen e-mobility commercials featuring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and a young boy who loves Star Trek: (0:45), (1:49), (0:19), (1:05), (0:56), (0:48), (1:28), (1:01), (0:02), (0:11), (0:21), (0:20), and Making of these commercials: (2:01).  For other professional tributes, parodies, commercials, and foreign imitators, see

August 21, 2014.   Major Find. thanks to eMBee. Star Trek Online: Columbia (Mechinima) .    This series tells the story of the U.S.S. Columbia after the events in Star Trek: Nemesis.  One episode so far, Das Mysterium, (23:33).  Facebook Home: .

August 20, 2014.
Newly Subtitled and Released.  German subtitles are now available for Prelude to Axanar, (21:09).  For additional information about both Prelude to Axanar and Star Trek Axanar, see .
Major Find.  Mechinima based on Star Trek Online (silver age). Star Trek Omega, Pilotfolge,  "Anfänge, Teil 1" (25:56)    You Tube Home:  eMBee speaks German, and watched this.  He commented, "Halfway through watching I was so drawn into the story that I forgot that this was amateur mechinima.  The storytelling was great, well paced with action and suspense.  I can't wait for the next part!" [edited for punctuation.]

August 10, 2014.  Major Find.  Silver Age parody: Star Burst: Last Contact.  I have written to eMBee to advise me further on 8/9/2014  He informed me that the film was complete and provided the download page.  Thank you.  A download with English subtitles is listed, but attempts to download it triggers only a permissiom error.
The Making of Star Burst: Last Contact
You Tube home of the maker:
Download of completed film:

eMBee comments:  I watched the film.

It is done quite well, live acting, greenscreen (bluebox), using ST-TNG footage for backgrounds.

It contains parody elements and puns that require knowing something about Germany to recognize.  (e.g. the captains name is a German curd-cheese product, and the important person that is to be protected is a homage on a running gag of a German TV show:

Production started when actors and team were 16 year olds in high school but post production was completed 7 years later after everyone finished high school.  I don't know if this makes it a high school production, as i guess those are more like things done in class, possibly for credit.

There is extensive background information on the film on their website (in German) The following downloads are currently available (Jan 22, 2019) from their video page
Star Burst - Last Contact (in German) Released 2003 April 30 (29min)
Star Burst - Last Contact (in German with English subtitles) Released 2004 November 20 (29min)
Making of... Star Burst (in German) Released 2007 February 13 (17min)
Production« Trailer (in English/German) Released: 2002 June 10 (1min 30sec)
Famous Voice Teaser (in German) Released: 2003 March 18 (38sec)
Story Trailer (in German) Released: 2003 March 18 (1min 25sec)
Teaser (in German) Released: 1998 - this one is really old (1min)
Spoof: What is Bullet Time? (in English) Released: 2002 September 20 (3min)
Outtakes Reel (in German) Released: 2002 June 23 (3min 24sec)
DVD/CD-Cover for the film download

July 22, 2014  Newly added German subtitles: Starship Exeter's "The Tressaurian Intersection" (51:46)

 July 12, 2014:  Major Find by eMBee, Star Trek Cataja, . .
Mechinima with voiceover.  He reports: [as of July 12, 2013]
they had 3 episodes:
and they were working on a remake of the first.
the episodes are:
E01 - Wie alles begann (How Everything Began)  (17:48) Director's cut, released August 30, 2014: (24:47)  Another's Director's cut, released Sept. 12, 2014, (24:46)
E02 - Erste Anzeichen (First Signs)            (10:53) Director's Cut, (23:44).
E03 - Unbekannte Signale (Unidentified Signals) (20:30)

You Tube Home:
Making of E02 behind the scenes video: (2:53:25)

I found this via the star trek channel:

Thanks to eMBee for this MAJOR FIND!!

 For everything Star Trek Cataja, The Falkenhorst Chronicles has to offer, see

March 21, 2014 HEADLINE, see below.

January 2, 2014Newly Released from established Fan Filmmaker Star Trek Euderion, German Language only, "Schatten der Vergangenheit" (Vignette) (Ger) (15:40).  I quote their description: Ein neues Crewmitglied, Lieutenant Elias Reynolds, soll sich auf der USS Euderion melden. Auf dem Flug zu seinen neuen Posten reflektiert er über die letzten Tage des Dominion krieges und dem Tod eines guten Freundes.  Vignette 4 der Star Trek Euderion Adventures ist eine No-Budget Green Screen Verfilmung des Euderion Fanfilm-Clubs in Berlin.  For more films and information about Star Trek Euderion, see .

Also Newly Released available for download from Star Trek Phase II, "Kitumba" in high definition with German subtitles: on You Tube: (1:05:33) or download: .  (As of January 2, 2014, subtitles were available in English and German ONLY.)  Star Trek Phase II is usually considered the highest quality of all of the groups who have been producing a fan film series.

Find,      Cool Age 2.

FIND, German Audio drama, Der STAR TREK-Hörspiel-Podcast, Listen here:  See also   Thanks to eMBee for discovering this missing fan Trek series!  (Added November 3, 2013).  He then wrote with the following further information:

 Intro from soundcloud:
"Raumschiff Eberswalde" ist der erste deutsche STAR TREK-Hörspiel-Podcast. In 501 Folgen wird die Geschichte des Sternenflotten-Offiziers Robert Thomas erzählt: sein persönliches Logbuch, direkt aus dem 25. Jahrhundert vom Raumschiff Eberswalde.

Spaceship Eberswalde is the first german STAR TREK-audiodrama podcast. In 501 episodes it tells the story of starfleet-officer Robert Thomas: His personal log, directly from the 25th century from the Spaceship Eberswalde.
(transation by eMBee)

according to this review
they are no longer producing new episodes.

the review also hints at another german parody series:
they are expecting to produce more. (just discovered this now)

from their website:
Nach "The Original Series", "The Next Generation", "Deep Space Nine", "Voyager" und "Enterprise" schicken wir in "Serie VI" eine neue Crew auf die wichtigste Mission überhaupt! Nicht die Erde, nicht die Galaxis, nein, das Franchise muss gerettet werden.

Und diesmal wird alles anders gemacht: Mehr Randgruppen, mehr Kontinuität, mehr Sex, mehr Action, mörderböse Cliffhanger, mehr Intro und so weiter! Zusammen mit Admiral Rick Berman und Captain Manny Coto erlebt die Crew der Enterprise-Z verrückte Abenteuer auf der Suche nach neuen Plots und Zuschauern.

After "The Original Series", "The Next Generation", "Deep Space Nine", "Voyager" and "Enterprise", in "Series VI" we send a new crew on the most impostant mission ever! Not earth, not the galaxy, no, the franchise needs to be saved.

And this time everything will be different: more fringe groups, more continuity, more sex, more action. murder-bad cliffhangers, more intro, etc.! Together with admiral Rick Berman and Captain Manny Coto the crew of the Enterprise-Z experiences crazy adventures on the search for new plots and viewers.
(translation by eMBee)

The following is a comment by eMBee after listening to part of this series:
 i just finished listening to the first season of Raumschiff Eberswalde. despite consisting mostly of log entries, there is quite some action and excitement.

to be able to listen to the season in chunks i tried to group the episodes into chapters. which roughly each chapter introducing a new event or twist in the story:

1-8 Versetzung zur Eberswalde;
9-21 Erste Mission;
22-31 Warp-feld Kollaps;
32-39 Unterwegs zur Sternenbasis;
40-45 Landurlaub;
46-51 Befoerderung;
52-65 Neue Mission;
66-93 Auf Ba-ham;
94-99 Klingonen;
100-109 Nachrichten von T'val;
110-127 Korrektur der Zeitlinie;
128-134 Versetzung zur Eberswalde;
135-144 Ionensturm

greetings, eMBee.

German Find: Appears to be a video discussion of Star Trek time line some some kind. (6:18) (added here Oct 31, 2013)

German FIND:  (October 2013, posted a year earlier)  ST: Antares, three films:
Star Trek: The Lost Tales: Dilitium (full) (48:24) from . Silver Age, Animated.

March 21, 2014.  Newly Released, from Star Trek: The Lost Tales (German Language 3d Animation), "Doomsday Preview": (27:51).

From the same group, FIND no. 48Antares Shorts, "Daedalus" (8:05).

Star Trek First Contact (1:27:33)

German Headline Summer 2013:
Recently released, German Language, Mechinima, (German captions, too) Star Trek - Explorer.  Episode 1: (24:29)
Released 10/6/2014
Episode 2: "A Cold Day in Hell" (31:07)

German Headline June 2012:
Star Trek: The Next Animation (Movie, English Subtitled) (26:41)
Filmmaker comments:

Published on May 21, 2012 by 
STAR TREK - THE NEXT ANIMATION ist ein Fanprojekt mit einer Mischung aus Star Trek, Southpark, Family Guy, Simpsons und einer ganzen Reihe weiterer TV-Serien und Parodien. TNA gilt dabei als die erste vollanimierte Star Trek - Verfilmung aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum und zeigt auf skurrile Art und Weise die fiktive andere Seite von Captain Picard und seiner Besatzung.

Fast zweieinhalb Jahre hat die Entwicklung und Produktion des Films gedauert. Herausgekommen ist dabei ein aktiongeladenes SciFi-Spektakel mit einer guten Portion bissigem Humor, das nicht davor zurückschreckt, sich selbst und zahlreiche andere TV-Serien, Filme uvm. durch den Kakao zu ziehen.

Am 17. Mai 2012 feierte der Film auf der FedCon XXI in Düsseldorf Premiere.

Idee, Drehbuch und Umsetzung:
John Thienel

Mike Pridik, Sascha Kiss, Christiane Owsianka, Tim Gössler, Conny Mahler, Michaela Waaske, Daniel Wagner, Sarah Faust, Michael Hartmann, Kai Hartmann, Eugen Owsianka, Mathias Dettmer, Sven Matthias, Sven Vogler, René Pridik, Kevin Hütte, Jens Pridik und Ronald Martin Beyer

Tim Gössler und Deniz Akbulut

Weitere Informationen zum Film und dem Fanprojekt selbst unter:

See, they are offering the film on DVD for just the cost of shipping and handling!
Nun wollen wir euch nicht länger warten lassen, fürs neue Jahr haben wir uns etwas ganz besonders ausgedacht, die DVD zu "STARFLEET ACADEMY" der Film gibt es ab sofort Gratis online zu bestellen, es fallen lediglich die Verpackungs- und Versandpauschale an !!!!

Starfleet Academy

In 18 Tagen ist Weihnachten un ab heute koennt Ihr die DVD zu STARFLEET ACADEMY auf bestellen !
In 18 days Christmas is un today can you order the DVD to STARFLEET ACADEMY on! (Translated by Bing)

The following Star Trek Fan Films are in German, or appear to me to be in German. I do not speak German. Thank you to Peter at Star Trek: Phase II for dozens of corrections on this section. I hope it is now much more useful.

(I am also going to attempt to list films available to German-speaking people which are not available on the web)

Completed fan film:

(A) Star Trek: Enterprise: The New Generation
Location: Bayern, Germany. English speaking people commonly call this area Bavaria. English translation is by Limited Faith Productions working out of Humberside, UK. They have been kind enough to attach a comment.

This is a fan film from Germany using action figures from the last TV series, Enterprise.
Stone Age .
English soundtrack now available,  See Blog 12.

A second episode is in the works with a new, superior voice cast.  Here is the trailer: (2:16)

Making of videos:
Part 1:
Part 2:
They are working on a new episode, vis: Teaser-Trailer

(B) Star Trek Euderion (Uniforms are Silver Age) SEE ALSO Blog 93 for English subtitled version.

Live action. German. Berlin. This appears to be a Star Trek fan club effort. Download webpage:

Vimeo website:

This is an episode. It may be intended to be the start of a series. They also appear to be creating an animated either series or episode, "Star Trek Kehleyr"
Trailer one
Trailer two

In fact, they have a whole series of trailers, including one called, "Star Base Roddenbury" They have, as of this writing, a total of 30 uploads on their You Tube channel:

(C) Star Trek Starfire II: Status Q(54:23) This is the film on Vimeo.
There appears to be a single film, which appears to have been released about April 1, 2009.
Here's a discussion of it on a German Star Trek News website:

Kapitaen Stephen of German Phase II was kind enough to respond to my query about this film and said, "One of the 'actors', Daniel Räbiger runs a very popular Star Trek-themed news-site on the net, - they`re also one of the STP2-Mirrors. They never planned to release this film but in recent years have gained the technology to finish the project."

(D) Listed as "Space Trek":

Certain other German Language Star Trek Fan Films have been removed as having sexual content which would not be considered acceptable viewing by children in the United States.  I am told this content is considered harmless in Germany.  You can read these posts and follow their links to the films at Star Trek Restricted, here:

(E)  Star Trek: Starfleet Academy  is a fan film in German. Set in 2238, live action, drama.  They have been showing it in Germany in theaters, starting in October 2011.  Their You Tube home is here: .  Vimeo home is here: .  The Christmas film (2010?) appears to be outtakes.  It is now available in German by mail order, vis:
Starfleet Academy
In 18 Tagen ist Weihnachten un ab heute koennt Ihr die DVD zu STARFLEET ACADEMY auf bestellen !
In 18 days Christmas is un today can you order the DVD to STARFLEET ACADEMY on! (Translated by Bing)

Not currently on the web (see Blog 142, Films Listed As Existing Which I Can't Find, Link To, Or Offer A Way To See.)  I am told some of these are available on DVD or by old videotapes that can be purchased.

(A) The following Swiss-man German language series
SMMP I "The Wormhole" 1996
SFMP (joint venture with a ST Fanclub) "Special Envoy" (Parody) 1999
SMMP IV "The Needs Of The Many" 2000 or "Der Wert Vieler"
SMMP V "The Search" 2001 or "Die Suche"

(G) Borg War Trilogy (All Live Action)
Borg War
Borg War 2: The Romulan Factor
Borg War 3 Atlantas

(H) Raumschiff Highlander .  I am taking the word of a German Trek Fan that this is a Star Trek Fan Film.    He says that it was an entire series, only a small part of which is still on the web.

You Tube poster:
Part 1 (6:43)
Part 2 (6:01)

You Tube Poster: (9:44)

10th Anniversary (1:01)
You Tube Poster:

(I)   Star Trek v. Babylon 5

Star Trek v. Babylon 5  by
The Final Fight Part 1  (6:33)
The Final Fight Part 2 (6:08)

(J)  Swiss German subtitles are available for Star Wreak 2 pi which was released January 30, 2013.   See for details.

(K)  Cool Age 2.

(L)   Borg Cube destroys everything in Star Wars: poster: (has other Borg videos)

Available in both German and English: (And not already listed above)
Star Trek: Phase II or Star Trek New Voyages
Here is a teaser for the upcoming Kitumba: (3:57)
Here is "The Child" (available within the link above)

This is their German Mirror download:
En Deutsch?
World Enough and Time from Phase II:
The Holiest Thing

Heavy Lies the Crown from Star Trek: Intrepid is available with German subtitles:

Star Trek Continues offers German subtitles:

Star Trek Continues 
Episode 1, "Pilgrim of Eternity," (51.18) or
Episode 2, "Lolani". (50:46) or
Episode 3, "Fairest of Them All" (40:37) or
Episode 4, "The White Iris"  (47:55) or Vimeo:
Episode 5, "Divided We Stand," (42:45) or Vimeo:
Episode 6, "Come Not Between The Dragons," or

Starship Farragut's animated adventures have German language on the DVDs they hand out at conventions.  The official DVD also can be downloaded at some of their mirror websites, vis: ,

German with English subtitles: Blog 87. Digital Ghost

Other German websites:

This is a video trailer for a planned audio drama, Star Trek Legends, which does not appear to be available as of July, 2010:"Star+Trek:+Legends"+&hl=es&view=2#

This is a humorous German recutting and redubbing of TOS footage:

Star Trek Galaxies.  English language animated Star Trek Fan Film with German subtitles.  Alternative Universe.
Episode 1 Duties and Sacrifices
Part 1: (14:13)
Part 2: (12:23)

Sinnlos im Weltall Fan Film: Menagerie von dem DVD-Rom Teil der zweiten SiW DVD (vor Jahren ausm Donkey Netzwerk gezogen

Trailer for a DVD offering German Parody Fan Films:   Says it includes English subtitles. Uniforms in some appear to be Trek uniforms.

This seems to be the opening of a German Fan Trek series: Fan-Projekt STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-C  To the best of my knowledge, the trailer has not been followed up with an actual series as of July 2010.

This is a Christmas story... Star Trek - The Next -D- Generation [Meets Father Christmas, to  Anglophones, that's Santa Claus]. (10:25)

This appears to be a German language fan fiction, with video intros.

This appears to be a crossover franchise comedy short:

Star Trek Armada offers German subtitles to at least one of their releases.  See t:

Star Trek Horizon has released the first six minutes of their film, subtitled in German: (6:28)

OK, this appears to be a fan fiction series in German!
Star Trek: Red Squadron
Star Trek: Red Squadron: Resistance [Trailer Season 3] (4:02)

Franchise crossover... kinda...   Star Trek v. Star Wars mit Lady Gaga in plaue.avi. (6:40) .  This is a stage performance, music also includes 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Bizarre.

The following are in "Things that have been found and not sorted"... but are clearly in German.  What are they?  You tell me.

Star Trek Parody from Germany (2:10) (English subtitles) (Gay)
More from the same source: (2:13)   You Tube Channel with most of these:

Mechimima from Germany:  Star Trek Fan Projekt (7:51)

Star Trek Voyager German Language Remix parody: (0:50)

Star Trek Shadowplay German with English subtitles.   Also has what claims to be the first episode of a series, "Star Trek Night Shift." which appears to be made by Germans but is in English... very funny!

Star Trek: Nightshift.    It is easily understandable by English speaking viewer, and ranks among the funniest short films I've seen.  I include it as part of the expanding volume of German Trek.
Bionicdance (4:23)

This fellow: seems to be building Star Trek animation modules.  I'm not clear where he's going with it, but it's the U.S.S. Elohim.  Elohim is not German, it's Hebrew for one of the names used in the Bible for God.

Here's a website with German Star Trek Fan Fiction:

These are soundtracks derived from the German language version of TNG found by eMBee:

the first 10 episodes of TNG have been produced as audiodrama in german:

from:    they basically take the sound-track of the german tv episodes and add a narrator.

Similarly:  this is from the german soundtrack of a TOS episode cut down to a 15 minute audiodrama  Hörspiel - Star Trek TOS - Krieg der Computer

the episodes are on youtube:

Here is a TV article about German Star Trek Fan Films: (8:13)


  1. the highlander series has very recently been posted on youtube by its creator robert amper:

    H1: "The Return of Captain Norad"
    H2: "Captain Norad, Ruler of the Universe"
    H4: "History"
    H5: "Norad. Resurrection."

    H3 is still being worked on.

    apparently there also exist versions with subtitles and even english dubbing, supposedly circulating at conventions.

    it is also worth nothing that the series has been deemed good enough to be shown on german tv.

    greetings, eMBee.

  2. on "taking the word of a German Trek Fan that this is a Star Trek Fan Film." i concur that the highlander episode wildfire does indeed not look like star trek.

    however if you take a few minutes to peek into the other episodes i posted above you will see the star trek connection of the highlander series.

    greetings, eMBee.

  3. Dear eMBee, I again thank you for your comments.

  4. you are welcome.

    to elaborate: wildfire looks like a reboot of the series trying to make something more independent, like hidden frontier did it with frontier guard. it is also not a parody like the original series was.

    greetings, eMBee.

  5. i just finished listening to the first season of Raumschiff Eberswalde. despite consisting mostly of log entries, there is quite some action and excitement.

    to be able to listen to the season in chunks i tried to group the episodes into chapters. which roughly each chapter introducing a new event or twist in the story:

    1-8 Versetzung zur Eberswalde;
    9-21 Erste Mission;
    22-31 Warp-feld Kollaps;
    32-39 Unterwegs zur Sternenbasis;
    40-45 Landurlaub;
    46-51 Befoerderung;
    52-65 Neue Mission;
    66-93 Auf Ba-ham;
    94-99 Klingonen;
    100-109 Nachrichten von T'val;
    110-127 Korrektur der Zeitlinie;
    128-134 Versetzung zur Eberswalde;
    135-144 Ionensturm

    greetings, eMBee.

  6. while season 1 of Raumschiff Eberswalde is one story by itself,
    seasons 2 to 4 make up a story together:

    1/145-6/150(2) attentat
    7/151-9/153(2) austritt
    10/154-14/158(2) flucht
    1/159-24/182(3) angriff
    1/183-7/189(4) versoehnung

    season 5 is not a drama at all, but a biography of gene roddenberry.

    greetings, eMBee.