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(237) Recent Upgrades for Star Trek Reviewed.

For the time being, I am using this page as a place to list films added since August 2011, but not given headlines.  Some will never get headlines.  For others, this will be a holding area for headlines.  This will include a list of films added which would not get headlines individually, but which collectively change a webpage enough to warrant one.


Check regularly, post every 2nd week

, Recent Release, from MrBonk85's series, USS MGTOW, a series based around the idea of "Men Going Their Own Way"
xxxx xxxx. (mm:ss) 16 Jun 2019.For more of MrBonk85's Star Trek Short Spoofs see

NB: He seems to have two Youtube channels: I've put this latest one up and created entries for all the other episodes he's done labelled as "Stunt Doubles" on the new Dbs page. I still need to ...
1) add a seperate series for his USS MGTOW episodes
2) Go through the Stunt Double episodes and transcribe the descriptions. Some of them are very short so I might add something to them
3) Whilst I'm going through the individual episodes, I'll save screen shots as graphics

Star Trek Millennials
, New Release, more Star Trek Millennials from jrlee0220.
xxxx xxxx. (mm:ss) 16 Jun 2019. For more Star Trek Parodies and Comedies see

, New ReleaseTitle from Artifactsofmars.
Trailer: (2:05) 01 Aug 2019.
Part 1: Link (14:18) 02 Aug 2019
Part 2: Link (15:26) 02 Aug 2019. For more Second Life Star Trek Fan Films see

Star Trek TNG Comedy Redub
Findxxxx episode [10 was last one] of Star Trek TNG Comedy Redub by GeoMFilms. xxxx (x:xx) dd mmm 2019. For more Star Trek TNG Comedy Redub see

Star Trek Kids
New Release more from Star Trek Kids Drama by Aisha Akbar...
...check to see if it has anything we don't.




Unchecked material. Give these a home on the Blog or Database
- List them here as <Source> <When email received> <URLs from email>
- Barb usually does a quick filter of the leads that Sven posts on the Fb workgroup, so you can delete the ones she identifies as from the list here straight away
- When you process any of these, even if only as far as the sandbox, delete them from this list
- Once all the URL's have been deleted transfer the <Source> <When email received> to the Leads processed list

20191122 - Sven Arius 

20191120 - Sven

20191117 - K Fan Trailer for ST Excelsior

20191113 - Sven STAR TREK: Chybějící příběhy - TRAILER 2019 Star Trek End credits by Andrew Short

20191112+13+18 - Barb (updated these to 20191123) KPF IN SPACE: THE THORNY CROWN KPF IN SPACE KPF IN SPACE: TALK TO THE HAND

20191111 - Sven
some weekend stuff: ?
for the last kpf in space ep, demons 2nd segment,... i was a bit too late.

...and when the romulan war comes out it's here 3am and i will sleep very deep. ;-) 

20191109 - Barb
Trailers for fan films
Blessing from Darmonk Promo, trailer, (0:54)
Interlude trailer (behind the scenes trailer for a fan film of a fan film).  Goes on Axanar page, no Headline: (6:27)
This fellow is producing a few videos each week.  
Nov. 8:

A pageful:

20191107 - Barb
This is just a trailer. One could produce an entry in Blog 210 (which I have not updated in a long time) saying "Joe is working on Fan Film XYZ" there. However, part of my original frustration with earlier lists was the people keep sending me to websites that had posters, tailers, teaser but no films. Anyway, here's a trailer, "The Clouds of Quin'lat." (0:45)

20191107 - Sven
...and now to something i promised yesterday - older vimeo clips:

20191106 - Barb
This is some sort of audio thing.  I haven't taken enough time to be sure what type.

20191105 - Sven
(i thought we already had these both...maybe a reupload?)
...and at the end a little vimeo-artwork:

20191104 - Barb - Probably a game play in Portuguese, but I haven't time to check right now.  Empyrion Galactic Survival 

20191103 - Sven
20191102 - Sven
...and i'm sure you already got it, but i still haven't seen it here:

20191030 - Barb
20191026 - Sven Space Engineers Star Trek Enterprise Intro Fan made credits STAR TREK - MICHETONNES, POOKIE ET HOMEOTAPHIE [PARODIE] French TAS animation Star Trek: Arena at Vasquez Rocks Kid Trek mashup 1992 FFG in StarTrek Kid Trek Star Trek: The Wrath Of Elbo Bad Mashup

20191024 - Barb
20191023 - Sven
20191023 - Barb
I am guessing this is just a playthrough (in Portuguese): - Ulisses confirmed it's a game play-through!

20191022 - Sven Teaser 160624 Magnum Starfleet Investigator CGI with voiceover

20191020 - Barb
20191020 - Barb
No headlines for trailers, but this new trailer could be put on the Axanar page:

20191015 - Barb
NO HEADLINE this is just a short preview video for the large Vance Major Owen release in December. December was Grey (2:50)

20191015 - Sven Teaser for RESISTANCE IS FUTILE: Star Trek Short Film Star Trek Shorts - Tribble commercial Star Trek parody

20191015 - Barb
20191014 - Barb (5:41) Music Video (not on STR)

20191011 - Barb
20191010 - Sven Not very good animation from Extranormal super 8, silent film reel of TOS ep. "By Any Other Name"

20191008 - Sven a vance major trailer for constar chronicles:

20191007 - Barb
20190927 - Sven Star Trek: The Original Series Alternative Intro credits

20191004 - Sven
20191003 - Barb
20191001 - Barb (2:52) A video about a PLAN to create a STFF based on using Minecraft Machinima.

20190930 - Sven (Giantess) Don't mess with Space Goddess a mash-up of some reasonably good original animation and live action footage from TMP. Original here

20190930 - Barb (1:57) The Boldly Go Collab A call for entries for a competition? Deep Space 69. soft porn cartoon in Italian (3:48)

20190927 - Sven Star Trek: The Original Series Alternative Intro

20190926 - Sven
20190924 - Sven Star Trek Toy Film (very bad)

20190922 - Sven Star Trek Nightfire Faux Credits Parody - Star Trek TOS ( The Orville Series) Faux Credits Star Trek: Adventures Intro Voyages of the U.S.S Tesla Faux Credits

20190916 - Sven
20190915 - Barb
20190915 - Sven
20190913 - Sven
20190911 - Barb
20190909 - Sven
20190908 - Sven
20190903 - Sven
20190902 - Kirok
20190828 - Sven
20190827 - Barb
20190824 - Sven
20190824 - Barb
20190820 - Kirok - Star Trek: Picard (Parody) Captain Picard hasn't lost a step when it comes to orders. - Picard Likes his tea hot and His Earl Grey HOTTER! - Troi Gives Riker Bat'leth Envy - Picard Sees O'brien Off to Deep Space Nine
...these onto ST Restricted - There Are FOUR LIGHTS - Mr. Worf, FIRE! - Star Trek: It NeverHappened!
...although frankly, I don't get the gag in that last one...
This one has some course language... - Spock Dies

20190819 - Sven
20190814 - Sven
201908013 Barb
201908011 Barb
20190809 Sven Matthes an excelsior announcement: a new more non-trek episode from the diplomacy makers:

20190806 - Sven Line of Duty: a Star Trek Fan Production - Extended Scene aron vanderkley - behind the scenes clip:
Add this to Line of Duty page

20190731 - Sven Star Trek Wars: Degeneration: KERBAL STAR-DREK

20190726 - Sven
Star Trek Gacha Life (2D animation) 1. Star Trek meme I guess 24 Jul 2019 Part 2 I guess idk Help me TNG opening credits Redubbed CHEKOV!!!! Music video Dr McCoy is a Doctor Everything black (Star trek Lore parody) Music video Legends never die 21 Sep 2019 Music video

20190720 - Sven
20190713 - Sven
20190702 - Sven
20190702 - Sven
20190701 - Barb
20190630 - Sven 
20190624 - Sven
20190617 - Sven
20190613 - Sven
20190611 - Sven
20190606 - Sven
20190601 - Sven
20190530 - Barb
21090528 - Sven
21090528 - Barb - The Constar Chronicles Extended Look

Sven Matthes
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15 February at 07:59
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This page is a staging post for listing leads on the blog/database and creating Headlines
I have broken it down into the following sections...
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Sandbox - incomplete information about leads, not on Blog/Dbs yet

Youtube comment asking for permission to use graphics...
Hi, <you have a very interesting plot and it will be interesting to see where you go with it.> I'm one of the editors at Star Trek Reviewed and we will be headlined your production on our Facebook page as well our website at

Could we have permission to include some of your graphics?

mmmm dd, 2019FindTITLE from PRODUCER. Promotional blurb. LINK (mm:ss). For more STR BLOG TITLE see LINK.

mmmm dd, 2019Updated Find, continuing our updating of our listings of the current & historical information about Star Trek: Hidden Frontier we have added xxxx. We invite you to add any insights you might have to our new reference page for this season on Star Trek Reviewed at by commenting here. Keep your eye on Star Trek Reviewed over the coming weeks for this to be extended, one season at a time. There is a lot of Star Trek fan history to cover here!

mmmm dd, 2019, Recent ReleaseTITLE from PRODUCER. Promotional blurb. LINK (mm:ss). For more STR BLOG TITLE see LINK.

mmmm dd, 2019, New ReleaseTITLE from PRODUCER. Promotional blurb. LINK (mm:ss) dd mmm 2019. For more STR BLOG TITLE see LINK.



November 27, 2019

November 30, 2019

December 1, 2019FindRaumschiff Eberswalde Staffel 5 (Season 5). The classic German Star Trek- Hörspiel (radio play or audio drama)... LINK. For more Raumschiff Eberswalde (Audio Drama) see

December 2, 2019

December 15, 2019


December 16, 2019FindRaumschiff Eberswalde Staffel 6 (Season 6). The classic German Star Trek- Hörspiel (radio play or audio drama)... LINK. For more Raumschiff Eberswalde (Audio Drama) see

December 19, 2019Find, Star Trek DS9: The Big Game  from bob's Youtube channel, an audiobook reading of a commercial Star Trek paperback written by John Peel 'for the blind... I endeavored to attempt to add some spice to a traditional "books on tape" by adding sound effects, and some music' in eleven parts. For more fan made Star Trek Audio Books and Audio Dramas see

December 29, 2019FindRaumschiff Eberswalde Staffel 7 (Season 7). The classic German Star Trek- Hörspiel (radio play or audio drama)... LINK. For more Raumschiff Eberswalde (Audio Drama) see

January 12, 2020FindRaumschiff Eberswalde Staffel 8 (Season 8). The classic German Star Trek- Hörspiel (radio play or audio drama)... LINK. For more Raumschiff Eberswalde (Audio Drama) see

Next Christmas
The Trouble with Gourdies 16 Apr 2019 - Muppet style comedy
Star Trek: Beam Me Up Digital Decoration Collection Trailer 9 Apr 2019 - Advertisement for this
A (Short) TNG XMAS Special - animation ( save for next Christmas?)

MAKE A HEADLINE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. In ready-to-list Headline format

GOOD ENOUGH FOR A HEADLINE. In ready-to-list Headline format.

DON'T GIVE A HEADLINE UNLESS THERE IS NOTHING ELSE. Not formatted and not listed in Blog.

Cinematographer doing behind the scenes vlogs at a fan film

Star Trek: Picard (Parody)

Fnaf Star Trek: s1 e2? Kid's video

Star Trek A Bone For Me Kid's video

Star Trek Voyager Parodie EP 1 ST 1 (German kid's Lego parody)

STTNG Planet Of Heros by diva dan istheman. Stop motion action figure crossover with Masters of The Universe (part1) (part2)

Star Trek The Return of Kirk Audio is so poor on this, I can't work out the plot. Cut off before end, no sets or greenscreen.



Find,  Star Wars v. Star Trek: A narration with stills illustrating the story.
Part 1:  The Empire INVADES The Federation
Part 2:  The Empire at War with the Federation!
For more select Star Trek games, prose, and other creative fan work see

Picked as a Quick Pick Treasure, a film set aboard the Starship Tristen, "Sepulchre,"  Starship Tristin is the setting for one of many series of films from Potemkin Pictures.  For all of Potemkin Pictures releases, including all those set aboard the Starship Tristen, see

FindStar Trek: The Unknown Quest (Silver Age, Kids, some special effect and green screen work. Parents or grandparents are clearly involved.)  (Sounds English to me) (Both released August 2013):
Episode 1:  The Never Ending Captain (12:24)

Find, From MarvelousTV World of Heroes, Days Season 2 Episode 4, (3:10) or  For more Professional Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos, see

Find, from The Burnett and Castelli Family, two family films,
Episode 1: Star Trek: Kirk and Spock's Vacation: (9:42)
Episode 2: Star Trek: The Quark Resort - Large: (5:26)
For the permanent home of the Star Trek films from The Burnett and the Castelli Family, see

Find, from Modem Media, a corporate film celebrating their 15th anniversary with a Star Trek Fan film, Modem Star Trek - Director's Cut, (41:19).  For the permanent home of Modem Star Trek, see ...

Find, from  Plotagon, an animation suite,  - Star Trek Romance (0:50).  For more Star Trek Parody and Comedy see

Picked as a Quick Pick Treasure from Star Trek Diplomacy (A Silver Age Czech Langauge Star Trek Fan Film Series) "Patriotka," (13:56).  Also with English subtitles, original posting.   (Also with Portuguese subtitles, here: (13:56))   For earlier episodes of Star Trek Diplomacy, see  For a collection of Czech Language, Star Trek Fan Films see  

Picked as a Quick Pick Treasure, from Potemkin Pictures, from the crew of Starship Tristan, T'Noshi infiltrates a renegade Vulcan cell, "Deception," (5:12).  For all previous releases from Potemkin Pictures, including all involving the crew of Starship Tristan, see

Find, from Plotagon (Golden Age, animation using Plotagon)
(1)  New Captain on the Bridge, (0:57)
(2)  Star Trek Romance (0:50)
For more Plotagon Star Trek Fan Films, see

Find, from Pettway, Clarence, Star Trek: Young LaForge,
Episode 1: (3:16)
Episode 2: (4:02)
For more Plotagon Star Trek Fan Films, see

Find, from Guerrilla Dada
The Spock Sonata (4:50)
The Final Frontier (redux) (2:23)
2016... Make it So! (1:12)
For more Plotagon Star Trek Fan Films, see
More finds at the bottom, not indexed and otherwise complete, though.
Possible creative post:

Find, from Flamingo Film FestivalKlingon Sound of Music (5:56).  For more Comedy and Parody Star Trek Fan Films, see


1. The following, some of which may eventually be given their own webpage, have been added to the Short Parody and Comedylistings.







G.    Tar Strek (I THINK this intends to be funny... not entirely sure.  Dolls.) (2:47)


I.  Star Trek Cartoon Parody  (1:05) (pictures Janeway)* Move to Star Trek Restricted.

J. Guide to the Races of Star Trek 



2. Additions to Pro Trek Comedies, Parodies and Tributes

Entertainment shows:

Animatics Star Trek Parody,  Spock Girls: (0:04)


Educational Videos (some commercial in nature):


4.  Select Star Trek Fan Film School Projects  Posted

5.    Oktoberfest  I have added many new entries to German Language films, some of which either have English subtitles or can be understood without them. Some of these films may get individual headlines when released with English subtitles. Films which already have them have a word or words in their description  marked in red, whiteand blue.  All of the films can be found in German Language Star Trek Fan Films


(B) Raumschiff Highlander .  I am taking the word of a German Trek Fan that this is a German language Star Trek Fan Film. (I was once told Raumschiff was a French film... but it didn't sound like French to me).   He says that it was an entire series, only a small part of which is still on the web.


(E) German Parody Live Action fan film with English subtitles, Star Trek Shadowplay (33:01)  For more information, see:  This is Part III of III, and when Parts I and II are up, with English subtitles, it will get a headline.

 Star Trek Shadowplay.  Germany Parody Live Action Fan Film with English Subtitles.  for more information, see:  Or, to just watch it, see:  (33:01)

(G)  This fellow: seems to be building Star Trek animation modules.  I'm not clear where he's going with it, but it's the U.S.S. Elohim.  Elohim is not German, it's Hebrew for one of the names used in the Bible for God.

7.  Additions to Short Films

A. This short is under both the Raven listing at Blog 210 and the Audio listing for ST: Voyager, the Lost Episodes:

Star Trek: Voyager Continues, "The Spider" Young Janeway (a video short) (2:06)

N.   Voyager: The Motion Picture.  A fan imagines the Voyager motion picture he wishes had been made. (2:58).  Also, many Voyager recuts.


Tēchàqs öл Iñdönèsiā


CA.  BrunoSerious added, "Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine."  Uses the voices from TOS. Part 1: (3:49).  Dedicated page

10.  Trekkers, Trekkies, and General Fandom 

Films about Trek Fans:

Videos About Trekkies in which Trek is Real
Trekkie fight as presented in "Night Court" (1:54)

11.  Two films have been added to "Really, Really Bad Stuff."

12.   Filmed or Videotaped Star Trek for Live Stage Performance.

This is a commercial for a Star Trek concert: (2:09).

13.  Trailers Not Associated with a Released Film (New Blog Collection)
I don't think I've introduced the section at all.

Star Trek: Excelsior: (1:09)

14.  Star Trek: Flight of the Condor.  This Silver Age series has three short Mechinima episodes.  There are no voices, the dialogue is told with captions.

You Tube Channel:
Episode 1:  (5:56)
Episode 2: (7:26)
Episode 3:  (7:45)
This is a separate, earlier TOS-era short which is also Mechinima with captions, not voices.
Friday Night: (3:10)

17.    Crossover Franchise Films.

Star Trek/Dr. Who:

For more Franchise Crossover films see
(W)  Star Trek watches Star Wars IV, (3:00)

XVII.  Stargate/Star Trek
Stargate Star Trek (parody) (1:37)

XVIII.  Star Trek/Farscape
French film: FIND.  French crossover with Farscape.  Hello Geekette Le Fan Film
(1) Hello Geekette S1 E10 Le fan film 1/3 : Le Casting (4:30)
(2) Hello Geekette S1 E11 Le fan film 2/3 : Silence on tourne ! (6:48)
(3)   Hello Geekette S1 E12 Le fan film 3/3 : Far-Trek (6:08)

XIX.  Star Trek/ Quantum Leep
Quantum Trek (2:06)

XX.  Star Trek/House of Cards
House of Picards - Trailer Parody (2:33)


18.    Non-English Star Trek Fan Films

Unitrek aneb parodie na Voyager (includes a comment about Star Wars.  Czech, may be crossover) (7:18)
Channel: is from the Czech Republic.

19.  Star Trek - DIStant COusins, the movie.  (Mechinima, Silver Age, Star Trek Online, drama) appears to be out of Slovenia, since the Facebook page is in Slovenian) Movie: (1:17:50) . Facebook page: Posted January 19, 2014.    Story starts at Wolf 359.  You Tube Home: . The creator said the following in a You Tube PM:
This is a movie that is begining of a story, for next sequels and and promotion of Star Trek and STO. 

I am from Macedonia, Skopje. The movie was made from all the fleet members who are mainly from Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia. it was fleet effort to film it and produce it.

I am happy for providing you more info if needed


20.  Star Trek Andore (Portuguese)
Part 1: (38:00)

Also under Portuguese Trek, a Professional Parody, "Os Trapalhões" (Brazilian TV show from the 1970s or 1980s, Portuguese, no subtitles) (3:20)

22.   FindStar Trek Galaxies.  Animation, drama, alternative universe.  Draft headline is on the page, but this is an Episode that is part 1 of a multi-episode arc.

  Star Trek Galaxies.  English language animated Star Trek Fan Film with German subtitles.  Alternative Universe.

Episode 1 Duties and Sacrifices

25,  Another Star Trek Parody. listed here: Pictures are available for download here

27,  Find.   Fedcon 2009 Opening Animation (4:50)  For more opening films for Fedcom see Digital Ghost and other Fedcon Films,

29.  A tale of two cities.  Porn with the port cut out. (27:13)

30.  The following Spanish language updates from Sergio G. Molina

Hi, Barbara. 
In effect, I'm working to make Spanish subtitles for "Starship Exeter". I didn't know that project until one month ago. I was translating an interview of a member of "Star Trek: Phase II" when this person speaks about a project titled... "Exeter". Then I searched in Internet and... what a surprise! It's an excellent job! And I found that it doesn't exist Spanish subtitles, so I started to make them.
Since over a year ago, I make Spanish subtitles to "Star Trek: Phase II". You can see them in the Europe mirror: and its Youtube channel: Years earlier, the Spanish subtitles were being made by Fernando Martínez: but he left the project. Now, he only links the Youtube videos which are subtitled by me. I'm both webmaster and translator of all stuff about "Star Trek: Phase II" that there are in:

I know your website "Star Trek Reviewed"... Of course!  It's one of the best data bases about fanfilms in Internet. I often visit it. Even there is a commentary of mine signed as "STPhase2Ilustrada".

If you want you can included Spanish language in all reviews of new "Phase II" movies (episodes, vignettes, trailers, teasers...) from the Episode 7: "The Child".

In addition, Santi Fabrellas is making Catalan subtitles for "Star Trek: Phase II" and others "Star Trek" fanfilms. You can see them in: 

Also, I know: It's a great job.  I have got versions of some subtitles which are included in that website, but in Spanish of Spain. (It happens that Spanish in Spain is different of Spanish in other countries, although almost equal. In the same way English of Britain is different of English in USA.) However, I haven't still published any of them because I'm not sure what is the best way to do it.

Of course, when my subtitles are released I'll report you. Thank you very much for your great job in your web.

Regards \\//_

Sergio Garcia

31.  eMBee has provided me with the following information, which is the timed output of many Star Trek Fan Films as of Oct. 10, 2013.

i updated the list today and since i downloaded all Unity episodes in

the meantime i added those up too.

the result is:

Hidden Frontier                      (35:44:31)

    Frontier Guard                    (2:26:56)

Star Trek: Unity                      (9:31:41)

Raumschiff Highlander                (3:46:33)

Star Trek: Encarta                    (4:02:10)

Star Trek: Dark Frontier              (3:14:01)

Star Trek: Intrepid                  (2:17:52)

Star Trek: New Homelands              (1:35:33)

Star Trek: Reliant                    (1:25:09)

Star Trek: Dark Armada                (1:21:08)

Star Trek: Aurora                    (1:03:56)

sorted by time, this list includes all series with more than one episode

which i have seen. (i have not yet seen all of Unity or Reliant, but i

have the files so i added them in)

Highlander is sorted before Encarta because i am missing episode 3 which

is not published yet and i am sure it is longer than the 15 minutes


i also included Frontier Guard, but you can skip them if you like.

Unity does not include the first 17 episodes, so there is actually more.

and of course any series i don't even know about yet is also not

included. (i'll get through watching what i have before i pick the next

one from your lists, unless some series happens to make itself known by

a new release like Reliant just did last month, then i'll pick that next)

also not included are individual films like "Of Gods and Men" and others

of significant length. i can compile another list for those some other

time. (alltogether i have seen about 8 hours worth of those, but that

number is meaningless because it is just a fraction of what is out there

The following was sent to me in December of 2013:

(I will mark unchanged ones with a (U)


i just finished watching Beyond, so i think this is a good time to

update the duration count.

below is the updated list as well as the comment with added details and also

updated for style so it will look better when you copy it.

now i have to go look for the next series...

greetings, martin.


Hidden Frontier   (U)                   (35:44:31)
    Frontier Guard       (U)             (2:26:56)
Star Trek: Unity                      (9:31:29)
Star Trek: Phase II                   (7:41:43)
Star Trek Beyond                      (6:30:51)
Star Trek: The Time Warp Trilogy      (6:27:12)
Star Trek: Multiverse/Antyllus        (5:34:36)
Starship Farragut                     (4:29:10)
Raumschiff Highlander    (U)             (3:46:33)
Star Trek: Encarta       (U)             (4:02:10)
Star Trek: The Romulan Wars           (3:24:01)
Star Trek: Dark Frontier     (U)         (3:14:01)
Star Trek: Intrepid     (U)              (2:17:52)
Star Trek: New Homelands     (U)         (1:35:33)
Star Trek: Reliant                    (1:25:06)
Project Potemkin                      (1:24:57)
Star Trek: Dark Armada  (U)              (1:21:08)
Star Trek: Tales of the Seventh Fleet (1:12:37)
Star Trek: Eagle                      (1:09:45)
Star Trek: Aurora       (U)              (1:03:56)
Star Trek Continues                   (1:02:09)

Update: added to the list are Star Trek Beyond, The Time Warp Trilogy and Star Trek: Eagle, also, Phase II missed counting a few shorts. I also changed my counting method. Previously i used a toolto extract the length of each file which returned values in millisecond acuracy, and now i am just adding the minutes and seconds as shown by the video player. This caused some rounding differences.

Sorted by time, this list includes all series with more than one episode which i have seen. (I have not yet seen all of Unity or Reliant, but i have the files so i added them in) Highlander is sorted before Encarta because i am missing episode 3 which is not published yet and i am sure it is longer than the 15 minutes difference.  I also included Frontier Guard, but you can skip them if you like.

Unity does not include the first 17 episodes, so there is actually more.  And of course any series i don't even know about yet is also not included. (I'll get through watching what i have before i pick the next one from your lists, unless some series happens to make itself known by a new release like Reliant just did last month, then i'll pick that next)

Bloopers and commentary videos are not counted unless they are part of episode video itself, which is the case for a few Beyond episodes for example.

Also not included are individual films like "Of Gods and Men" and others of significant length. i can compile another list for those some other time. (Alltogether i have seen about 9 hours worth of those, but that number is meaningless because it is just a fraction of what is out there)


Sandbox - incomplete information about leads, not on Blog/Dbs yet

will probably never be completed...
New Release from In The Mind of Roy (Silver Age) using Plotagon...
"Star Trek The Witch," Part 1: (7:14).
For other Plotagon animations, see

Awaiting comment: Planetfall "Amok Beer." (10:20) I am a bit unsure what to do with the offensive and poorly produced, "Planetfall and Star Trip" in which the character's primary thing is to force either other under threat of being shot to drink beer.  The title in the film is "Amok Beer."  I'm not at all sure these folks are teens rather than young 20s, and I'm leaning toward Star Trek Restricted.

PlanetFall and Star Trip Uel Jackson 80's vintage movie
Homemade Star Trek spoof, Uel Jackson
11 Oct 2018

FindGetting Trek Meta (0:28).  For other short films, see
Teaser, watch for film in Dec, 2019
February 20, 2019"Tajemná Odysea - Mysterious Odyssey" Teaser from Victoria Fan Film Production, Czech with English subtitles. To be released in Dec 2019, (5:03). See their Facebook group at 

Pizza reprint Directors Cut A fan-made comedy advert for Diamond Select Star Trek toys by Pony R Horton 

Ensign's Log

This is pretty good adhoc comedy, in character, with a large body of work - 27 releases. It's like a an audio drama improv theatre. I haven't had a chance to have a listen to much of it, but it could be risque. 

Star Trek : When The Bowel Breaks
A Remastered version of StarTrek TOS comedy sketch from In Living Color With Jim Carrey as Captain Kirk. I've titled ''When the Bowel Breaks''
12 Oct 2018
Mash-up or recut - List it under recuts without a headline?

4 Oct 2016 Renegades | Moving Out of the Star Trek Universe | Interview at Classic Comic Con 2016

Table of Contents *marks tentative placements and pages still 'under construction'


This is a sandbox for you to lodge things which have been found that we want to keep on the Blog or Website but which don't get a headline...

Blog 0 Headline News
Blog 1 Quick Picks
Blog 2 Table of Contents
Blog 3 Rating System
Blog 4 Overview of Fan Films
Blog 5 Guide to Fan Film Series, Production Groups, and Significant Individual Fan Film Blogs.
Blog 6 Duet
Blog 7 Steam Trek
Blog 8 Stone Trek
Blog 9 Ronnie Redshirt
Blog 10 Star Trek: The Romulan War
Blog 11 Starfleet Academy (German)
Blog 12 Star Trek: Enterprise, The New Generation
Blog 13 Star Trek Avalon (Russian Language)
Blog 14 Axanar, Prelude to Axanar
Blog 15 Star Trek: Horizon
Blog 16 Aaron Vanderkley' Anthology Sereis, "Star Trek: These Are The Voyages"
Blog 17
Blog 18

Blog 20 Star Trek New Voyages(known at times at Star Trek Phase II)
Blog 21 Starship Exeter
Blog 22 Starship Farragut
Blog 23 Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek.
Blog 24 Star Trek: Of Gods and Men and Star Trek: Renegades
Blog 25 Star Trek: Aurora
Blog 26 Tales of the Seventh Fleet
Blog 27 Star Trek Continues
Blog 28 Turist Ömer Uzay Yolunda (a.k.a. Turkish Star Trek)
Blog 29 Star Trek: Frontier
Blog 30 Starship Mojave
Blog 31 Project Potemkin
Blog 32 Potemkin Pictures: Starship Tristan, Starship Deimos, Battlecruiser Kupok, et al
Blog 33 Star Trek: The Mego Picture
Blog 34 The Multiverse Crisis and Star Trek: Antyllus
Blog 35 Calvertfilms Presents
Blog 36 Star Ship: Eagle
Blog 37 Star Trek: The Machinima Series
Blog 38 Bastards of Kirk
Blog 39 The Search for Spock's Body Parts
Blog 40 Star Trek: Secret Voyage
Blog 41 Star Trek: Alpha Strike
Blog 42 Starship Valiant
Blog 43 Star Trek Shadowplay
Blog 44 Nature's Hunger
Blog 45 James D. Patalon's Animated Star Trek
Blog 46 Star Trek: Return to Triskelion
Blog 47 Star Wreak (American)
Blog 48 Starfleet Journeyman
Blog 49 The Doomsday Machine
Blog 50 Stalled Trek: Amutt Time
Blog 51 Star Trek - Mystery at Starbase M-3
Blog 52 Star Trek: Valiant
Blog 53. Red Shirts, The Series.
Blog 54 PEZ Trek Theater
Blog 55 Star Trek: Excalibur
Blog 56 Star Trek: Deception (USA)
Blog 57 The Red Shirt Diaries
Blog 58 Dreadnought Dominion
Blog 59 Starship Saladin
Blog 60 Red Shirt (Wayward Son)
Blog 61 Starship Grissom
Blog 62 Ever Trek formerly Elokomin Chronicles
Blog 63 Star Trek Comedy Parody Series, The Away Mission
Blog 64 BroBraGar Studios, Comedy and Parody based on TOS
Blog 65 Star Trek: The Night Shift
Blog 66 Starship Republic
Blog 67 Star Trek CATastrophe
Blog 68 Vance Major Owen's Productions, including Starship Melbourne, Project Defiant, and others
Blog 69 Star Trek: Gemini
Blog 70 Star Trek: The Paradise Makers
Blog 71 Star Trix
Blog 72 Star Trek: The Lost Tales and Star Trek: Antares (German Language)
Blog 73 Bob Crikey's Mego Fan Films
Blog 74 MrBonk83's Star Trek Short Spoofs.
Blog 75 Star Trek: The Toy Movies and other work from dyna74
Blog 76 Second Life Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 77 Star Trek: Peacekeeper
Blog 78 Star Plunge, A Star Trek Parody
Blog 79 The Burnett and Castelli Family
Blog 80 Dark Armada
Blog 81 Star Trek: New Homelands
Blog 82 Star Trek: Osiris
Blog 83 Renegades
Blog 84 Borg War (American, 2006) NWS 413
Blog 85 Star Trek: Metrensky Incident
Blog 86 Star Trek: Encarta
Blog 87 Digital Ghost and other Fedcon Films
Blog 88 Dark Frontier
Blog 89 Star Trek: A New Beginning.
Blog 90 Star Trek: Unity
Blog 91 Star Trek: Requirius
Blog 92 Chains of Betrayal
Blog 93 Star Trek: Euderion
Blog 94 Star Trek: Time Warp
Blog 95 Starship Prometheus, Raven: Voyager Continues and other productions from Starfleet Studios
Blog 96 Star Track
Blog 97 Star Track: The Metric System
Blog 98 Starship Seneca
Blog 99 Commander Rob
Blog 100 Star Trek: Hidden Frontier Website
Blog 101 Star Trek: Hidden Frontier Fan Film Series
Blog 102 Star Trek: Odyssey
Blog 103 Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles
Blog 104 Star Trek: Federation One
Blog 105 Voyages of the U.S.S. Angeles
Blog 108 Hidden Frontier - Intrepid Crossover Films
Blog 109 Star Trek: Intrepid
Blog 110 Star Trek: The Pepsi Generation and other work by Ryan K. Johnson
Blog 111 Star Trak
Blog 112 Star Spoof Voyager Cartoon
Blog 113 Star Wreck (Finnish)
Blog 114 Aah Productions's Star Trek XII and Star Trek XIII
Blog 115 Star Trek the Quasi Mechinima
Blog 116 Star Trek: Red Squad
Blog 117 Fem Trekz, later Star Trek: Earhart
Blog 118 Cerberus Film' Star Trek Online Mechinima Productions
Blog 119 Star Trek: Survivor
Blog 120 Mariner
Blog 121 Star Trek Expulsion
Blog 122 Star Trek: Bohemia
Blog 123 Star Trek Andore
Blog 124 Star Trekz Empire
Blog 125 Retail Star Trek
Blog 126 TNG Mechinima Fan Episodes
Blog 127 Star Trek - The Next Animation
Blog 128 Star Trek: Reliant
Blog 129 Star Wreak 2pi (as in a circle)
Blog 130 Improvised Star Trek
It's a special announcement from the cast of Improvised Star Trek.
Improvised Star Trek's first appeared as a live show on October 19, 2009, & was reborn as a podcast on April 10, 2011.
After a decade aboard the USS Sisyphus, and over 200 episodes, we're flying off into the sunset.
Keep listening for final episodes and behind-the-scenes material in coming months as we prepare to say goodbye to the finest ship in the fleet.
And if you're in Chicago, check out our final live performance as part of Otherworld Theatre's Genre-Thon. Get your tickets here.

And thanks for taking the voyage with us.

Blog 131 Trekzone: Star Trek: Eternal Night
Blog 133 Chance Encounter
Blog 134 USS Atlantis
Blog 135 Star Trek - DIStant COusins
Blog 136 Star Trek Galaxies
Blog 137 Star Trek:Cataja (German and English language versions.)
Blog 138 Star Trek: Omega (German with English subtitles)
Blog 139 USS K'Ehleyr(German)
Blog 140 Starship Explorer Formerly Star Trek Explorer (German)
Blog 141 Star Trek: Diplomacy (Czech with some English Subtitles)
Blog 142 Starship Parasol(German with some English subtitles)
Blog 143 Star Trash
Blog 144 Quark's Space Station
Blog 145 Star Trek Lego -- Paradox (Czech with English Subtitles)
Blog 146 Star Wretch, The Next Regurgitation
Blog 147 Corto Phase II (fan film proyect Star Trek Into Lightness)(Spanish)
Blog 148 fourteen59
Blog 149 Star Trek Phase 3 (Some German, some English)
Blog 150 Cerbasi Trek
Blog 151 TheJackSack TNT Mego Animations
Blog 152 Star Trek Online: The Abridged Series.
Blog 153 Adam Furgang's Star Trek The Handicaptain and other works
Blog 154 Actors Coalition Network Lost Angeles' Star Trek Releases
Blog 155 Animations by Chad Troftgruben
Blog 156 Star Trek But Garo
Blog 157 Star Trek Deception (UK)
Blog 158 Star Trek: The O'Brians
Blog 159 ICS's STO Machinima (mostly Klingon)
Blog 160 TaVork's Star Trek Fan Films.
Blog 161 BloodWolf's Star Trek Fan Films.
Blog 162 IT Guy or Bitter IT Guy (The)

Blog 170 Star Trek: Beyond
Blog 171 Star Trek Girl Trek and other videos by Stephen Mandel Joseph

Blog 175 Galaxy Trek
Blog 176 Treknologic

Blog 178 Temporal Anomaly
Blog 179 Tiberius Maximus's BAMN Trek
Blog 180 Star Trek: Trailer Trek
Blog 181 Star Trek X Generation Worst Fan Film
Blog 182 Stellar Trek
Blog 183 Sleeping Lion Productions
Blog 184 Toy Movies
Blog 185 Transolar Galactica
Blog 186 Star Trek: The Mirror Frontier
Blog 187 The Math of Khan and other films from Austen Clement
Blog 188, Meez2, A Nerd's Fantasy and other films
Blog 189 Karlbolo, A Star Trek Variety Show
Blog 190 Star Heck
Blog 191 Star Wrek Zone, "The Odd Generation."
Blog 192 Spaced Out Saga
Blog 193 Critter Kingsford Productions
Blog 194 2nd Grade Productions

Blog 197 Xtra Normal Star Trek Animations
Blog 198 Mego Star Trek Fan Films.
Blog 200 Minecraft Machinima based Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 201 Kid Trek/Teen Trek
Blog 202: Trailers not associated with a released film.*
Blog 203: Filmmakers Who Create CGI Sequences Without Visible Humans
  • startrekadventure special effects with no plot
  • Star Trek USS Enterprise - A Tribute (repurposed as Nimoy memorial) (1:45)
  • "Escape of Khan" - Launch of the Botany Bay.  The creator also has a lot of other CGI-only videos. (6:45)  Story is told with captions and CGI.
  • Find, Steffen Scharmacher,, CGI Sequences with no humans or aliens appearing
  • Find, Robert McConnell, a filmmaker who creates films of all-CGI sequences without visible humans,
  • Star Trek Vs Babylon 5 Part 1
  • Star Trek Vs Babylon 5 Part 2
  • "The Farce Awakens", a Star Trek crossover with many other franchises, started in 2013, rendered almost exclusively in the landscape generator Terragen by Planetside Software.
  • Star Trek: Lancer (Blender) all cgi
  • Reaching for the Skies (3:23) All CGI
  • Star Trek Arboretum (3:13) All CGI

Blog 204 Historic Star Trek Fan Films (of the 1960s and 1970s)
Blog 205 Select Star Trek Fan Film School and Church Projects.
Blog 206 Lego Based Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 207 Short Films (not listed elsewhere).
Blog 208 Star Trek Parodies and Comedies
Blog 209 Really, Really Bad Stuff
Blog 210 Websites and Fan Film Makers working on films but which have no completed episodes (some may have shorts).
Blog 211 Incomplete, Abandon Film Projects with Significant Production
Blog 212 Filmed or Videotaped Star Trek for Live Performance
Blog 213 Films (and Audio) Listed as Existing Which I Can't Find, Link to, or Offer a Way to See
Blog 214 Fan Mash-ups and Recuts*

Blog 215 Plotagon Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 216 Websites and Shorts Proposing Professional Series or Movies.
Blog 217 Trekkers, Trekkies and General Fandom
Blog 218 Professional Television's Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, and Foreign Imitators.
Blog 219 Non English Language Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 220 German Language Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 221 Spanish Language Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 222 Italian Language Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 223 French Language Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 224 Portuguese Language Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 225 Finnish Language Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 226 Catalan Language Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 227 Czech Language Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 228 Russian Language Star Trek Fan Films

Blog 233 How To Move Films To The New Website
Blog 234 Guidance for Fan Filmmakers

Blog 235 How to Contact Star Trek Reviewed.
Blog 236 Banners for Star Trek Reviewed
Blog 237 Recent Upgrades for Star Trek Reviewed.
Blog 238 Real Science, Space Law and Ethics!
Blog 239 Learning About Fan Films.
Blog 240 Annual Star Trek Reviewed Mission Statements
Blog 241 What is Star Trek and why are some people so enthusiastic about it?
Blog 242 Plans for this website
Blog 243 Things that have been found but not sorted
Blog 244 Non-Star Trek films listed as Trek films on some websites.
Blog 245 Francise Crossover Films.
Blog 246 Star Trek Games, Comics, and Prose

Blog 247 Star Trek Audio Drama
Blog 248 Guides to Other Star Trek Materials.
Blog 249 Websites with Broad Star Trek Discussion or News of Theatrical Trek.
Blog 250 Index to Star Trek Fan Series, Groups, Websites in Alphabetical Order.

NWS 28 Glen Wolfe's aka Starfleet Studio's Live Action Federation Files Films
NWS 29 Glen Wolfe's aka Starfleet Studios' Go!Animate Animated Series, The Federation Files
NWS 279 Cool Age(German)
NWS 490 Aaron Brownlee's Star Trek
NWS 494 Star Trek: Peacekeeper
NWS 496 Corto Phase II
NWS 498 Trek or Treat
NWS 499 Couillon Quest
NWS 500 Avalon Universe's Ghost Ship and Other Films
NWS 501 First Contact: The Iron Horse
NWS 502 Couillon Quest TASSO
NWS 505 Spoof Trek
NWS 510 Star W'rek
NWS 511 Star Drag - And Yet Another Generation
NWS 513 Temporal Anomaly
NWS 518 Dafter Thing's Star Trek Mego Films
NWS 523 Borg War (1994-8, German)

Professional Authorized Star Trek
Star Trek on Television
Star Trek (TOS)
Star Trek: The Animated Series (TAS)
Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9)
Star Trek: Voyager (VOY)
Enterprise or Star Trek: Enterprise (ENT)
Star Trek Movies from Paramount
Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn
The Search for Spock
The Voyage Home
The Final Frontier
The Undiscovered Country
First Contact
Star Trek
Star Trek Into Darkness
Star Trek Beyond

Fan Films with Content not Suitable for Children (or sensitive adults).  Links are to Star Trek Restricted.
LIFE LIFE IN SPACE SPACE (Star Trek Restricted, Blog 5 (D))
Star Trip: The ...What? Generation. Blog 5 (F).  ,
Another Star Trek Parody (Star Trek Restricted, Blog 5(H))
Star Trek: The Ultimate Follies Blog 11
17 Pablo Cruz Marquez

Go!Animate -- Easy Animations for TOS and TNG
Go!Animate's top Table of Contents entries are still here, plus it has it's own Table of Contents which gives EVERY Go!Animate Star Trek filmmaker a listing and a webpage.  Go!Animate will also have both it's own Index and be part of the general Index at the end of this website.  This new organization takes the form of an independent blog, Star Trek Reviewed - Go!Animate.  Fully updated as of November 26, 2011.

Go!Animate Table of Contents
Go!Animate Overview
Go!Animate Index

Select Choices from the Star Trek Reviewed-Go!Animate Table of Contents
Lord Sorcery
NCC 1701
MattyG Productions
Spock Prime Plague
Glen Wolfe aka Starfleet Studios

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