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(5) Fan Film Series, Production Groups, and Significant Individual Fan Films with links to their individual blogs.

5  This listing has not been updated in four years.  It always needed more detail on some groups to be more useful.  The user can scan this for Drama or Comedy, live action, animation, mechinima, puppets, or other forms. For Audio, see Audio listings.  Ideally there would be a little additional detail to help the watcher pick a set of films to consider.  I currently list 66 groups of  the over 90 listed in this website which have produced fan films.  Most that are currently producing a film and have already put out significant output ("significant" is arbitrarily defined by me.) do not have their own listings, if they have not produced  a full film.  Abandon projects by groups that have completed projects will be found under the producer's webpage or, in the case of Hidden Frontier, webpages, here.

These Star Trek Fan Films are set in the past, the present day or in the future but prior to the Stone Age which begins 2150 AD (or CE).

Blog 6: Duet.  Drama, live action.  Set in post-World War II Germany
Home on You Tube:
Home base is Garden Grove, California.  Film is shot in color before a green screen and changed into black and white as a special effect.

Blog 7: Steam Trek. Historical recreation, live action.   This tribute to Trek and the beginnings of film tells a story which is part 20,000 leagues under the sea, part Perils of Pauline, and yes, part Star Trek, in black and white and in the style of early silent films.  I have also included links to two genuine early silent films so that the reader can compare this recreation to the real thing.  One, a Trip to the Moon, is said to include the first special effects, the second, The Great Train Robbery, the first to tell a story.

Blog 8, Stone Trek.  Comedy, animation.  Several films, Star Trek in the animation style of the Flintstones, but no Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty, Bam Bam or Pebbles in sight.   The comedy style may be Flintstones, but these stories are 100 per cent Star Trek, or whatever other franchise is being satirized.

Stone Age Fan Films: Star Trek set around the time of Enterprise or thereafter, but before the time of The Original Series.  Stone Age Star Trek, roughly 2150-2249  Information on Enterprise, or Star Trek: Enterprise starts at Blog 180.

Blog 10: Star Trek: The Romulan Wars  Drama, Live action.  Looks at the war in which the Federation fought, but never saw, the Romulans.  This war was mentioned in Star Trek, The Original Series.
Their home base is Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Blog 11:  Starfleet Academy (German, Live Action, Drama) Not yet available with English subtitles. 

Blog 12:  Star Trek Enterprise: The New Generation German.  Drama.  Stop Action animation, Both English and German voice cast and soundtrack, using the original German animation.  Working on a second episode.

Blog 13:  Lilredhead Studios. . Flash animation, Comedy.  The first series, Enterprise Flashed, is based on the Enterprise TV series.  Later, they produced two series based on Voyager, (Ahoyager) but the animator expressed frustrations with these series.  Animator lives in Dickinson, North Dakota but has not worked on these fan animations in a few years.

Golden Age Fan Films (based on The Original Series, The Animated Series, or Star Trek XI set roughly from 2250-2349).
Information on The Original Series (TOS) itself starts at Blog 151.
Information on The Animated Series (TAS) is in Blog 155.
Information on the movie, Star Trek (Star Trek XI) (JJAbrams Trek) is in Blog 211.

Blog (20): Star Trek Phase II or Star Trek New Voyages, is the most professional of the fan films production companies.  Drama, live action.  This series attempted to continue the five year voyage of the Original Series with a new cast, but remarkable recreations of the bridge, and superior graphics.  3 short films plus 6 full length stories in 7 episodes, have been released, four more are in post production.
The home base is Upstate New York, USA. Studios in Port Henry.  A few short films by other members of the Phase II team as well as fan films of this fan film are also listed on this page.

Blog (21): Starship Exeter is set at the time of The Original Series, but on a different spaceship. Drama, live action.  One complete dramatic episode, One live comedy short.   Being based in Texas, its characters remind one of real NASA astronauts.  A second episode was shot in 2004, and parts of it have been released, but nothing has been released since 2007.
The home base is Texas, USA.  A comedy short, "Night Shift" using the same set and the same captain, has also been released.  Others have proposed animated episodes.

Blog (22): Starship Farragut  Wins more awards than any other fan film series. It is set at the time of The Original Series, but on a different starship.  Drama.  Three live action dramatic episodes, two live action short episodes, two TAS style animated episodes.  More in the works.  The home base is Washington, D.C., USA.  Also, working on a TOS series with Kirk and crew, called "Star Trek Continues" which has released shorts but not episodes.

Blog (23): Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek.
Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated STAR TREK
This website does not appear to exist primarily to produce fan films, but more to promote The Animated Series ("TAS"). However, it has produced an animated fan film after the style of TAS, and part of a second film.  It has also produced the only public service announcements ever produced for TAS, because TAS was the only Saturday Morning Cartoon whose content was considered to not require any public service announcements.  Drama, TAS style 2D animation. His home base is Ridgecrest, California, USA

Blog (24): Star Trek: Of Gods and Men is a 40th Anniversary tribute to the entire franchise including many cast members from The Original Series as well as a DS9 and Voyager.  It also includes the stars from Star Trek Phase II. It produced a single feature-length film in three parts.  Drama, Live Action.  .  This group is now producing a new film, not yet filmed, "Star Trek Renegades."

Blog (25): Star Trek: Aurora  A fully animated drama in 3D animation set just after TOS which follows a non-starfleet merchant ship.  Drama.  One episode has been released, a second is in the works.
Their home base is Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Blog (26): Tales of the Seventh Fleet
Although this website reserves the right to produce fan films about any ship in any time period, the three episodes they have actually produced are in the late Golden Age.  Drama, live action.  Their home base is New Jersey.  Nothing new since 2009.

Blog (27):  ***

Blog (28) Turist Ömer Uzay Yolunda (a.k.a. Turkish Star Trek) (1973)  One of a series of films about the mishaps of a Turkish hobo, Tourist Omar. Usually he hops a train or hitches a car ride. This time, he hitches a ride on the Enterprise. Sort of like the Harry Mudd episodes, but with a zanier, cuter, more fish-out-of-water and less threatening offbeat character.  Comedy, adventure, Live Action

Blog (29): Star Trek: Frontier  A single episode made in "machinima" and available on You-Tube.  Set on another ship at the time of TOS.  Drama.

Blog (30) Starship Mojave  A film which uses children to play the parts of Starfleet Officers.  Live Action.  TOS era.

Blog (31) Star Trix  One of the oldest Trek Fan Film animations ever made. A parody.  Stop action clay animation.

Blog (32) Jr. Star Trek (1969)  This film has been held out to be the earliest Star Trek Fan Film ever made.  Drama. Live Action.

Blog (33) Star Trek: The Mego Picture  Dolls used as puppets.  Parody.

Blog (34) Up All Night Productions presents, The Multiverse Crisis, a Trilogy.  Currently available, the 2nd of three films,  Star Trek: The Incident at Beta 9   Drama, Live Action fan film which offers an explanation for why TOS Klingons look different than later series and Movie Klingons.  Home base is Franklin Square, New York on Long Island.

Blog (35) Calvertfilm Presents two short filmed stories, Intrepid Finale and The Brave and the Valiant.  Drama, Live Action, pre-CGI film (late 1990s) and confab of TOS footage.  Both films involve the TOS Enterprise  Their homebase is Romford, England.

Blog (36) Star Trek Eagle  First episode of what may become a series.  Set in 2269.  Drama, live action. Teen production. Home base is Dassel, Minnesota, USA

Blog (37) Star Trek: Machinima  A planned series.  Set on Captain Kirk's Enterprise.  Drama. As the title suggests, it's Machinima.  Home base is Pensacola, Florida USA.  The first episode and part of the second has been released.  Plans for the 3rd move it to TNG era.

Blog (38) Bastards of Kirk Live Action, Comedy/Parody. 60 Minutes explores what happened to the many alien women after Kirk loved 'em and left 'em... the offspring they bore, the Federation cover up, and the consequences for interplanetary war and peace.

Blog (39)The Search for Spock's Body Parts  Mego Action Figures, 1988.  Comedy/Parody.    

Blog (60):   Go!Animate Star Trek Fan Animations
Home base is New York, USA, with offices in San Francisco CA USA and Hong Kong, China.
This website provides tools for dozens of animators to create their own animations, including tools specifically designed to create Star Trek flash animations.  Animators who have produced large bodies of work are listed below, most are listed in (60).  The animations are highly stylized figures with limited motion choices, but with greater flexibility than machinima.  Mixture of Drama, Comedy, Parody, commercials, instructional videos, public announcements.

Blog (61):   RoTV Animations
Home base is Stanford, Maine, USA
RoTV has created a number of dramatic Star Trek animations, some excellent, some weak.

Blog (62):   Star Trek: Armada, and other Section 31 Animations.  (Home base is Manchester, UK)   Star Trek: Armada is the largest and best know of the animated series coming out of GoAnimate! Two seasons, 19 episodes, over two hours of action/adventure Sci Fi animations.   Section 31 has produced other animations, including two series.  TOS era films are dramas, TNG era is comedy.

Blog (63):     DMAC6806's The Kobayashi Maru, and other Animations  (Flash Animations)

Blog (64):     Marvel Sorcery's Star Trek: TNG and other Animations  (Flash Animations)

Blog (65):     NCC 1701's Animations  (Flash Animations)

Blog (66):     Warpfactor's Animations  (Flash Animations)

Blog (67):    Spock Prime's Animations  (Flash Animations)

Blog (68):    Armalarm's Animations  (Flash Animations)

Blog (69):    JTR3KK3R  (Flash Animations)

Silver Age Fan Films (based on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and the related films, set roughly 2350-2449 AD.)  Information on Star Trek: The Next Generation starts at  Blog 156.    Information on Star Trek: Deep Space 9 starts at Blog 164.   Information on Star Trek: Voyager starts at Blog 172.

Blog 80: Star Trek: Dark Armada
Available in both Dutch and English with assorted subtitles.
The home base is the Netherlands.  Live Action.

Blog 81: Star Trek: New Homelands
The home base is Tennessee, USA.  Live Action.

Blog 82: Star Trek: Osiris
The home base is Michigan. USA.  Live Action.

Blog 83: Star Trek: The Way Back
Set immediately after Star Trek X.  Although
Star Trek: The Way Back appears, from it's web address to be German, there is, as of this time, no known German soundtrack for this internationally created animation.

Blog 84:Borg War
Animated, set about 15 years after Voyager returns.  Mechinima.

Blog 85:Star Trek: Metrensky Incident
A Czech fan film. My webpage on this film includes two sets of instructions on how to run the film with English subtitles.  Live Action.

Blog 86: Star Trek: Encarta
No longer in production, but out of Grand Rapids, Mich.
There are four films, the last three of which appear to be online.  Live Action.

Blog 87:Digital Ghost
Digital Ghost (German, with Subtitles)  Live Action.

Blog 88: Dark Frontier
Based in Lake City, Florida USA  Live Action.

Blog 89: Star Trek: A New Beginning.
Possibly out of Choate Rosemary Hall a prep school in Wallingford, Connecticut.
This is A High School Film which is more a Teen Horror Flick than Star Trek. No website, just You-Tube.  Live Action.

Blog 90: Star Trek: Unity
Mostly on You-Tube.
Probably the best of the teen productions.
The home base is Hampshire, England.
Mostly live action.  More than 20 Live Action episodes and two Mechinima.

Blog 91 Star Trek: Requirius Silver Age, Live Action. Teen-made film.

Blog 92 Chains of Betrayal
Silver Age. Live Action, TNG episode set in the 5th year. Produced and Directed in Vancouver, BC Canada

Blog 93 Star Trek: Euderion German film with English subtitles.

Blog 94 Star Trek: Specter Animation.

Blog 96 Star Track  Comedy/Parody.  Live Action with a some animated episodes.  Home base is Montreal, Canada.  

Blog 97 Star Track: The Metric System .   Comedy/Parody  Live Action.  Series is set in the Star Track universe but produced by another fan group.

Blog 98 Starship:Seneca  Live Action.  Comedy/Parody, Canadian.

Blog 99 Commander Rob   Dolls as puppets.  Comedy/Parody.

Blog 100:Star Trek: Hidden Frontier Website Hidden Frontier is by far the most prolific fan film group.

The home base is Pasadena in Southern California, USA.  All productions are Live Action.

Blog 101:Star Trek: Hidden Frontier Fan Film series
entire fan film series of 50 individual episodes. Live Action.

Blog 102:Star Trek: Odyssey   Live Action.

Blog 103:Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles  Live Action.

Blog 104:Star Trek: Federation One  Live Action followed by Audio Drama

Blog 105: Voyages of the USS Angeles Live Action.

Blog 108:Hidden Frontier - Intrepid Crossover Films Live Action.

Blog 109: Starship Intrepid
Possibly the highest quality of the Next Generation fan film productions.

The home base is Scotland, UK  Live Action.

Blog 110 Star Trek: The Pepsi Generation and other work by Ryan K. Johnson  Parody, Live Action.

Blog 111 Star Traks Mechinima Comedy, Parody, Mechinima.

Blog 112 Star Spoof Voyager Cartoon Comedy/Parody animation.

Blog 113 Star Wreck    Parody, Finnish, mostly Mechinima, but one full length live action movie as well.   The most watched Finnish Language film in history.

Blog 114 Aah Productions Star Trek XII and Star Trek XIII. .  Comedy/Parody.

Blog 115 Star Trek the Quasi Mechinima  Comedy/Parody

Blog 116  Star Trek: Red Squad Drama, Animation. No voices, words appear on the screen, and we only see the outside of ships, never the people in them.

Blog 120 Mariner  Drama, Animation.  Set in the early 25th Century, in the Original Timeline.

Bronze Age Star Trek
Star Trek set at least 70-270 years after Voyager returns, roughly 2450-2649 AD.

Blog 130: Star Trek: Beyond
Shot in Connecticut, the Writer/Producer is from Texas.
Set 160 years after Voyager returns.
Live Action.

Blog 211.         Incomplete Abandon Film Projects with significant production           
 Star Trek: Counter Worlds    This producer attempts to create new TOS adventures by editing footage from the three seasons of TOS. He also uses clips from Star Trek:Phase II.  It is set in an alternate universe. Only available on You-Tube.  Drama, Remix.  The home base is Pittsburgh, Pa. USA

Blog 214.  Remixes, Mash-ups and Recuts   A long disorganized list which includes
 Star Trek: Alliance Born from Surak75's Channel  Drama.
A remix of Enterprise shots and sounds to create a different ending for the Enterprise series.

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