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(219) Non English Star Trek Fan Films.

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The following languages (listed in Alphabetical Order) either have original fan films in them, or offer subtitles or dubs for Star Trek Fan Films in other languages. The ones in turquoise are below.  The blue are links to their own blogs which deal with only their language.

Zulu with a single word in Sesotho

I urge anyone with more information about films in these, or other languages, to contact me.  Star Trek Reviewed is never complete, it is always on a quest to add more Star Trek Fan Films in every language!  Let me also point out that it takes only ONE DEDICATED TREK FAN who is fluent in his or her own language and English can make the best Star Trek Fan Films available to other who speak their native tongue by creating subtitles!  If that language were Arabic or Chinese, that would potentially double that film's audience!

Arabic :
Posted by:
Spacekisser   ستار تريك  (2:10)

Chinese:  A commercial for Sandisk, a thumb drive: (4:30)

StarDrek (22) [Jupiter]

Star Drek from Laku noć, Hrvatska (Good night, Croatia) a Croatian adult animated series produced by Croatia Film of Zagreb between 2005 -2008 on Nova TV. (1:24:26)

Star drek from Tomislav Katalinić. a recut with original, comic Croation dialog over Star Trek TNG video from 2008 (1:11)

June, 2017, 3 Epizodas: B.trek/  CGI, adult fans, props, costumes, green screens, Silver Age in Croatian) Appears to be a Parody or comedy in which the space being explored is the internet.
Epizoda 1:  Duboko Međumrežje
Epizoda 2:  Romilanci
Epizoda 3: Telepatska veza
July, 2017, 4th Epizodas: B.trek/
Epizoda 4: Porn Hubble
Epizoda 5: B.trek/Na godišniji Starom Galaktičkom

Croation subtitles are available for Star Wreak 2 pi.   See

Star Trek Continues:
Episode 1, "Pilgrim of Eternity," (51.18) or
Episode 2, "Lolani". (50:46) or
Episode 3, "Fairest of Them All" (40:37) or
Episode 4, "The White Iris"  (47:55) or Vimeo:
Episode 5, "Divided We Stand," (42:45) or Vimeo:
Episode 6, "Come Not Between The Dragons," or
Episode 7, "Embracing The Winds," or

Phase II download mirror with select Danish subtitles:
World Enough and Time:
Blood and Fire Part I:
Blood and Fire Part II:
Enemy Starfleet:
The Child

Danish subtitles are available for Star Wreak 2 pi.   See

Dark Armada
Released January, 2013:  It's Dark, Get Over It (Dutch subtitles) (4:53)
Prelude to Axanar on You Tube: (21:09)  Includes subtitles

STAR TREK Strieper Mission 66 from Jurgen van Hoof.  Dutch Golden Age Star Trek comedy / parody released to celebrate a Dutch carnival that goes back to 1930! Captain Cork and his crew go back in history on a search for their Burgemeester and end up at the first Striepersgat. (23:17).

Dutch subtitles are available for
Star Wreak 2 pi.  See
Prelude to Axanar: (21:09).  For additional information about both Prelude to Axanar and Star Trek Axanar, see .

Star Trek New Voyages
The Holiest Thing

STAR TREK Strieper Mission 66.  Dutch Star Trek Fan Film appears to be a comedy or parody.  Reference to Captain Kirk plus uniforms leads me to believe this is Golden Age. (23:17)

October 13, 2015"The Tressaurian Intersection" Dutch subtitles available here:  (51:46)

Star Trek New Voyages
The Holiest Thing

Star Trek Continues
Episode 1
Episode 2

Hebrew:  Reviews only, not subtitles: This website seems to be the center for Hebrew language reviews for Star Trek fan films.

Star Trek: Phase II:

Star Trek vs. Batman:

Starship Exeter:


Of Gods and Men:



Star Trek Continues 
Episode 1, "Pilgrim of Eternity," (51.18) or
Episode 2, "Lolani". (50:46) or
Episode 3, "Fairest of Them All" (40:37) or
Episode 4, "The White Iris"  (47:55) or Vimeo:
Episode 5, "Divided We Stand," (42:45) or Vimeo:
Episode 6, "Come Not Between The Dragons," or
Episode 7, "Embracing The Winds," or
Episode 8, "Still Treads The Shadow," or

Singollo at Go!Animate  has created a non-English film called, "Star Fake". I think it's Hungarian.

Star Fake
Part 1
Part 2

Indonesian   Prelude to Axanar on You Tube: (21:09)  Includes subtitles


Star Trek Astraios Japanese with French subtitles.

Phase II website:  The website includes links to downloads which may include Japanese subtitles.
You Tube:
Star Wreak: In the Pirkkinning (2:02)
Prelude to Axanar on You Tube: (21:09)  Includes subtitles

Animation based on DS9: Neo DS9: (1:30)

Prelude to Axanar on You Tube: (21:09)  Includes subtitles

Prelude to Axanar on You Tube: (21:09)  Includes subtitles

Star Trek z Bronksu || Prezes YT: (2:18) 1 Dec 2018

Star Trek Przerobiony
TAS recuts with original sound in Polish by Dem3000. (2:16).
Krzyeztof Janus has combined all the episodes as at 22 Oct 2019 into a single compilation video! (1:01:45)

Pudełko (1:10) 14 Mar 2014
Planeta Mikołaja (1:24) 31 Mar 2014
Dyskoteka (1:37) 7 Apr 2014
Niespodzianka (1:11) 28 May 2014
Interwencja (2:01) 17 Jun 2014
Granie Online (2:18) 21 Jul 2014
Dziewczyny (2:45) 24 Sep 2014
Walka z Nudą (2:01) 15 Nov 2014
Spocko Święta (2:18) 22 Dec 2014
Otwarcie Parasola (2:16) 4 Oct 2015
Była Kapitana (1:56) 6 Dec 2015
Wakacje (1:59) 15 Mar 2016
Nowy Rok (2:17) 4 Jul 2016
Statek widmo (2:47) 2 Oct 2016
Wjazd policji (2:22) 21 Nov 2016
Największa trucizna (2:31) 6 Feb 2017
Kulturystyka (2:15) 28 Mar 2017
Koci proces (2:57) 30 May 2017
Fajni koledzy (2:38) 31 Jul 2017
teaser odcinka "Supermoce" (0:41) 12 Sep 2017
Supermoce (2:23) 26 Sep 2017
Nowy Star Trek (0:32) 20 Nov 2017
Na morza dnie (3:47) 28 Nov 2017
Walka w klatkach (3:08) 24 Apr 2018
Fan na statku (3:56) 26 Jun 2018
Spock i Spack (2:22) 31 Jan 2019
Najlepszy lekarz (2:35) 3 Sep 2019
Odwiedziny rodziców (2:40) 21 Oct 2019.
Wspomnienia (3:43) 18 Nov 2019.

World Enough and Time from Phase II:

Star Trek Filmography, Pilot Episode. (9:05)
No more appear to have been done.

Prelude to Axanar on You Tube: (21:09)  Includes subtitles

Turist Ömer Uzay Yolunda
One video, with English subtitles: (1:11:08)

Star Wreck In the Pirkinning with Turkish subtitles:

This video is in Klingon, but the singing in the background is in Turkish: (0:41)

Zulu and English with a single word in Sesotho  Vuzu amp - (1:30).  This was initially found by Bob Trekfan.  Here it is with partial English subtitles: (1:30) (subtitled version found by eMBee, thank you).  Another reader, who will here be referred to, at her request, as onedotshort, called the television station to find out exactly what language it was.  It is a mixture of English and Zulu with a single word in Sesotho.  Thanks to Bob Trekfan for finding and reporting this film!
The following comment was posted by eMBee when this was a Headline:
  1. on the vuzu amp ad, this article describes the second language as south african vernacular:

    though i could not identify any words on eg

    there is also a link a version with partial subtitles:

    greetings, eMBee.
The following Comments were moved from the previous location of this page:

  1. LimitedFaithAug 23, 2009 07:09 PM
    I am the Executive Producer for Limited Faith Productions. In charge of dubbing the Fan Film known as "Star Trek: Enterprise - The New Generation" to English.

    I'd like to correct you ever so slightly. You state that the English Dub is being done with people who formerly worked with Phase II for the German Producer.

    I'd like to state this is correct and incorrect.

    Some of the people have formerly worked for Phase II and some of them do still work with Phase II. They do not work for Jurgen Kaiser (The german Producer). They work for me.

    Jurgen is the Exec Producer for the project as it's his baby.

    Being Executive Producer for Limited Faith Productions, i am responsible for the English Dub which includes coordinating an English rewrite, casting, editing, etc etc.

    Jurgen gives it his seal of approval.

    Hope this clears that up.

    Expected release towards the end of 2009, early 2010.

    With Warm Regards
  2. zache_Sep 21, 2009 06:13 PM
    Star Trek: Metrensky Incident's english subtitles can be found here:


    I just watched the film and i think that it is one of the most well balanced star trek fan films what i have seen. Interesting script, reasonably good acting and even though it's CG doesn't match with best fan films it is still good enough to be enjoyable.

    I liked it very much so thanks for founding it.
  3. ThunderchildDec 16, 2009 07:19 AM
    English Subtitles of the German Fan-Series "Star Trek Euderion" are now availible. Visit the full film with Subs on Vimeo:

    French Subs came in January 2010.
    More Infos about the Project by me:

    Greetings from Germany ;-)
  4. UlissesFeb 5, 2010 02:35 PM
    Hi, Ulisses, again.
    The subtiltes I put in were made using the files of their own sites. The subtitle of Incident at Beta 9 was made using the files on youtube and to Phase 2 I used the site files and a torrent file I found with the extension WEBRIP.XviD-Sporc.
  5. BarbFeb 5, 2010 02:49 PM
    Thank you again, Ulisses. I hope your work, and its inclusion here, will enable more Portuguese-speaking Trekkers to enjoy fan films.

    I told George Kayaian that you had subtitled his work, Incident on Beta 9, and he is delighted.
  6. ulissesFeb 7, 2010 12:24 PM
    Hi, the portuguese-br subtitle for Star Trek Aurora part 4 already been posted on
  7. UlissesFeb 13, 2010 09:37 AM
    the portuguese-br subtitle for Choices part 2 is posted on
  8. UlissesFeb 18, 2010 02:06 PM
    portuguese-br subtitle for Metrenski Incident is on
  9. ulissesFeb 23, 2010 03:02 PM
    portuguese-br subtitles for Digital Ghost is on
  10. ulissesFeb 28, 2010 01:34 AM
    Hi, folks,
    portuguese-br subtitles for Turning Point (Intrepid) is on
  11. ulissesMar 6, 2010 12:01 PM
    portuguese-br subtitles for the needs od the many act 2 posted on
  12. UlissesApr 11, 2010 11:56 AM
    Hi, Barb,
    The portuguese-br subtitle for Blood and Fire part 2 posted on
    Thanks Stephan.
  13. XyllJul 15, 2010 07:24 AM
    just a little correction.
    The download page for Czech fanfilm ST: Metrensky incident is
    So no one gets lost on our site with czech language :D.

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